My Dear Anu (An Advice from Anaika_18)


Hey guys! First of all *a big thank you* for supporting us through thick and thin. I’m Anaika_18 from Wattpad.

I would like to say that I’m happy cause Anu (a.k.a Nisha) has finally apologized publicly to all of us from whom she has copied.

Its nice to write. She has lost trust in writing now. But I as a writer would like to say that all of us has a writer within. All we need is just the proper imagination, and a pen and paper or a mobile to write them down. Its surely everyone’s cup of tea.

I myself am not a great writer. I tried. I improved. Now when my first book is almost on verge of getting completed I couldn’t be more happy.

But what if I find that its actually copied by someone? Will I be happy? Of course not. When I found my stories getting posted by Anu on Wattpad. I was angry. But I was also sad. But I couldn’t ” hate ” her. She thinks I hate her. She thinks Ayesha hates her. She thinks the other Viratians hate her. But its not like that.

As a human, I can never hate any other person. What’s over is over. We can’t just go back and rewind things which are done. But we can always learn from our mistakes. She has learnt. And I’m happy with that.

Just like I can never stop loving Virat Kohli the same way I cam never hate anyone. I may have written ” I hate you ” and phrases like that to you Anu, but I never meant them. As a human I’m very impulsive. I’m very aggressive. But with a cool and calm head I’m a nice person all in all!

You actually kinda broke your readers’ trust but I’m sure that they’ll forgive you if you come up with your own stories.

Don’t stop writing ever. Cause writing can actually help you to forget these dark clouds in your life.

Good luck! Have fun! Keep writing! Keep smiling!

Anaika_18 ?

PS – Telly Updates please issue this article. Its urgently needed to be posted. Thank you! 🙂

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  1. Vyshu10

    Thats very nice of u….

  2. Thanks anaika for posting this. I was very disappointed when I came to about this few days back from FB. But I didn’t reacted. I read all the stories of her and gave so much love to her ffs. Then after knowing about this I went to whattpad and checked if it’s really true. I hope she will learn from her mistakes. We love you Anu. But plz Don’t take credit of others work.

  3. Sumeeta

    It s nice of post.i actually give a round of applauds to ask forgiveness infront evryone is really a big thing for me.anu u r a brave girl

  4. Jwala

    nice post.. what anu did is really a big mistake. . but because of asking a sorry it can’t be rectified. . anu gets many praising and love from many readers in including me.. without any of her effort she got many praises.. a writer takes 4 to 5 hrs to write an ff . and it is disgusting to copy that work and publishing in other site and demanding credits of it.. anu always said that it all are her works.. and what she done is a crime .. plagiarism is a crime.. and a sorry can’t make it right..

  5. I don’t hve right to tel tis bcoz I nvr read those ff’s ….but “anaika a big salute to u”…u hve a big heart…anu dr what u done s wrong u felt fr it so leave I read tat u r 8th grade girl.. lotz ter in ur life take it as a lesson…b a brave girl prove tat u can also write gud stry … All t best….

    Committing mistake s common in human but rectifying those mistakes proves to b a better human being…

    Once again dnt b dishearted b brave….

  6. I agree. I solely agree. Nisha di was a person whom I admired, I loved. I copied her style of writing, mind u, only style. I started writing the way she wrote, I loved her fanfics. I was never on wattpad, so I knew nothing of it. When she commented on my OS, I was like hell happy…I was jumping and dancing and doing all sorts of stupid works. She was my inspiration. Recently, when I got to know of this from Sha di’s post, I was shattered. My trust was brokwn. The person whom I always admired had cheated all her readers. I actually blamed myself, that my choice was such a poor one. But, trust me, I never hated her. NEVER! Anu di, trust me, ur readers don’t hate u. They expect that u will again come up with a story, this tym, one of ur own. Thanks to u Anaika di, for writing this post.

  7. Anaika di u have a big heart. U forgive her. But all readers who are comnting aginst anu di its not right. She will broke down. As anaika di forgive her . If we starts to bad mauting abt her then she wil nt acpect her fualt. So anaika di u r god.

  8. Isabel

    Thank you so much for posting this article!! I know Anu Di is a real good Angel, I’ve always known it deep in my heart, I love Anu Di so much, it just I wish she’ll not feel bad to be friends with me still 🙁
    I’m really truly grateful for you to post this article..
    Keep smiling 🙂 and have a beautiful life ahead

  9. U r very right Anaika. I love Anu. I loved her writing. I admired her. But I was just hurt. Very much Hurt after I got to know her deeds. U actually tore our hearts aparts. But if u now come up with a new piece of original writing and start again,will we blame u? Never. I have always taken u as a friend. Will still take u. My life taught me that. U will also learn from ur writing. But dont stop something in which your passion dwells. All the best dear!

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