“A Deal!!!” TwiNj SS (Shot 4) ~By Tamanna

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The story starts with Maya telling abt herself. How she rejected kunj when he proposed her bcuz he was not rich. How she got cancer. Kunj helped her in treating the disease by paying 3 lakhs for the operation. she thinks to reconcile with Kunj by telling a lie but it turns upside down when Kunj introduceshis Fiancee, Twinkle Taneja, a blindgirl. Kunj has some unknown pain in his eyes. Then we go to a flashback, Kunj was trying to get 3 lakhs for Maya’s operation when his friend advised him to Mr. Raminder Taneja. He goes to meet RT who agrees to give him 3 lakhs in return he needs to marry her and Twinkle does a deal where Kunj needs to make Twinkle fall in love with him. Kunj agrees.
I forgot to tell, Aisi stories real life me bhi hothi hain. Parson hi maine meri Mami ko kehthe huwe suna… Unki Aunt ek handicap thi. Uss time pe un ke pitha rich the. Like this story unhone bhi unn Aunt ki shaadi ek ladke se karadi by money. I hope you understood what I wanted to say. I was shocked yaar.

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Disclaimer: This article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and I unknowingly do so I sincerely apologize! No proof reading! Ignore mistakes.

Lets Begin!

Flashback continues:

Twinkle’s POV:

It’s been 1 month since we had a deal where Kunj needs to make me fall for him. And he have succeeded in that. Yes I have fallen for him, madly and deeply. The way he makes me feel special, his care, his love have made me fall for him. He, from the day 1 took me too different places, made me feel so special, no one had done this to me before. The love I craved for, he gave me that! But I m in dilemma. I m not a normal girl. I m blind. I don’t wanna spoil his life. It may be an embarrassing moment for him when being with me. I don’t want him to regret after marrying me. His happiness is what matters to me the most. After all I love him. I think I should not confess my love to him. Yes, it would be best. Today is the last day of the deal. Unknowingly tears made its way down my cheeks. I quickly wiped them and called him and asked him to meet me at the park. He agreed.
Twinkle’s POV ends!

“Kunj, You failed! I don’t love you. Don’t meet me ever and bye forever!” Twinkle said keeping stone on her heart. Kunj went all sad eventually tears filled in his eyes. He didn’t know why, she was blind, she can’t see his expression so their was no need of acting! But was it really acting?
“Twinkle what are you say…(his voice choked) saying…!” Kunj said tears flowing from his eyes.
“Kunj I m sorry! I don’t love you!” Tears were filled in her eyes but she controlled it from flowing. By saying this she turned back and started walking. Tears started brimming out from her beautiful eyes. Kunj started taking back steps.

Twinkle was crying vigorously on her bed when she found a hand on her shoulder. She knew who it was. She tightly hugged the person. “Papa, I really love Kunj but I don’t want to destroy his life. He deserves someone better for him, not a blind girl like me! But Papa I can’t live without him. I m not able to imagine my life without him.” Twinkle said sobbing. Even RT had tears. RT thinks, “I m sorry Twinkle! This is all because of me! I shouldn’t have asked him to make you fall for him! Because of me, u are going through this pain! But I can’t see you in pain!”.

“Twinkle listen my child! Don’t worry! He loves you! He loves your heart baby! He loved you knowing you are blind! Then what’s with you! Love him back! Go tell him that you love him too!” Rt said consoling her.
“But Papa!”
“No buts! Just run to him before its too late!” RT says smiling. Twinkle looks at him. RT nods. Twinkle runs from there smiling.
RT looks at her going. He takes out his phone and calls someone. “Hello Kunj….”
Twinkle goes to his home but finds it locked. Twinkle goes and asks the watchman. The watchman says that Kunj left for railway station. Twinkle runs from there crying. (Twinkle knows his house. Blind have some special power! They travel just by counting their steps. Have u seen movie ‘do lafzon ki kahani’ u can understand what I want to say!)

Kunj is in railway station waiting for train to arrive.
Kunj’s POV:
Does she loves me so much? She was ready to sacrifice her love just bcuz she is blind! Am I cheating on her? I love Maya! Its one month since I m with her! She is just so different! So pure! So unique! She is a precious gem! RT uncle just called me and said that Twinkle is coming to me! He asked me to act as I m crying so that Twinkle feels that I love her truely! He even told me abt Twinkle’s feelings towards me! Like seriously? I had tears when he said so? I m cheating on such innocent soul! I think I should stop loving Maya but its really difficult! “Kunj!!!!” I heard someone calling me. It was not someone but My Twinkle! Kunj seriously My Twinkle? But it sounds so good! She was searching for me calling my name! As she can’t see! I was so engrossed in my thought that I didn’t know when I went towards her and stood before her and held her hand. “Twinkle?” I asked My hands Automatically reached her back and hugged her. After few minutes I felt something when on my shoulder that’s when I realized that she was crying. Don’t know why but it pricked me badly. I broke the hug and wiped her tears, I cupped her face!

Kunj’s POV ends!

Kunj cupped her face. “What happened doll? Why are you here?” Asked Kunj acting. “Kunj I m sorry! Plz don’t leave me! Plz! I can’t live without you! I love you so much!” Twinkle said crying. Kunj smiled better say smirk. (are he is acting na so he was happy that his plan was successful.) “What are you serious Twinkle? I mean no one forced u na?” Kunj asked still acting. “No Kunj I really love you! I lied before bcoz I thought I don’t deserve you!” Twinkle said sobbing. Kunj felt guilty then said, “No Doll! I love you the way you yaar! I love you!”
Twinkle just smiled. Kunj sat on his knees and removed the ring from his pocket. He held Twinkle’s left hand and slipped the ring on her Ring Finger. “Will you Marry me Doll? Will you like to spend your entire lifetime with me? ” Kunj asked still on his knees. Twinkle was shocked, happy, surprised. She had mixed feelings. She had tears in her eyes with a wide smile adorning her face. “Yes Kunj Yes! I would love to!” Twinkle replied with a smile. Kunj got up and hugged her tight. Twinkle hugged him back! (Remember Kunj was acting!)


How is it? Hope you like this!

Drop ur comments whether positive or negative. Suggestions are always welcomed. Any confusion do ask me! Ignore mistakes!

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With love,
Urs Tamanna

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  1. Sohi

    Episode was very lovely and emotional

    Wow ur this story is very unique
    U know on all ur ffs this my most favorite one

    Waiting for the next update
    Do continue and post soon

  2. Ayesha51

    tamanna the shot was awesome fabulous superb fantastic too good sweet emotional cute and everything which is needed to appreciate the writing I SALUTE YOU you are a great emotional writer this is not fair twinkle loves him really but kunj is cheating her hate him by the way please post soon lots of love

  3. Purvi128

    Heyyy my shona.. Meri Jaan.. koi itna wait karata Hai Kya??? Such Mein I was desperately waiting for it.
    This was just a blast. Hayyee felt bad for Twinkle as well as Kunj. She thinks he loves her but he is acting. He is acting because​ of his love.
    This story na.. just amazing. .. sabse unique.. i legit loved it.. the way u portray the emotions I m just in love with it. While reading this I was so engrossed in it ..
    Post soon Nd Ur other ff.

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      Jaan Tere liye Ayesha ka message hai! comment section me padle! And where Are u love, Insta pe nahi ho kya! I miss you so much Jaan! Adu bi tujhe puch rahi thi! Love you so !

      With Love,
      Urs Tamanna

      1. Purvi128

        Yarr me kya karun….? I m so busy…!!!!! Kab se apne ffs post kerni ki koshish ker rahi hun but itne guests aye huay hain..! Or insta to rehne hi de…! Kab se nhi kholaa…..! Tuesday ke baad se..! Aj saturday hai..!
        I m just hating myself ..

  4. amazing lovely epi
    duffer kunj,,,,,
    post sooon,

  5. Ritzi

    Awesome blossom! Loved it tamanna…just simply loved it! I was not wanting the epi to get over! But unfortunately it did! Hehe…now don’t make us wait more nd post soon

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  7. SidMin23

    Love it but felt bad for as twinkle love him heartily but kunj he wa just acting infront of her and when she come to know surely she will breakdown do post next part soon.

  8. Presha

    Finally u got time nd posted it….
    Just awesome…
    Loved it…
    Felt bad for twinkle…
    Ppst soonest…
    Love u…

  9. Tammy ! Thank God you posted?hayee emotional kar diya?….Kunj ke saath kuch kuch ho raha hai ?lekin samjhne mein time hai reee….accha what about – ‘ Belive Me’ ?? Woh bhi post soon ????

  10. Ramya

    Awesome tamanna amazing
    But feeling bad for twinkle
    I hope everything will be good
    Love you keep smiling

  11. Ayesha51

    sahi hain purvi
    tu ab comment mat karna
    tu to mere sath koi bbat hi nahi ksr rahi hain
    I am so hurt

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      Kya hua Ayesha Baby???

  12. Hey tamanna it was awesome amazing but feeling sad for twinkle plzzz unite twinj soon
    And I have sent u a frnd request in insta plzzzzzzz do follow me

  13. Awww
    Aishu it was so so so amazing episode yrrr..feeling bad fr twinkle????
    Post soon..
    Love u..

  14. fabulous

  15. fantastic

  16. Ayesha51

    see tamanna purvi have not commented till in my any part of the ff
    If I am that worst writer who don’t deserves a comment from her
    you guys all commented except purvi
    I am so hurt

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      Ayesha Don’t worry yaar she may be busy! May be she have not read ur ff! Hone ko tho kuch bi ho saktha hai! Don’t worry! If u wanna reply her then Go to her comment! click on reply then post ur reply to her! it will notify her that I have replied to her… And Don’t Worry! You are not the worst Writer!

      With Love,
      Urs Tamanna

  17. Baby

    loved it tammiiee…….♥but sad dat kunj is acting…..
    it hurts……..♥
    posts oon…….plsss………♥
    n surely I ll pm u my no. ♥
    lods of love aishu……♥
    I missed did ff…….♥

  18. Mahavir

    awesome tammu it was soooooooooo awesome felt bad for twinki…..!!

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