“A Deal!!!” TwiNj SS (Shot 3) ~By Tamanna

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Jiya_Ani: I m sorry ke tujhe accha nahi laga! And I m glad ke tune sach kaha kyunke mujhe bhi yeh story utna khass pasand nahi aaya! Lekin haan to be frank thoda hurt thi I mean pehla comment hi negative mila tho dusre kya kahenge but dusron ke comment ne fir se happy kar diya!

Ramya: Haha yaar! When I read ur comment I was laughing like hell. Tune sacchi kaha ke iss baar maine rulane wali aur one sided love wali kahani nahi likhi (isliye mujhe wo khaas pasand nahi thi! Hehe!) But ur comment made me really happy.

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Disclaimer: This article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and I unknowingly do so I sincerely apologize! No proof reading! Ignore mistakes.

Lets Begin!

Flashback continues:

“U need to make her fall in love. She doesn’t trust a person easily, so first u need to be her friend, gain her trust and then make her fall for you! Go meet her now! She must be in her NGO or in a cafe where she works” This sentence kept ringing as soon as Kunj reached his destination, a “Hill_Top” cafe, where Twinkle works. He had already visited the NGO but he couldn’t find her there so here he is, in front of “Hill_Top” cafe.

Before Kunj could enter the cafe, He hears a girly voice singing beautifully. He stands there listening to the sweet voice. He was mesmerized by that voice. Moving In, he looks towards the owner of that sweet voice. He was Lost. Lost in the beauty of the girl standing before. “Beautiful” he heard his heart singing. “She is the same, The Blind Girl, Twinkle”, His Brain said bringing him back to senses. “Twinkle…hmmn… Just like her eyes!” His heart said still lost. “God why did u do injustice with this beauty!” He became sad thinking this. The song had stopped by now. Only his heart was singing. Hehe. Kunj comes in his senses and sits on a chair. “Anything sir?” The same sweet voice asked him flashing her 440 volt smile. He again looked at her, lost. “No.. No… I mean yeah! A cup of cappuccino with marshmallow cream… And another cup of anything u prefer ” he utters. “Sir another, A latte! Actually its my favorite!” She chirps. He smiles saying “yeah that would be best!”. She flashes a big smile before leaving to the kitchen. He was waiting impatiently for her.

“Here is your cappuccino and latte, sir” Twinkle said keeping the cappuccino and latte on the Table. She was about to go when kunj held her wrist. Twinkle surprised, turns and asks, “sir? Anything else?”. Kunj nodes in yes and replies, ” Yes! You!”.
“Ummm… How do know my name is Twinkle?”
” ummm…,your… your… Your name plate!” He said stammering pointing Towards the Name plate written ‘Twinkle Taneja!’ Pinned on her left.
“Oh okay!” Twinkle says smiling satisfied by the Answer.
“Okay so where were we? Yeah! So I want you Miss. Twinkle! I wanna date you!” Kunj says looking here and there.
“Every boy says that but they back off when they get to know my Reality! And same goes to you Mr. Kunj, you wouldn’t like to date after hearing my Reality! And that reality is I m blind! I can’t see! And you cannot date a blind girl!” Says Twinkle smiles, hiding her pain. Saying that she releases her wrist from his grip. Even kunj felt bad for her! “But Twinkle, what if I say I would love you the way u are!” Says Kunj again grabbing her wrist and making her sit on the chair, infront of him.
“Say directly what you want, Body or money!” Says Twinkle.
“Why do u think so that I want money or body!” Said kunj looking here and there, thinking, what if his lie got caught!
“Because anyone who is ready to accept a blind girl must be because of my body or money!”
” Twinkle don’t think I m of that type! I want you because of ur heart not bcuz of ur Money or body!” Says Kunj getting up from his seat and cupping her face. Even he was guilty but he was helpless.
“And tell me at least one reason that I should believe you!” Said Twinkle making kunj tensed. Kunj looks here and there thinking what should be done to make her believe him! He grabs her hand and makes it keep upon his chest where the heart is placed. Twinkle could feel his heart beating really fast. Listening that Twinkle’s heart skips a beat. Tears form in her eyes but she wipes it before anyone could notice. And about Kunj, The heartbeat thing was not his plan. It was beating like that since he have seen her. Reason? He himself didn’t know why!
“Okay, lets have A deal! I’ll be with you for one month! You have to make me fall for you in this period of time! If u fail in it then you should forget me! Deal?” Says Twinkle forwarding her hand.
“Deal!” Says Kunj shaking hands with Twinkle.
“Now lets start our this new relationship with a cappuccino and a latte. Hehe!”
“Hehe. Means this latte was for me from the beginning!” Twinkle asks with questioning face.
“Hehe! Yeah!” Kunj said rubbing back of his head.
“Awww… You are so cute!” Says Twinkle pulling his cheeks. She realizes what she did and blushes. Kunj looks at her and both share a sweet and cute eye lock!


How is it? Okay so let me clear you all one thing, that is: Kunj was acting but when he made Twinkle listen his heartbeat, that was true! His heart was beating really fast since he saw her.

Drop ur comments whether positive or negative. Suggestions are always welcomed. Any confusion do ask me! Ignore mistakes!

See you!

With love,
Urs Tamanna

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  1. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Twinkle surprised, turns and asks, “sir? Anything else?”. Kunj nodes in yes and replies, ” Yes! You Twinkle!”.“Ummm… How do know my name is Twinkle?”” ummm…,your… your… Your name plate!” He said stammering pointing Towards the Name plate written ‘Twinkle Taneja!’ Pinned on her left.

    I missed Twinkle in dialogue”Yes! You!” , “yes! you! Twinkle” so sorry for this mistake!


  2. Mia12

    Oyeeeeeeeeehh Teri tohhh,,??..Ek jhapar marungi na to sari akkal thikane par ajayegi teri,,??…Kisne kaha ki ye story accha nai hai,,??or tune bhi khud kyu kaha ki its not gud,,??..No no mai bhtt gussa hun tujse agr dubara bolato mai tujse bat bhi nai karungi samjhi,,??..Ok jisne bhi kaha wo khud hi sabse bari BLIND hai samjhi,,?? I LOVE ur every ff to the core and it was OUT OF WORD’S yrr,,?❤?❤?❤?❤?..Its made me SPECCHLESS all the time,,??.. And this epi Ufffffffffff kya much bolna parega muje tu khud hi samajh jaa na,,??..It was MARVELOUS,,???? really I Love it soooooooo much,,?????? Its a unique idea and u always give ur best I knw it,,?? and u did great job making twinkle blind its really interesting sacchi,,?? Ab nakhre karna band kar or jaldhi next epi post kar samjhi m waiting,,??..
    LOAD’S OF LOVE My Nakhre Queen,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤..

  3. mein bhi yehi socha reha hu Aaj kal tu mein twinj ff bohot kam hoti jaa rehi hu legta hai sab twinj ko bhulne legi hai:-( 🙁
    I just hope sab busy ho iss liye koi post nehi kar rehi hai.
    by the way tammana the story is becoming interesting. jaldi se make kunj fall in love with tw

  4. SidMin23

    Tamanna twinj were beyond cute here I feel Mr Sarna fall for her as his heart beat can say it all as he feeling was real not acting as he is doing just a deal but now MrSarna will fall for her do post soon.

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    AMAZING interesting Awesome fabulous

  6. Sahiii kaha bahut kam ffs ho gayi Hain….?… .Janta please post???…..aur tum Tammy interest lose ho raha Hai ??????agar aisa Hai toh interest badhao?……Rate of interest% ???… accha post soon ???

  7. Twinj

    Hey tamnana dear
    That’s just great amazing awesome marvelous….story line is just awesome…..boring….not gud yeh word yoh bilkul suit nai karta…kis ne kaha it’s not gud….it is very gud…post soon…n I fo agree nowadays very less posts n it’s just that everyone are busy but it’s true without twinj story I too can’t imagine how boring my life would be n moreover my life is in twinj…post soon…let’s try to keep twinj memories alive…

  8. Thank you for voicing out even my feeling of less post
    I think it is because of exams they may again start posting after 20th may

  9. Roshini125

    Good go dear… do continue will be waiting fr ur next one. ..
    My os is nt me in the story Its a fictional thing with a feel thato it…

  10. Nishfd

    Awesome epi… girl….
    Post asap. …..

  11. Hello tamana.well I don’t know if you are tamana or tamana di. Anyways you must be thinking who am I so I must tell you that I am a silent reader of your ss and ffs your writings are fabulous and about tha episode it was really nice and the story is perfect post asap

  12. Mahavir

    awwwwwwwww tammu….!! ( sry can i call u by that name…?? ) u know this is the first time i m reading twinj ss…!! sry for that but i love twinj too…!! urs this ss was awesome yaar i was,just checking tei page nd found ur name nd i read this it was awesomeeee…!! loved it…!! love u…!! thank u :-*

  13. Baby

    aishu.kon hai jisne kaha yeh stry achii nahi hai munh hath nhi tod diye na mene……….mera naam bhi da…oppsiieee….baby nahi……….hahhaa pata hai apna full name likh diyaa thaa fir back kiya yaad aaya toh hahahaa…… 😛

    well srsly really cute adorable emotional n lovely……..♥

    love u soooooo mch dear……….amazing marvelleous………..plsss post nxt as u get time…..asap……. 🙂 😉 🙂

  14. Ramya

    Tamanna it’d amazing
    N ek baat samaj nahi twinkle tho blind hai pnir bhi eyelock
    Ha pyaar mai tho kuch bhi ho jata hai (famous dialogue ? bhagwaan Jane Sachi )
    N it’s amazing n so cute
    I mean mujhe tho ue bohat acha laga
    Loved it
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      are ramya maine tho iske baare me socha hi nahi! ek kaam kar lets think that Kunj was lost in her and Twinkle could just feel it! waise I was laughing reading ur comment! I was like, seriously Twinkle kaise eye lock kar sakthi hai! mai bhi ek buddhu!???

      With Love,
      Urs Tamanna

  15. Presha

    Hey tamatar..
    Srry for late comment..
    But just loved it..
    Too good
    Post soon..
    Love i..

  16. Sohi

    Episode was lovely and awesome dear
    Do continue

  17. Sweet episode

  18. Superb episode
    Post soon

  19. Nice episode

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