DEAL Ke Liye…. Part 5

Hey guys!! Yaar I don’t belive itt ki tum sab ko SHIVIKA meet pasand aayega!? It was a damn random stuff tht came up into my mind! Jabse maine likha I always got bad vibes ki THIS is not good one….cz mujhme woh satisfaction hi nahi tha! well, and even sorry ki mai alternate languages mein post kar rahi hun..once in hindi once in eng…actually jab hindi mein likhti hun to koi eng maangta hai and phir when ther’s no complaint I shift back to only hindi….  bad habit of immense laziness though..
Yeh rahe Obro aur Dsis moments :
Shivaay enters OM in his usual angry mode…OmRu see him like that and look at each other with a “abb kya hua?” wala look….Dadi too sees him and asks OmRu to find out and inform her
Rudra: arre dadi, sirf aapko kyun?ghar mein sakoo bataungaa…Paris mein baithe Prinku aur Dadaji ko bhi… ( DADI..WHY ONLY TO u? I’ll tell it to EVERYONE..even to Prinku and dadaji who r sitting in Paris..)
Author’s note: In my ff, Prithviraj Singh Oberoi is alive…u guys decide whom u want to imagine..i want him to be dadaji from Ek hazaaron mein..
Omkara: RUDRA! ISKA MATLAB AAJ TAK JO BHI HUMNE TUMSE SHARE KIYA, TUNEY WOH SAB PUREY GHAR KO BATAA DIYAA.. ( Rudra!! It means till date whatever we shared with each other,, u informed whole house abt it?)
Rudra: na..nahi bhaiyya, sirf dada..AND RUNS AWAY… (no no bro, only dada)
Omkara: ruk tu..(wait…)but Dadi stops him..and says: usne kaha naa, ki sirf Paris ke laundon ko bataaya hai..thand rakh..( he said na, that he only informed the guests abroad…chill…)
Omkara: laundon? (guests abroad?)
Dadi: matlab munde..waise tujhe aaj ki ladki kaise lagi? ( means our family,..anyway how was the girl we met today?!)
Rudra from back: mujhe toh bohot moti lagi.. (I feel she was very fat..)
Omkara: aur mujhe bohot jhuthi lagi… ( and my opinion is that she’s a liar..)
Dadi holds both of their ears and asks: sach sach batao, tum dono ishana aur saumya ko aise ghur kyu rahe the? (tell me the truth, why were u bothstarng at Ishana and Soumya?)
OmRu; woh ek moti/jhuti ladki hai! (she’s a fatso/liar girl!)
And run in different directios as fast as they could….but not before Om smacking Rudy’s head..

And meanwhile in Deewan Mansion:
Anika comes home all smily and IshSom think: aaj kiska sar phoda hai inhone?!
And they call someone
Person On Call(poc):dida, aaj kuch toh maha kaand kiya hai inhone… .(dida, she has done something really great…)
2nd POC: kya?! Jaldi tumhara Dsis moment karo aur hume batao… (do ur Dsis moment quickly and tell us..)
1st POC gives an impossible look to him
IshSom: duda, aapko kya laga hum AAPKO batayenge?! (srsly duda, u think we’ll inform U?)
Swamini calls Soumya so she goes..
Ishana: main bataa sakti hun aapko agar (but I can get u the info if….)…
she was about to tell when Soumya couts the call and says: aaj tak?! ( till date?!)
Ishana: koi shak?! ( any doubt?)
and she turns to see sumo and gets terrified and runs..Soumya runs after her and..they land in Anika’s room…

Omkara tries to hide and he enters a random room and hides behind the door..and when the person in the room was about to say he says: shhhh…don’t say anything…and he slowly goes back while taking baby steps and his paint bottle falls down…and phatttt!!! He lands upon Shivaay who was all the way sitting on the couch an dobserving his antics..
Rudra sees Shivaay’s rom and enter and says: chee! Aapko yeh karte hue sharam nahi aayi?! Aap dono BHAI ho yaar! And makes a face ( guys they were upon eachother with Om facing his back at Shivaay and is on top of short making a pappad of Shivu..) ..chalo, main aapki mada karta hun..
Shiv was getting suffocated as Om was on topof him..and while Rudra walks towards them, he trips over Om’s paint bottle and falls on top of Om!
Rudra quickly turns his face and grips his face tightly while om has his eyes widee open…anddddd…his K.I.S.S lands on Rudy’s cheek… (thank god its not that area!- Thinks Rudy…)
Deep down Shivaay was becoming exhausted and after watching them he breaks into laughter and due to this he fell down on the front of the couch turning his body towards right side..
And due to this sudden reaction Om fell on the couch thus giving a push to Rudy with his legs which makes rudy fall on the back of the couch turning his body towards left side and both Shivaay and Rudra were screaming in pain when Om understood that he’s gone and starts to wake up but is stopped by 2 strong pairs of hands on his either sides…ShivRu: attack! And make a beautiful bird nest out of Om’s hair…
They hi-fi and go away..leaving a shocked Om to pull few strands of his hair and stare at them with the corner of his eyes while burning with anger…but soon hatches a plan and hides his smirk and goes out after setting his hair..

Anika tightly hugs both of them in happiness while Soumya gives an angry glare to Ishana and Ishana hides under Anika and catches her tightly..Anika understands Ishana has done a mischief and joins hands with Soumya and tickle her till she gets water from her eyes…and they both go away after their mom’s call…
IshKara: badla! (vengeance!)
At evening they have diner (both the families scene is divided into two parts…) and disperse to their rooms..
Both scenes are happening simultaneously..

Om: Shivaay, tu aaj bohot gusse me ghar aaya tha, kyun? (Shivaay, y were u on ur angry mode while coming in?)
Ru: haan bhaiyya, aapki deal kaisi rahi…? (yes bro and what went up with ur deal?)
Shiv: U GUYS KNOW NAA ki na main wahan deal toddne gaya tha… (Omru knew it) ( u guys know na that the deal was MEANT to be cancelled..)
Omru: haan,toh?! (yep,and so?)
Shivaay narrates the whole incident to them and they burst out laughing..
Omru: kisine THE Shivaay Singh Oberoi ka muh band karwa diya…us se milna toh padega….(someone has shut The s HIVAAY Singh Oberoi’s pride…I should meet her..)
Shivaay: shut up u guys!and dare u say this to anyone…
Omru look at eachother and then at Shivaay and say, okk (they were having a mischevious grin though..)
And they do their DBO moment and Lafzon ka yeh plays in the background…as usual the trio march towards the kitchen

Shiv: don’t u guys have anything to share..
they say about meeting Deewans and say the family is nice except..
Shiv: except??
After dinner all of them go to Anika’s room…
IshSom: di, aaj aap bade khush nazar aa rahe ho, kiski band bajayi?! (dii, u seemed very much happy…who had THE nightmare?)
Anika: ek tadibaaz baagad billu ki! ( a tadibaaz baagad billu) And narrates the whole incident
Ishsom: wah dii!! Kya Dhinchak style tha! (wow dii! What a style yaar!)
Anika: thank you! Thank you!
Anika: kyat um bhi koi aise idiot se mile?(have u guys met any such idiot?) They both went into thinking and after getting no response she said: thank god tum dono ko aisa koi nahi mila. (gud that u guys atleast didn’t get to face any idiot) .she knew something was wrong with them..
Ishsom: nahi dii, u know aaj jo ladke wale aaye the woh sab bohot acche the lekin woh dono..(noo dii, u know the groom’s family that came today?everyone were really nice except those two..)
Anika: kaun ?(who?)
Ishsom: dii abhi aapne hamse pucha naa ki kya hum aise idiots se miley? ( dii u had asked us if we met any such idiots naa?)
Anika: haan toh?(yes..?)
Ishsom; dii..yeh wahi idiots hai jo aaj aaye the…woh ladke ke bhai the..(these guys were only that idiots, they were the groom’s brothers..)
Anika: par hua kya(but wt happened..)
Shiv: koi mujhe bataayega?(would u both like to explain?)

Precap: it is revealed TO SHIVIKA why Ishkara were giving angry glares and why Rumya were giving shocked glares to each other…

Commmmpleted it !! n guys I know I it’s wrong to write about someone or their work when I dunno them but I lovee their work..sorry dear author without ur due permission I’m writing bout ur stuff….… but GUYS read MY BROTHERS ARE EVERYTHING TO ME WALA FF..IT’S..JUST AWESOME!! AND EVEN LIES BRING, ONE CANNOT STAY, NAFRAT SE, OBROS VS,THE NIGHT,PROMISE OF,THEIR FANTASY, pal bhar and LOVE AT FIRST…….ARE MY FAVV FFS… I don’t remember the authors’ names exactly but since I remember title I typed these, and some of them are there which I missed… .. and sorry authors without ur permission I’M WRITING ABOUT UR FFS BUT I really love these(few ffs I haden’t checked out yet…sorry)and please check it out if u haven’t! really sorry again authors, without ur permission I’m writing here… 

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