DEAL Ke Liye…. Part 4

Peeps I’m back with the 4th part of my ff…and thanks for all who motivated me when I was complaining on comments..guys I’m not a type of writer who’s greedy for comments…to be true I really even try to not care but its just to see how much my ff is receiving…if its not receiving well it certainly means that its really boring..but yesterday, ur response via comments made me feel, that my ff though is not awesome, atleast its not worst..thanks again.AND I EVEN WAS SURPRISED that there are silent readers too for my ff….too much of get a bit of SHIVIKA :

Shivaay reached the office…THE office where he’s going to sign one of his huge deals..worth of 87500 thousand crores (know its way too much but I wanna show both of them really rich..)
He entered the luxurious Deewan Empire…the walls with really rich textures and décor which is most expensive of all…but though he was mesmerized he was acting normal (as his office was no less designed with world-class architects and immensively rare décor)…though Deewans are a bit lesser than Oberois, they indeed were no less in perfect choices….he thought but brushed off ASAP…
A man approached Shivaay and told that his dealer was yet to come and he may wait in her cabin….he saw the cabin… the door was transparent but what surprised him was that a person cannot see anything from outside the cabin through a door but a person from inside the cabin can see was like one-way transparency…and a choco-brown bookshelf with books ful of business which covered one side of the room……and a totally transparent glass table with a glass vase filled with water and red roses in it in the middle-left end of the table.. and a red n brown mixed paperweight which were holding the papers in the middle….towards the cabin owner’s side….and walls filled with shades of sunset…but one side of the wall was transparent…

the side from where the whole city is revealed..the buzzing cars, huge buildings, big bussines houses…but there was only on thing that caught Shivaay’s eyes and a smile crept up on his face…the hills at the end…….the beautiful hills which can be seen clearly without any building being an obstracle….he was awestruck that how can their thoughts match to this extinct..? as he also had almost the same view from his cabin….the transparent side and bookshelf were facing opposite….and behind the desk was a beautiful portrait of a small girl dressed up in a princess…
Finally Shivaay completed his observation and waited for 5 mins until his dealer came…and there she a white shirt tucked in with a sharp black blazer on it which was upto her hip bone..(a bit more than that) with a button closed and a black pant to match it..and her straight hair at the back with some of it on her right shoulder with soft curls at the front of her hair…..and coming to her face it was all minimal nude baby pink make up and black stilettos to match it..
Guys I don’t know how to describe anyone or anything sorry if it cant get into ur imagination…
Shivaay was mesmerized seeing her…but shaked his head mentally and she greeted him..:hello Mr. Oberoi!

Shivaa: hello Ms.Deewan…pleasure to meet you.
Anika: call me just Anika..and its my pleasure to!
Shivaay: the same rule applies to u then!
Anika: fine….have a seat Shivaay!
Shivaay: thank u..
Anika: so, coming to the deal what do u think that y was I interested in working with you?
Shivaay: well, any businessman likes to make a deal by which he gains profit…and I think u wanted the same..
And they continue their discussion and after some time…

A worker comes and asks whether they need water…
Anika: Shivaay, u need something?
Shivaay: no, thanks..
Anika: nahi ramu, kuch nahi chahiye tum jao…

She was literally feeling very thirsty and cursed Shivaay for not taking anything..
After a while he again comes and asks for coffee..
Anika gives an tempted look when Shivaay says: we don’t need anything right now right Anika?she nods in positive…
Shivaay knew she was dying with thirst but he was enjoying the scene..and was testing Anika’s patience…

Again he comes and asks for juice…Shivaay was about to say something when she gets angry and takes the glass of juice….and SSPPLAAAASHHHH!!!!!!!!!!it directly reached upon the blue-eyed boy’s face….
Shivaay: what the wuck?
Anika: what the wuck nahi..WHAT THE HECK IS wrong with u?kyun usse baar baar bulaa rahe hai aur wapas bhejh rahe hain?
Shivaay: kya?
Anika: don’t make excuses, I know ki abhi aapne usse text kiya tha andar aane ko.. y the hell??
Shivaay: deal ke liye….
Anika: what?

Shivaay: haan, kyunki agar deal karte waqt kuch toh chahiye….and if I don’t get a break, I might cancel this deal….aur jab main le raha tha to tumne kyun nahi li?
Anika: maine ivslye nahi li kyunki I thought ull think I’m copying u…
Shivaay picks up a glass and fills it with water and offers to Anika…when she was about to take it he moves his hand back and thadaaaaaaakkk!!!!he throws it on her face..
Both shout in unison: DEAL IS CANCELLED!
Anika: y did u do all of this?

Shivaay: tumhe kya laga, ki itne maheenon se mujhe iss deal ke liye apne peeche bhagaaogi aur finally when u accept, main khushi-khushi deal karne chala aaunga…aur jab tum 3-4 ghante wait nahi kar sakti…am I for free ki main 3-4 maheenon ka intezaar kar raha tha?and paani phekna was a titt for tat..
Anika: kaise paagal insaan hai aap, matlab iss baat se uss baat ko kaise compare kar sakte hain?
Shivaay: tum kitni paagal ho ki itnaa accha offer ko accept karne ke liye itnaa waqt liya?
Anika: oye baagad billu! Chup kar…shayad mujhe aapke parivaar waalon se baat karni hi hogi..
Shivaay:oh! And may I know why?and what was that weird name??don’t u dare call me that…
Anika:main aapko wahi naam se pukaarungi…baagad billu, billuji kahinke..aapko khiske rehne ki bimaari hai shaayad, isliye parivaar se puch-taach karna chahti hun…
Shivaay: ky..kya rahne ki bimaari?

Anika : disease of madness mr. billuji! Itna bhi nahi pata?! Chah!
Shivaay: itne bade khaandaan se se hote hue itney cheap words..
Anika:I’m not a high fi bird like u…I’m a down to earth person u know billuji(and pats her shoulder as an act of self praising)…

Shivaay: enough u…u u……u PAANIKA!
Anika: main?toh aap billuji!
Shivaay: just shut up!
Anika: mujhe bhi koi current shock nahi lagi ki main ek khiske hue ke saath baat karungi..
Shivaay: tumne mujhe paagal kaha?

Anika: nahi, abb ek paagal ko paagal thodi na bolte hain..and starts laughing.
Shivaay had enough of this…he holds Anika’s hand and drags her towards the wall….he pins her to the wall now..she was shocked beyond expressions and before she yells he holds her by her waist and gets her outtta the wall-zone…he says slowly in her ears with his hoarse yet soft voice.. :I HOPE WE NEVER MEET AGAIN..!
And releases her immediately,, flicks his hair and walks off while smirking…
Anika stood there with an unbelievable expression…and shouts from back: I TOO WISH FOR THAT!
Shivaay who was smirking gets shocked hearing her reply so soon as he saw she was getting effected by their closeness..he turns back to see her smirking now…


That’s it…I know yeh bakwas se bhi ghatiya tha..there was nothing intresting or different……i myself hate this but main bohot thaki hui hun…pehle wala shayad accha tha cz who maine pehle se ready karke rakha tha…but due to my cousin’s wedding bohot tired hun…….agar ye pasand nahi aaya to yeh dusri baar likhungi….and sorry for this ghatiya part… next one I’ll make sure will be better par uskeliye time please!!….

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