DEAL Ke Liye…. Part 3

Heloo…main aap logon se kuch puchna chahti hun…kya mera ff itna boring hai ki mujhe atleast 10-12 comments tak nahi mil rahe…I’m excluding my replies…I’m really very much upset with the response…agar itna hi bekaar hai toh keh do I’ll end it….

After some time…the Oberois go with their eldest son’s marriage proposal to the Deewans eldest daughter…

While going, Shivaay suddenly gets a call an dstops right there…
OmRu: wt happened bhaiyya/Shivaay?
Shivaay: OmRu!! He says and hugs them….
OmRu: may we know the reson?
Shivaay: mujhe who mil gayi hai…mujhe who mil gayi hai!! Itne mahinon se mai koshish kar raha tha…aaj finally who mujhe mil gayi hai..
He goes near pinky and saya that he should leave…he can’t join them there…
Pinky: Oh My MAATA Shivaay! Tere bina hum kya karenge…rishta tere liye hai hamaara nahi…(what will we do without u Shivaay? The proposal is for u not for us….)
Shivaay: Mom please…I’ve waited to crack this deal for like ages…and u can’t syop me cz according to the condition I’ve kept, my half time will be for my business…and ive hired a private detective to get her details and crack a deal with her….and the condition was that no matter what, u will never stop me from anything important…isn’t it?
Pinky: haa..but will u be able to come atleast ?
Shivaay: I don’t think its possible mom….
Pinky:fine…come quickly k?
Shivaay: I’m so lucky to have such an understanding mom..side hugs her and leaves…

Deewan Mansion:

All the members were getting ready…in Anika’s room…

IshSom: dii, if this proposal gtes fixed, eill u leave us..?

Anika: ofc not…I’m ready to make him SON IN LAW OF this house but will never become their DAUGHTER IN LAW if it is to leave u guys…makes a funny face and they all laugh and share a group hug..

Suddenly Anika gets a call…and she sas ok, I’m coming…she goes to Swamini and says:maa, I really have to go to the office…it’s a relly huge deal maa…can I go?
Swamini: no excuses dear…
Anika: maaaaa…meri pyaaari-nyaari maaaa…side hugs her.(stopping her drama).arre aap he toh kehti hai na ki iss empire ko barkaraar rakhne ke liye (arre u only say that for the progress of this empire) we should take decisions and stand with it without caring for anthing or anyone?And u know ki I don’t accept deals easily..right?
Swamini remains mum after anika’s chatter-batter,,,
Anika : so done and she takes few files and leaves for her office..
Swamini: but beta this marriage prorposal?
Anika: aap hai naa..!(u can always manage!)
Pradeep: jaldi aana!(come soon)
Anika : k Paa!
IshSom: balaa tali..( got rid of it…)
Swamini: kaunsi(of what)
IshSom: of getting Anika dii”s makeover done…pataa nahi kahan ki raani hai..kuch pasand hi nahi aata?!! (dunno which kingdom that queen belongs to…she’s really very choosy man!)
Pradeep: isliye hamne tumhare dii ke liye ek aisa ladka chuna hai ki who jo kahega ye wo manegi…bina kisis jhijhak ke.. (that’s why we have chosen one such person who can rule over Anika however h ewants to)
IshSom: wow paa! And everyone strats laughing…
IshSom’s expression suddenly changeses into cold one :bohot hi ghatiya joke tha jiss par hasna mushkil ho…aur aapne go kaha woh to iss duniya ke kaayapalat ho jaane se bhi mumkin nahi hai… (it was a literally bad joke…and coming to dii’s behavorial change…even if the world turns upside down she’s not gonna change..) and they walk off..
Swamini: sau baar keh chuki hun…abb bhi keh rahi hun apne betiyon ke saamne JOKERR mat bano..woh bohot samajhdaar hai..( I am again telling u…don’t become a joker in front of ur daughters..they’re smarter than u)
Pradeep: pataa hai pataa hai ki KITNIII samajhdaar hai tumhari BETIYAAN..(yaa yaa..i know how smart ur daughters are..)
Swamini quietly walks off..
Pradeep: lagta hai kisi ke ghamand ka TAI TAI PHISS ho gaya…ang chuckles..(hmm..someone’s reason of being proud

After a couple of hours Oberois arrive at The Deewan Mansion…

Pinky; ghar toh accha hai but Shakti jii yeh kuch zyada ladkiyon jaisa nahi hai? (why is this house looking very girly?)
Shakti: aisa issliye hai kyunki hamara ghar ladkon ke pasand ka hai..issliye tumhe aisa lag raha hai… (u are thinking like that cz our house décor is most of our boys’ choices..)
Jhanvi: haan,Pinky thik keh rahi hai…(yes, pinky is right..)
Tej: plzz tum mat shuru ho jao aur agar tum logon ka ho gaya toh andar chalen? (don’t start again..anyway, if ur bak-bak is over, shall we go in?) (guys in my ff tejvi are as normal as every couple of their age would be)
The deewan’s welcome them…Ishkara ( guys shrenu plays Ishana’s character…I don’t like the name gauri so kept this one)give an angry look while Rumya give a shocking look seeing each other…

Oberois take a seat :

Pradeep: so mr. Oberoi…I suppose aapke bête ko business man of the year award mila hai.. ( I suppose he got businessman of the year award..)
Tej: haan…par main nahi Shakti hai uska baap hai main nahi…but who mereliye apne beton se kam nahi. (yes..but Shakti is Shivaay’s father not me..
Pradeep: that’s great….and sorry cz jaha tak maine aapke bête ke bare mein suna hai ( as far as I’ve heard..)….they say his business attics are same as urs…
Shakti: and even he’s the most eligible bachelor after all…aapki beti bhi kam nahi hai waise (ur daughter is not less)…educated,beautiful,hails from a big family and most important…is a business woman..
Pradeep: well,the credit goes to my wife, mujhse zyaada woh dono sambhaalti hai business ko.. (she and my daughter handle our business more than I do)..Swamini smiles at them..
Pinky : toh…aapki beti nazar nahi aa rahi hai?(ur daughter is seen to be nowhere..)
Swamini: who ek deal ke liye office gayi hai…(she went to the office for a deal..)
Pinky: mera beta bhi…(my son too)shows off her teeth..Swamini replies with a small smile..

They have a talk about business, gossip and enjoy with each other,,
Pradeep:toh abhi toh hum kuch pakka nahi kar sakte until bacche raazi ho…par mere baaki ki parivaar ke taraf se haan hai… (so right now we can’yt decide anything until our children accept..and it’s a yes from rest of the family)
Tej: ji..hamare parivaar se bhi..bas bacchon ke milne ki deeri… (from our family too…just waiting for our children to meet)
Pradeep: toh hum agli mulakaat ke bare mein sochkar aapko batayenge (we’ll plan the nxt meet and tell u guys..)
Tej: uuh…who hum chahte the ki agli mulakaat hamare ghar mein ho…ham aapko baaki ke details batadenge.. ( we were planning the next meeting to be in our house…rest details will be given..)
Pradeep: we don’t have any problem…
Tej: thik hai phir hum chalte hai… (we’ll take ur leave)
Pradeep: jii..aaiye hum aapko dawaze tak chod dete hain… (come I’ll leave u till outside..)

Guys I hope this part was long enough….and sorry if the convo between Oberois and Deewans was boring….I don’t know how or what to write when someone comes for marriage proposals…so I know its boring and karelas,shimla mirchis,chukandars and whatever u want to throw (all of which are my hatest) are most welcome to throw via comments….

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  1. Sairan

    Waiting for shivay Anika meet

  2. No dear plz don’t stop it u r good writer
    And I used to be a silent reader and there may be many more lyk me
    So never feel sad and carry on ur khidhithod story ahead

    1. Akshaya_13

      I never knew there were silent readers too?!!!

  3. Awesome

  4. Haridhra

    Hey that’s epic yaar … But u disappointed me I was eagerly waiting for Shivika face off so bad yaaar( just joking ).. At least post the next Asap…

    1. Akshaya_13

      So sorry that i disappointed u…But i love shivika and i don’t want their meet to be taken so easily…And i even wanna give importance to other couples too..And the next is filled with ur eagerly awaited couple:)

      1. Haridhra

        Hey don’t feel bad yaar … I was just kidding .. I’m waiting 4 the next one post it Asap..?

  5. That was lovely dear. Sorry for not commenting earlier as you know life.
    This one was really cute and lovely.
    Why am I getting a feeling that what Pradeep has said about groom will become true? matlab aisa ladka dhoonda hain jiski baat voh bina kisi jhikjhik ke maanegi…..
    So Shivaay is searching Anika or what?
    Both are in same deal?
    Ishkara and Rumya know each other.
    Tejvi are normal couple thank god..
    Waiting for next update. Please update soon…….

    1. Akshaya_13

      Hello! and i right now can’t clarify ur qs but can just say that : stay tuned to know more!!

  6. Nithu

    its nice dr…..dnt feel low………if writing is ur passion go on writing without looking at no of comments…….ik comments gives you strength and happiness………but dnt sop writing………dnt let your passion go down for comments………..we bcome grt writers by experience…….

    1. Akshaya_13

      thanks alot for ur motivation… 🙂

  7. Amazing! Continue soon

  8. Superbbb!!!!!!! Update dear…. Waiting 4 nxt…

  9. Superb….plz update next part soon.

  10. Akshaya_13

    Tons of thanks to all who commented..

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  12. I read every part but what to do.m Just too lazy for a comment. Good one and post soon

  13. that was fantastic…..its not boring dear….waiting eagerly for your next post……hoping to see the much awaited shivika meet….would u like to be my little sis or frnd dear ?

    1. Akshaya_13

      oh yes yes!! i would like to be ur sis if u r elder to me(i’m sure u r) or second opt is good..

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