DEAL ke Liye…. Part 2

Thanks to all of them who read and commented on my ff…..well I am back with the next of it and……hope u like it… AND REALLY SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE…I had my cousin’s wedding to attend…

Deewan mansion :

Swamini: everything set?

Worker: yes mam…everything is done…

Swamini: it should be perfect..

Anika from behind: just perfect!!

Swamini: beta..plz don’t disappoint me this time…

Anika: mom, it’s not about me disappointing u, but is about that man…if he disappoints me, then u know..

Praceep: not at all Anika, it’s totally ur decision, we won’t force u at all…

Anika: thanks pa!

Pradeep: chalo now go and get ready…

Anika: but for that…

IshSom: U need us!!

Anika: IshSom!!? U were supposed to be in London and Paris right?

IshSom: meri behen ki alliance thi, aur aaj tak koi bhi alliance hamare bina hui hai??

Anika: ofc, pichle 3 alliances bhi tumhare bina hui thi kya?!

They have a group hug and all of them laugh….

Oberoi Mansion:

Shakti: chale ?

Pinky: offo Shakti ji, abhi kahan? Abhi aadha ghanta BAAKI hai….

A worker comes and sayS that Shivaay is calling her…

In Shivaay’s room:

Pinky: kya baat hai Shivaay?

Shivaay: mom, I know ki aapo meri shaadi karni hai lekin aapko tho yeh bhi pata hai ki aaj tak mai itne rishton ko kyun manaa kia naa…

Pinky: pata hai…ki yeh sab USKI wajah se hai…manhoos kahi ki…

Shivaay: mom! Aapko bhi acchi tarah s`e pata hai ki who mere kiye aaj tak important hi hai aur zindagi bhar rahegi….phir chahe koi bhi usey badalna chahe toh bhi nahi badal sakta…mere zindagi me aadha time uskeliye aur baaki ka OmRu ke liye…she should adjust….

OmRu: not again!

Shivaay: kya?

Rudra: bhaiyaa aap abhi tak uske bare me soch rahe ho? Maine keh diya hai ki uske bare mein aaj koi Private detective call nahi karega…

Shivaay: par ru..

Omkara: no par-war Shivaay, this is final!


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  1. Summaya

    Hey just read your ff it’s awesome and I guess it’s a deal about whom shivaay is talking fingers crossed

    1. Akshaya_13

      Thank you dii and ….ur guess somewhere in the corner is right….

    1. Akshaya_13

      Thank you dii….

  2. So short next one must be long episode okay by the way nice episode babe ???

    1. Akshaya_13

      Thank youu!?

    1. Akshaya_13

      Thanks dii…

  3. Superb update..

    1. Akshaya_13

      Thank you…

  4. pls write in english

    1. Akshaya_13

      My next part will surely have English…

  5. Superbb!!!!!!! Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…

  6. Amazing update

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    This is short update and waiting for the next one

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