Deal Ke Liye Part 1

So damn sorry guys…for a way too long wait…well well u mut be thinking it’s the continuation of my ff but..its not…I wanted to write an few shots on my fav SHIVIKAAAA….!!! … and this is NOT related to real ISHQBAAZ………….And guys pleaseee votee for ishqbaaz and dbo in SPA2017!! I WANT them to WIN everything in which they’re nominated HOPE MY BAK-BAK WAS NOT BORING…..

A huge mansion is shown….all are running here and there…there are some kind of preparations going on….a woman(Seema kapoor from (EHMMBH) ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai..) is shown running here and there instructing the worker..she comes across a worker who is not setting the flowers properly… and says:

Swamini: hey bhagwaan…tumhaara main kya karun? Kitni baar kaha hai ki koi gadbad nahi honi chahiye…mere bêti ki rishta karaane jaa rahi hun…ladke waale kya sochenge agar koi cheez acche se nahi hogi toh? (oh god… what should I do with u? you’ve been told a lotta times that this is my daughter’s alliance …what will the groom’s side think of us if something went wrong??)

Worker: sorry madam…agli baar aisi galti nahi hogi….(this will not repeat from next time on…)

Swamini: agli baar tum yeha kaam karoge to tum apni galti ko sudhaar sakte the …U ARE FIRED…(u could not have repeated the mistake if u were to be working here..u are fired…!)

Anika: MOM! Yeh kya kar rahi hain aap?? Bechaare pe itnaa gussa? Excuse me worker..aap apna kaam kijiye..u are not fired…(MOM…THIS MUCH OF ANGER…WHAT WERE U DOING?worker…continue ur work…u r not fired)

Swamini: Anika!(angrily)

Anika: mom…maine aapko pehle hi kaha tha ki ye rishta tabhi pakka hoga jab main ladke ko pasand karungi..(mom…I’ve already told u that this alliance will happen onl if I like the groom…)

Pradeep: jo kabhi hoga nahi!(which is never gonna happen!)

Anika: paaa!!!(daaadd!!) goes and gives him a hi-fi!

Another side….the grooms family is seen taking all the things needed for the rituals needed to be done there…

Shivaay: pehle he keh raha hun mom ki yeh sab karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai…(I’m telling u before handed that there is no need to do so many preparations…)

OmRu: kyunki yeh wali bhi reject ho jayegi….(cause this one will also get rejected..)

Pinky: Oh my maata Shivaay! Tuney mujhse promises kiya tha ki iss baar tu meri pasand ki ladki se shaadi karega…(oh my maata Shivaay!! U had promises me that u wills marrys the girl whom I like)

Shivaay: but there was a condition if u remember mom…

Pinky: main yeha pe teri shaadi ki baat kar rahi hun aur tujhe conditioners ki padi hai?!(now y has conditioner come when I am talking about ur wedding?)

OmRu: laughs and says: CONDITIONER nahi choti maa…CONDITION….(its not conditioner aunt..its condition)

Pinky: arre nahi OmRu…isse har ghante tum dono ki fikar rehti hai…isliye conditioner ke naam se tujhe yaad kar raha hai…tum bhi na…mere Shivaay ko bilkul nahi samajhtey…(arre no omru..he worries about u gus every hour…so by conditioner he refers u..u guys don’t understand at all..)

Shivaay: ok enough! mom I meant to say ki aapko shart yaad hai naa?

Mom: kaunsi? Woh…accha thik hai thik hai…(which condition? Oh..that one…ok ok..)

So…completed the first part..hope u like it..and coming to my ff I have no thoughts about it and hence thought to keep u engaged with this stor of mine….but I’ll soon be continuing my other ff too…


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    Wow it was brilliant

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    Nice start….post soon

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    wow..very nice start..I used to love EHMMBH too..waiting for next one ?

    1. Akshaya_13

      really?! I thought anyone dosen’t even know bout it….and my another ff also has EHMMBH characters in it…check it out if u have time!!

      1. Vishakha

        yeah of course.. I used to watch on tv and even in hotstar.. I’ll surely read It soon ??

  6. Awesome…plz post next part soon waiting eagerly for dat….

  7. Jerry_36

    Its a amazing start Akshaya. Continue soon☺

  8. Superbb!!!!

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