The deads (SWARAGINI) OS


Guys its raglak and swasan
The day when people were running and people were insane
Some are dead and some are wild , there is chao and confusion and the roads are all damaged
Suddenly we can see half faced person with torn clothes (zombies)

Suddenly our eyes go to ragini
She is running some of those creauters were after her
Ragini-Help ……..
Suddenly a man came and throw her aside with himself
They both fall down and share an eyelock its laksh (they don’t know eachother )
Ragini – aah
laksh puts a finger on her lips -don’t shout voh sun lenge
ragini nodes
laksh-aao mei tumhe hamare group se milvata hu
ragini nodes in yes
laksh take her carefully to underground home
ragini-vese aap kon ?
laksh-kya yeh baat yaha iss vakt puchni ki hai kya ?
laksh-koi baat nahi mera naam laksh hai
ragini-oh mera naam ragini hai
laksh-accha chalo ab chale
ragini-aapko yeh jagah underground kese mili
laksh-mere khyal se military ke liye tha , magar lagta hai ki unhone chod diya hamne apni safety ke liye le liya
ragini -ok kon kon hai aake group mei
laksh- well ab yeh tumhara bhi group hai – hamare paas 5 jaane the including myself
ragini-kya ham pachuh gaye ?
laksh-yay yeh hai gate

they enter
Laksh introduce everyone – myself , sanskar , kavita , parineeta and swara
ragini gets happy hearing the name swara – she says that she is her sister
swara came out and see ragini some tears came out of her eyes and they both hug each other
ragini-swara tumhe pta hai kya ham sirf tumhe dhund rahe the mughe vishwas tha ki tum jinda ho and she you are
swara-haan ragini i love you

parineeta , sanskar and laksh gets happy seeing them
laksh-ab hame khane ke liye samaan dhundana hoga aaj hamare group mei nayi member aai hai
pari-ok aaj meri baari hai mei chalungi
sanskar-bhai hamre paas itne room nahi hai
mei or swara already share kar rahe hai room , pari abne beti ke saath kar rahi hai tu akela hai tughe ragini ke saath shift hona padega
ragini-matloab ??
swara-yes ragini jis din yeh sab shuru hua uss din hamne bhaag ke shaadi kar li thi and we are life patner
ragini shocked – ok i will adjust
laksh slaps his head and swasan winks at eachother

swara was sleeping and sanskar came upon her swara gets scared and throw her slipper on him
It hit his eyes and he says ouch – swara came to senses and start to blow his eyes and ask forgivness
he kisses on her cheek – swara kabhi mughe chod kar mat jaana ham jienge ek saath marenge ek saath

ragini came and took the blanket and was about to sleep on floor when laksh came and said-tum upar so sakti ho
ragini turns-koi baat nahi ham yaha so jaenge
laksh takes the blanket from her hands-nahi mei so jaunga
ragini smiles and sleep on bed laksh sees her sleeping while he is still awake

laksh-pari abhi tak nahi aai
sanskar-chal dhundne chale
swara-mei bhi chalungi
ragini-mei …….
laksh-tum nahi tumhe toh pta bhi nahi hai ham kaha se khana late hai
ragini-phir mei kya karu ?
laksh-tum pari ke bete aarush ka dhyan rakho
she nodes in yes and feels swara is going far from her
After 2 days
swalaksanpar has not returned and ragini is very much corcerned aarush is countinuesly crying and ragini is handling him by difficulty
suddenly laksh came ragini gets happy
she asks about everyone he says pari can’t make it aarush starts to cry , they both console him

Swasan were waiting or them outside uddenly those creatures enters and attack them they ran from there
swara and sanskar take hands in hands they start to smile , they know that there end is near
but swar awas scared they thought they will die morever than eaten by those half humans they go near the bridge (the same bridge where ragini pushed swara 0 they both jumped smiling like they did something good
they fall and died

Raglak get the news
cause swara left a note goodbye forever before running
ragini cried alot at her sister loss , laksh consoled both the person
It was naturally ot the time for crying but still – 2 months passed and then they become very close
And one day laksh proposed her eve n she was not in order she said yes
They were taking care of aarush
One day aarush in sadness of her mother death ran ragini and laksh followed him – he ran andsuddenly a zombie came to him ragini saved him but the zombie bite her the boy ran away laksh can’t see him
laksh came to her and says ragini (he can’t shout because he does everyone zombie will come there ) he killed that zombie and then come to her
He tries to wake her but she can’t wake her last words were- kill me laksh efore i become one of them , i don’t wanna go to hell plls its my l-last wish
laksh take his gun and point it infront of her
Her eye open as a zombie and he killed her
she died laksh then take the gun and point to himself ………………. (thod) a sound came – they both were dead together happily from this cruel world

Like swasan and raglak

Credit to: Mishika

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