••••••• ONE SHOT ( OS ) ••••••••
•••••••• STORY STARTS ••••••••
Some students were gossiping pointing towards a guy ..
Student 1: hey look there’s that nerd .. Let’s go lucky we should rag him ..
Student 2 : u know na em laksh Roy urf lucky nd I never leave the chance to bully anyone especially that nerd …
( lakSh Roy:- 26 yrs old. A very bad boy .. College’s popular guy single finding for his lady love nd above all a rag master .. )
A girl came in middle ..
Girl: yeah lucky even em feeling bored here so let’s rag him.
LakSh: of course ragini u r my crime partner ..
( ragini Patel :- 23 yrs old. A tom boy personality girl. Loves lakSh but he didn’t bother her .. A bad girl too nd always accompany lakSh in ragging )
The trio gave hifi nd went near that guy ..
A guy was drinking coffee nd was bz in his books walking through the corridor.
All of sudden he was pushed hardly due to which he fall off the stairs .. His nose was bleeding but instead of helping him others students were making fun. He stood up.. He was wearing blue jeans with red shirt nd blue blazer. His personality was charming with big deep brown eyes pink lips nd white complexion.. His clothes were ruined with the coffee stains. He took his books nd started to leave ..
LakSh : ( laughs loudly ) Hahah look guys this nerd oops sorry sorry Sanskar is a coward see he can’t even fight for himself.
( Sanskar Maheshwari :- college’s most intelligent student. Students call him nerdy Sanskar .. A book worm nd is always ragged by lakSh nd gang but he always ignore this torture. )
Whole college started laughing nd was accusing him as coward. Sanskar ignored the rumors nd went outside the colloge towards his home .. This was his daily routine until one day . . .

••••••••• SANSKAR’S POV ••••••••
For some reason I always stood out…in a good way ? No, anything but a “good way”. I kept wondering to myself, what did I do to deserve this ? Why do they all look at me with disgust ? Why am I avoided ? The Number of people that aim to be “special” is countless, but I’m not one of them. I just want to be normal. Is that too much to ask for ?
My name’s Sanskar… Sanskar Maheshwari. I’m 22 years old nd em a college student at Excel college, a prestigious college that only a handful of students manage to pass the entrance exam of it. I must be pretty intelligent to end up here, right ? Well I achieved numbers that broke records, I got scholarships, I was respected by the teachers nd I had good impression on them. But when the question comes down to students, they hated me . . . To such an extent that they wouldn’t care if I died this second. Why was this ? I had no idea, was it jealousy ? Was it the fact that I was “special” ? Whatever the reason was, they all hated me. I was pulled pranks on. Those pranks didn’t just affect me mentally, they were physical . . . VERY PHYSICAL ! Thumb pins placed on my chairs, finding my notes in shreds at random spots, pushed off stairs . . . Both mentally nd physically. I had no emotions, no feelings. It was as if pain was the only thing that reminded me that I’m still alive, while my heart was practically dead . . .
I started to not care anymore. Pain was like an ally to me now. One day I grabbed a sewing needle nd pierced both my ears. Blood came flowing down. It hurt. . . . so much that I could’ve screamed my lungs out. But I didn’t. I looked at myself in the mirror in front of me. BLANK !! My face was blank, no expressions, dark nd lifeless eyes, hair growing out. It hid my piercings. It was like I ruined my charm with my own hands. I killed my personality. Now only Sanskar was living without any aim. Day by day the harshness increased, nobody would even come close to me. It was like I didn’t exist. Or that the sole reason to my existence was to be picked on. I started getting more piercings; my hair grew out longer, so that it hid my face. But i wasn’t bothered. I was completely immune to feelings by then. I had three piercings on each ear, my hair hid them. I was at the edge of my life. I thought to myself, ” Why don’t I just end my life? ” but then. . . She came along . . . . .

( swara Bose :- 20 yrs old, a naughty personality. Very much beautiful. Modern nd loving. )
A new student just popped up in our class one morning. There was a huge uproar at the college. Why, you ask ? It was because she was practically a beauty.. Dark brown eyes, hairs that reached just below her hips, skin so fair that you would think she’d never been hit by the scorching rays of the merciless sun, rose pink lips nd so slim that she would probably break if the wind was a little to strong. I looked at myself nd thought that em not even capable of her slippers. College’s Mr. X ( lakSh ) was flatted by her beauty. He was attracted towards her nd why won’t he ? She was such a divine that no one can even think to ignore her. All boys were after her but she didn’t showed interest .. Why ? I questioned !! She became lakSh’s friend nd he proposed her after two days .. Huhhh !! How can u love anyone in just two days ?? I was expecting she would rather accept the proposal coz College’s popular Mr. X was bowing in front of her but not to my in fact everyone’s surprise she rejected she said she always consider him as her friend nothing more. I could feel lakSh was broken but I didn’t bothered nd why would I ? Do they bother when I got bleed ? No !! So he deserved this. I don’t know why but her rejection made me happy inside nd I unknowingly smiled by her act. Everyone was looking towards her but she met my eyes nd she smiled at me. I was shocked how can she even notice me gasp emoticon ?? I had lost all interest in girls nd romance, but something clicked inside me when I saw this person. What was it ? Was it her physical appearance ? No. That wasn’t it. It was her. . . . . . . . . SMILE smile emoticon
Something was so different about that smile. It was so carefree, so natural, so comforting for some reason. That smile was the reason why I gained interest in her more. Most of it was just curiosity, I think. I was curious how she could smile like that. It was such a simple expression, yet it was different from all the others. I had to know, I just had to know how she could smile like that. But I hadn’t interacted with anyone for so long. It was as if I had completely forgotten how to communicate with people. At home it was the same. I was always alone. My mother nd father had died in a car crash nd my brother ADARSH MAHESHWARI was a drunkard nd hadn’t been home for the past two years, so there wasn’t anyone to talk to. How was I ever even going to talk to her ? Well that problem didn’t last for two long.
Right from that day she arrived at college. I started to feel a gaze following me every now nd then. It was as if someone was continuously watching me. Then one day swara came into my class nd started walking towards my seat. I didn’t noticed it until she was standing right next to me. ” Sanskar Maheshwari, I need to talk to you. Do you have a moment ? ” she asked politely with a light smile on her face. I was dumbstruck, I hadn’t heard any kinds words for so long, it was almost weird. I didn’t even realize the fact that I hadn’t even replied to her yet, nd the fact that my face was as red as a tomato.
( not my fault, she was DAMN gorgeous )
” Um. . . Yeah sure . . . ” it was almost a struggle to get those words out of my mouth with the amount of emotions flooding in. Feelings ? Emotions ? Oh God, it’s been so long since I felt either one of these. It was somewhat nice. So she led me to the terrace of the college, it was kind of embarrassing to walk around with a girl, but I didn’t hate it. We reached the terrace nd we . . . . TALKED !!!

Turns out that swara was my neighbor but I had never noticed. That explains the strange gazes I was feeling every once in a while. It was her looking at me. She always noticed me when I went out for college, when I was always away from people at lunch nd whenever I walked back home. And as far as the question goes why I hadn’t noticed her, it was because I was always so depressed that never had i once raised my eyes off the ground, whether I was in college or anywhere else. But here I was looking at her straight in her beautiful eyes, meeting that beautiful smile that comforts me.

We walked home together after college.. Well, that was a given since we lived only a few steps away from each other, of course we Would be going the same way ! The only thing different was that I was having a normal conversation with her. She asked why I was always so gloomy nd lonely. I acted according to my instincts nd told her the truth. I told her everything, about the piercings, getting hated by the students . . . Basically everything. I don’t want her to feel pity for me. I just told her to know my real importance so she could avoid me but she hugged me with shed of tears. I was shocked by her act but seeing her in that condition i hugged her back nd she tightens her grip like if she don’t wanna go away from me. Huhh how can she even think of it for a nerd. I am a NERD that’s what my identity is. This act didn’t shocked me that much but when she said that unbelievable words I was hell shocked.
” plz don’t hurt urself it hurts me ” she said while weeping badly. My shirt was now wet. For the first time I felt like someone cares for me nd my existence. I was very happy nd I too responded the hug with the same affection. It was a passionate hug needed for a long ago. After sometime I realized my position nd composed myself by breaking the hug. We started to walk again but this time with silence. Neither I spoke a word nor she uttered. We reached home, nd just before she was about to go to her house she said something. ” I’ll be ur friend. ” with the most cheerful expression I have ever seen in my life. ” you can call me Shona. That’s what my friends call me so it’s the same for you. ” she said. ” then u can call my sanky, it’s what my mother used to call me”, I mumbled in response.

Days passed. . . weeks passed. . . Even months went by. Me nd Shona talked each day. I laughed, I smiled, it all felt just too good. We were always walking home together. I started to forget all about my piercings. They healed almost completely. It was as if the empty space within me was being healed along with these piercings just because of her. She was like an aspirin to all my pains nd worries. I cut my hair. It had been so long since anyone including me, had seen my face so clear. A year passed, it all seemed so unreal to me how I had changed so much. But in the end I knew that it was all because of her kindness. I owed her my life. On day I wore denim jeans with white shirt nd blue coat. You’re looking hot man wink emoticon I complimented myself. I went to college nd girls were staring me like if they’ll eat me in a single bite. I was shocked to see the scenario. Every girl was kissing a boy. ( on cheeks tongue emoticon don’t think much far wink emoticon ) I went near the notice board nd HAPPY KISS DAY was written in bold. I was feeling uncomfortable many girls tried to kiss me but I didn’t let them do. I pushed some students making my way through stairs when I saw her .. OMG gasp emoticon my eyes could fall there at any moment. The divine of my heart came. . . You’ll be shocked right ? But I love her. I fall for her on the first sight but I looked backed at myself thinking she don’t wanna roam with this nerd frown emoticon but then she surprised me. . She wanna be my friend. I was on 9th cloud that day. Coming back to the scene, she entered college like a cool breeze. She was wearing blue color off shoulders knee length one piece with hairs tied in front twist while rest open with curls with golden accessories nd golden high heels. Boys were giving me deathly glares as I was wearing the Same color like she was. She started to come towards me but that jerk lakSh interrupted. I felt jealous squint emoticon of course ! Anyone at my place would feel the same. He asked her to kiss his cheeks. I was fuming with Anger. For the first time I felt like beating someone. She looked at him with anger nd he changed the topic. He said not as a boyfriend or lover just as a close friend. She said sorry nd passed by him nd came in front of me. I was confused. She winked me nd all of a sudden she kissed my cheeks. Oh god ! made me die this moment if I’m dreaming. The whole college was shocked. She announced that em her only close friend no one else. I was feeling so special. She grabbed my hands nd we started walking towards our houses. There was silence till we reached her house. She started to leave she again came back . . . ” I need to talk to u about something important, come to the local market at 8 nd yeah wear something in white it’s my favorite .. I’ll be waiting. Bye ” she smiled nd left. Nd I went towards my house which was hardly 8 steps away. At 8 I was ready wearing same jeans with blood red shirt nd white coat nd left to the venue. I wonder what she wants to talk about, I thought to myself. But little did I know what awaited me was hell. I was almost there to the market. I could see her. She was wearing a cute white one piece with her hairs open. I was dumbstruck to see her. ” Shona ! ” I shouted. She looked towards me, she seemed so happy she waved me nd started to come near me but in that split second, a car came rushing nd slammed directly into her. ” Shona !! ” i shouted my lungs out. She cutely looked at me nd closed her eyes. The last sight I saw was Shona lying on the floor with blood surrounding her. Her white dress was now turned into red due to blood …

The next day the doctor came to me, I had been in the waiting room for the whole night without eating or sleeping. But those were the last things on my mind. She was alive. She survived. But she had fallen into a deep sleep . . . SHE WAS IN COMA. The doctor said that she will wake up, but we just don’t know when. Now here I am sitting next to her bed. . . It’s been 10 YEARS nd she hasn’t moved a muscle. But neither have I. Just like the way she never left my side, I would never leave hers. Besides, I need to know what she wanted to tell me that night . . . . .

•••••••• STORY ENDS ••••••••

Credit to: sanju

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