The dead patient ( Ardhika forever) ( mammarziyan fanfic) chapter-5 (contd..)

Radhika was sitting on the counch ..its been a month now..the storm had already sucked life out of her .
“Go to hell arjun ..I don’t want to listen anything”
“I will die without you ..radhika me”
And then a scream filled the environment
“Arjunn …” radhika shouted .
She came out of her memory …and sighed and looked towards him ..he was still sleeping never ending haunting slumber .
“Iam sorry ..I tried to not remember that memory ..I know you don’t like tears on my cheeks ..but that night snatched your life from me and you …I know you are stubborn right want to be get pampered ..more ..and you like to trouble me ..tease me ..torture me ..but iam ready ..I had no issues because I love u ..see iam confessing too ..Dr Naish is also with us ..he will bring you back .” She completed and wiped her tears .
“Radhika ….” .Naish called her …”we need to discuss something ” he completed and looked towards arjun …”in my personal cabin” ..and then looked towards him again …the ECG machine show a abrupt PQR wave ..and naish smiled seeing that …”Damn possessive right ” he muttered and left the ward .Radhika compose herself …and moved out .
“If I apply few strange therapies ..he can get well within a month ” Naish told radhika .
“As usual ..I need some permissions from you your his wife ” he continued and few things run in his mind ..a memory …”Arjun ..I really like her ..I will not listen anything agasint her ..she will be my wife .” Naish shouted .” If you are stubborn ..than me too ..I will also make sure that she should not be alive to be in your life ” arjun also shouted.”Arjun” Naish hold his collar.
Naish come out of his memory ..he know about radhika’s lie and she is not his patient’s wife .
He pressed his lips ..and breathed ..”Arjun is my best friend ..I will do anything bring him back ..but for that have to support me to the fullest ..Mrs Radhika Arjun…” .Radhika nodded ..and again bend down her head ..lost in her own world.
“You have less time ..arjun mehra ..if you didn’t wake up soon …this will result towards the end of your loved ones “he spoked in his mind .
Radhika stood up .and moved towards the door.
“Mrs mehra “Naish called her from behind ..radhika turned ..and looked towards him ..”My friend is lucky to have you “saying this naish turned and looked outside the window.
Radhika only blinked in the respond …and moved out .
Her mind again strike a memory ..when her brother Neil came to take her with him ..and she lied everyone that she and arjun had got married ..after spending some few days together ..though Neil was hurted…but she remain adamant on her desicion .
Naish was looking outside the window …a memory again flashed in his mind ..a memory of a month ago ..when he was moving towards his cabin …he collided with radhika ..and she fall in his arms …her eyes met with his intense one ..and he slowly make her stand on her own .
He clemched his fist …coming back from the memory and cursed himself …”Stop thinking about that woman .. focus on her love interest”
Radhika entered into the ward …and spoked ” Why are you getting angry …I was with him because we need to discuss something course the topic was you ”
She pressed her lips …and decided to pester him …” So what do you suggest and Naish ..we will look cute with each other ” .and she laughed ..the one which sooth ears .
“Now don’t make faces know if you makes faces ..then I had my own ways to make them more beautiful ” radhika replied .
She opened a packet of grapes .. arjun’s favourite and started eating those …” iam not going to share these with you ..get up and snatch them from me …” she expected to get a response ..and she get ..a heavy exhale …in return ..radhika frowned seeing this she felt the pain and realised that for arjun ..3 years will be like thorns for him ..and what she did he told her the truth about her family ..and pleaded her to understand his reason for lying …but she just shouted on him ..leading to his accident .. although he was innocent …she cried thinking her harsh behaviour at that moment .
“I said sorry ..but you are so stubborn right …pls forgive your dead patient …and come back …arjun it was me who is supposed to be there not you ..Dr Naish told me ..that only I can bring you back …prove him right arjun …I want my Dr crazy ..I want my Dr Se* y back pls don’t punish me with your silence ..I will die drowning in it ” a tear escaped and she rushed towards him ..cupped his face ..and plant a kiss on his lips .
“This is the punishment ..for ignoring me like hell” ..she completed ..
Nandini called her again …” Arjun he awake ”
Radhika put on the phone on his ears ..nandini’s questions were filling his ears ..”Tell arjun come back soon .”
Dr Naish entered when radhika was chatting with nandini ….he brought the coffee for both of them .Radhika took the mug …and after few sip she felt lil dizzy …Naish make her sit on the counch ..he lil bit laid her down ..tucked her hair behind her ears ..and covered her with blanket .
Radhika was now in deep slumber .
Naish removed drips of arjun .made him sit on the wheel chair ..and took him outside …of the hospital .They both entered cold storage ..naish was wearing jacket …and Arjun was bare body …the intense cold was now leading to make his body ice cold .Naish smiled and now he spoked.
“I will hang her from ceiling fan …personally ” he said ..and lighted a cigratte .
“I will make her mistress of all rich people ” he continued .Naish eyes widened he was doing this for last one week .but today he can observe that he is responding …he smiled more …the temperature of his body ..beating the ice cold one outside ..with his radiating heat .
“I will make your mom work like a maid in my house” he blow the air on his face .
“Bang on ..that’s enough for today ..time to sleep ” he took him back to hospital ..and give arjun an injection. He caressed his face ..”Arjun the day you will get up ..the moment I got few answers ..the second after I will stab you ” he got up and moved towards the door .
Naish turned and saw radhika ..his feet unknowingly ..cheated his mind ..and treaded towards her …he was about to touch her..but then he saw something ..the chain she was wearing was of Arjun’s .. he cursed arjun for lusting a kid ..a cute one like her .
After 15 days …
Radhilka was caressing his hair …as she was happy that his reports were normal ..and the wounds are almost healed ..except this slumber and desperate silence …she was thinking what to do next …in these days she tried everything to make him jealous tease him …try to joke with him. …but nothing worked she got some physical response ..still the slumber is unbreakable .Naish was also restless …he smirked thinking …his plan wake him up ..
“Welcome back arjun ..tonight you will either save radhika ..or she will herself not able to see the mirror forever “. Hr moved his cabin and make few calls night made radhika unconscious …and put both arjun and her in the car …he careesed her face …and apologizes …”iam sorry but this is the only way to get success” he drove the car ..breaking the silence near by ..
The car reached near the cliff .. and and naish got down ..he tied radhika to a chair …and made arjun sit on another. .. and then something happened which filled the environment with screams .
Arjun ears started getting filled with helpless screams …”Save me arjun …no naish pls ..leave me for god sake ..please leave me …don’t do this ..he is your friend .”
Arjun ‘s eyes now started getting moved little …and his palm got clenched slowly ..he again listened something …”Don’t do this …pls let me go pls….arjun save me pls …pls leave me ..let me go ” .Arjun eyeballs now started moving fast …and his eye lashed raised the curtain .. his eyes got open ..bloodshot angered filled .
He saw radhika was on the flooe .. unconsciousness and naish over her ..
Precap …arjun and naish worst fight
So guys sorry I really dissappoint all of u today ..don’t know how it got submitted less than half ..and here it is full .

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