DBO Reprised Once Again

I have already posted this in wattpad .this is for the people who are not in wattpad.
“you are characterless,  because of you jhanvi thakurein did suicide,  because of you like girls who love money so many women die. You will not live peacefully. Your a gold digger  I will never accept this marriage get lost never show ur face to me . I have married. you because of  humanity ” omkara singh oberoi spitted this words to gauri leaving her shattered and left her alone.
Just when gauri thought omkara singh oberoi is not bad and gentlemen he had done this thing. Did she ask him to marry her?  No he had married her against her wishes and said all the hurt full words. If omkara singh oberoi thought she is someone who does not value her self respect and sells it for money he is wrong. Gauri kumari sharma loves her self respect more than anyone and marriage was a relationship which is done with someone with respect not with someone who called her characterless. Gauri kumari sharma is not someone who will wait and love a person who does not value her.
Gauri wiped her tears and saw a water bottle lying on the ground took it and wiped the blood of omkara from her headline .
Gauri : if this marriage is not worth anything to you. It is not worth anything to me also. I hate you omkara singh oberoi. I don’t want to see ur face again.
Gauri went to her home .

Rudra : thank you for saving me soumya but I have not ur husband and this marriage is not worth anything to me. Bye.
Rudra left.
Soumya was felt disgusted at herself for loving someone like rudra. She had enough.
Soumya : I thank myself rudra singh oberoi for saving you otherwise I would have never understood that I have loved a jerk. You value only the outer beauty rudra. Hope we never met again.
omkara singh oberoi married gauri kumari sharma and left her calling her cheat and house breaker.
rudra singh oberoi had married soumya in drunk situation and had blamed her responsible for all the situations.
gauri kumari sharma was not someone who will let anyone play with her self respect.
nor soumya Tendulkar was someone who will put her self respect for the love.
join the journey of four hearts.
join omkara’s journey of falling in love with someone different and respecting her.
join rudra’s journey of loving someone whom he had hurt so bad.
join gauri’s journey of fighting for her self respect and believing about beauty of love.
join soumya’s journey of fighting between her love and self respect.

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  1. Awwwwwwesome

  2. Sairan

    Only part is posted on Wattpad

    Can we expect the next part?

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

  4. Wow @kashaf….. Interesting storyline….
    waiting for ur next chappy……


  6. Nita D

    Wow this is awesome…..I love that the female characters are shown strong here rather than those aadarsh, always self sacrificing, crying ones….
    Post next part soon….

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