Part 16

Hello friends, am much glad that u guys are liking this one , specially want 2 thank shraddha and saku for showering luv 2wards this ff…..This was my first ff for rikara which I started writing for these cutiees, I hope u both are doing well…..

Scene -30 { @Barely}

Gauri and Om stare each other’s eyes for a while…..Om finds gauri’s eyes drenched in tears……Om slowly removes his finger from her lips and touches her cheek…….
Omkara : Gauri !!!![ om stares her with wet eyes]

Gauri : Omkaraji!!!! I don’t know what 2 do now…..I can’t believe this…..Aap….I mean aap loves this mad chirayya…..[om nods his head with a smile] U know what…..I started loving u right from the moment when u filled sindoor in my maang…….I felt my sankarji has brought u in my life for a reason….I don’t know what it is, but I worshipped u with heart full of ISHQ without any expectations and demands…. But I certainly demanded my sankarji that my jatadhari hippy husband should never feel pain because he suffered so many pains in his entire life which affected him deeply……I can’t see my pati suffering pain , whenever I finds them in ur eyes it makes me 2 feel much sad……I don’t bother abt myself because u are with me 2 give a hand when I will fell down…..U are with me 2 save my self-esteem whenever I feels am nothing……

I don’t know whether am perfect for u or not because u belongs 2 a city where I belongs 2 a village , but u never degraded for me that, in fact u trusted me and show these much care 2 me which I can’t even imagine in dream……..And now u said that u loves me, it actually made me 2 realize that who I am ……..
Omkara : Then tell me who are u , Gauri ??

Gauri : I am gauri kumari sarma singh oberoi, Omkara Singh Oberoi’s wife…..A man who makes magic with colors , who believes in what his heart says and now…..in that heart………I gained some space and it made me 2 love u more and more…..Iam not an artist like u 2 depict my feelings in a canvas, I am not a defined poet like u who is capable of expressing deeper emotions in shayris……But one thing I want 2 say that …….I deeply , truly love u from heart, Omkaraji…..I Love U……..[ gauri’s eyes went teary]

Omkara : Omkara bend @ his own knees and stares her…..
My heart is full of u, gauri….. Love can’t be defined in few colors or shayaris……It’s a beautiful feeling which makes u 2 feel that there is some one who makes u 2 feel that U are that person’s life and soul……And I have find myself in u, gauri….I don’t know whether I have loved myself the way u loves me…….. Just like the vast sky has no end, I don’t know what is written in destiny for me, it may have wounds, it may have bitterness and harsh truths also which will give u pain……Are u ready 2 face it ?? If yes, then give me ur hand and become my better half……..
Gauri : The way u used 2 lift me without asking my permission makes me 2 feel that certainly I am a part of ur life, omkaraji…….U need not 2 ask for giving a hand, u should hold my hand which makes me 2 feel that am urs….. I am ready 2 face any obstacles because we are together and until u will remain as my saathiya , I swear whatever comes in destiny, we can over come it……..I have completely devoted my mind, and heart for you, Omkaraji and it’s full of u ……I am not ur better half, but I am ur soul…….[gauri holds om’s hand and cries literally]

Om gets up and holds her face in his palms…..Gauri stares him with teary eyes……Om gently wipe out her tears and stares her with wet eyes…….”I can’t see tears in my lovely wife’s eyes…It hurts me a lot……”[ Gauri stares omkara’s magical eyes again….Om slowly kisses on her forehead…..Om turned his lips and kisses on her eyelids…..Gauri slowly opened her eyes and stares her husband with a smile…….

Omkara : Ur subtle smile is efficient , just keep it in ur lips like these my sweet heart……[Om stares her with a genuine smile, gauri shyly bows down her face and turns back……Om touches her waist from behind and pushed her 2 himself…….Gauri’s heart beat started getting fast, she tried 2 release herself from omkara’s arms, but omkara tightened the hold by rounding his arms on her waist……He gently whispered on her ear ……”Mrs. Gauri Kumari Sharma Singh Oberoi, let me remind u, u made a promise from me that I should never leave ur hand…..And if u will leave me, then how can I keep my promise ? “ [om rolled down gauri’s hair and started running his fingers through her shoulder…..From inner heart gauri was feeling much special but she was not ready 2 express it before omkara….]

Gauri : Omkaraji…….U have forgotten that we are standing in street and if some one will see…..Mmmm..
Omkara : [om hugs gauri from back tightly ] I don’t care what these world says, I just can’t hold myself now without u…….Gauri…..[Gauri turns her face 2 omkara and stares him]
Gauri : Even I can’t imagine a world without u, Omkaraji…….[Gauri touches om’s palm and kisses on it]
Rikara tightly hug each other….BGM……” Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Thaa
Pyaar Toh

Hona Hi Thaa
Iss Zindagi Ke
Meethe Safar Mein
Palkoon Ke Neeche
Khwaboon Ke Ghar Mein
Kisi Haseena Ki
Zulfoon Taley
Tumko Sona Hi Thaa
Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha” plays[ title track of pyaar toh hona hi thaa]

Mean while some unexpected terrific eyes were keeping eye on them, which was unknown for rikara……@ the corner of street, two goons were standing holding their guns 2 shoot
Goon 1 : Swethlana mam, They are hugging each other….What should we do ?? [ goon asks swethlana through phone]
Swethlana : Idiot, U are explaining their romance 2 me, are u kidding? U have 2 kill them!!!
Goon 1 : But mam,omkaraji……He is an oberoi, I mean we are servants of oberoi mansion…How can we kill tej sir’s son ??
Swethlana : If u will not kill omkara, then I will kill u….Remember ur family is under my custody….

Goon 1 : Ji, mam….We will do it……


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  1. Hiii di …. u again rocked with ur awesome dialogues…..


    Wowlacious episode….

    But plz don’t let that botoxlana to hurt them …. plzzzz …. my request….
    #keep writing

    1. Renimarenju

      Hi maahi, miss shayar, thanks for the very first comment, awww so sweet of u…….About swethu….just wait and read……*********

  2. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous?????loved it to the core eagerly waiting for next

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot

  3. Verna

    Wow Renima their first ever romantic time and loved EO’s confession. It’s just my humble request, its high time for my Om’s life that he’s facing pain a lot.. pls give some happiness, love and romance before they face difficulties. But u r the author of this story.. its up to u. I just gave my suggestion. Hope u won’t get irritated by this 🙂 🙂

    1. Renimarenju

      Well , i can understand it yaar, as per title i am just bringing unexpectations and in my ff’s am trying 2 make it as realistic , it happens in each and every ff of mine, and abt pains, u know what pains are unending in om’s life but thing is he is a warrior who is facing them and that actually makes 2 admire his view abt life and everything…..So i will certainly give love, happiness and romance for them , but growth of them will be witnessed according 2 story only, so u have 2 wait bit more, thing is they will be together in sorrows and happiness …..So just wait and read, that’s what i can say now….Thanks for suggestion, u will surely find their romance in my ff…No am not @ all irritated by this……Thank u so much


    Dear Renima Di
    OmRi Confession And Moment?? Swetlana?? It’s Awesome Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot uff

  5. Dinu

    Hayeeeee?????? love is in d air??????? finally omkara said “I love u” 2 gauri?? dis reminded me gauri’s confession on d show.(shrenu nailed it?) Bt I like dis one more?? coz here om is d one who confess. ???? n here both of them love each other? such a romantic epi dr loved it 2 d coreee????? n about dat botox queen??????? I jst hate her.hope she doesn’t succeed in her evil plans?? sry dr couldn’t comment on d previous epi.bt I didn’t missed 2 read it??? loved both epis?? eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi.bye dr tc??

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot dear, it was a huge compliment, just wait and read ….i won’t separate rikara…..

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and lovely dii… Please don’t kill omkara…. Love you….

    1. Renimarenju

      Hayee, i will never kill omie yaar, just wait and read 4 upcoming track, thanks a lot

  7. Shreyanvi

    What an episode di????????…their confession…uffffff…maar daala????….loved this part to core…n it was like treat for me…..thank u so much for writing this ff….i m so lucky to hv u as elder sister n friend….thank u so much.. ????….love u di….post nxt part soon…

    1. Renimarenju

      Haayeee chotu , thanks for such a lovely compliment, i started this 4 u and sharaddha and then i got so many lovely readers, love u 2…sorry 2 post next one soon is bit difficult , will try my level best…..

  8. Yashu

    It was so good…..n di pls pls don’t kill om….pls….

    1. Renimarenju

      Hai yashu, feeling so nice 2 see u after long gap….arrey how can i kill omie yaar ?? Just wait and read…..haa

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