“My day starts from you” OS by dolly

Hey guys …it’s dolly here ….I know everyone is waiting with their slippers and rotten tomatoes ..I can understand …but plz understand us also .

We trio are leaving to dubai for a sudden trip …so we couldn’t concentrate on the ff ..now also I am in flight writing this …I am post this with the help of WiFi in flight …

So due to personal life we couldn’t cope up ..that’s y ..

As alia di said we will post a Maha episode of my love meri jaan on Sunday ..pakka promise ..

Till then try reading this OS ….

Here u go ,

Character discription

Swara Singhania : youngest daughter of shekar and mishti singhania , a very polite , responsible , a very traditional girl …gives respects to everyone ….

But but ..wait wait ….how can Swara be a behenji ?

The above characterization is applicable only in front of her family …otherwise …

She is a lady Don …loves her life to hell …enjoys her life ….wears only western hates traditional ..lives her three sisters and jiju”‘s ..always loved by them …she is from a very very rich family
.very bubbly , very chubby and very talkative …she is currently staying alone in Mumbai doing fashion designing ….but her hometown is a village …a beautiful village …

Sanskar maheshwari : only son of dp and ap , all time flirter ….very habdosme and hot young boy doesn’t care for anyone ..only loves himself …doesn’t give respect to his father …

He is currently searching for a job …and is currently following a girl from past 3 years …he is from a middle class family ….

Ragini malhotra : middle sis of Swara …elder to her …married to laksh malhotra last year ..loves Swara a lot and can do anything for her …is leading a happy life with laksh ….a very caring one

Laksh malhotra : husband of Ragini , a business man …best partner in crime of Swara …he doesnt have a sister …so takes Swara as his sisters …will do anything for her …loves his wife and a caring person …

Parineetha adharsh dixit (pari) : eldest daugh term of shekar and mishti ….very strict but yet a caring one …puts too many rules ..hates live marriages …but loves her both sister and can do anything for them .loves her husband adharsh and her son Aditya ….who is 7years old .

Adharsh dixit : husband and father of pari and Aditya …loves them both ….loves Swara and Ragini equally ..considers them as his own sisters ..especially Swara …loves her a lot …a business man too with laksh

Nikhil Singhania : cousin of swara….or can say husband in law (mama) is 3 years elder to her ..likes her a lot ….is going to get married to him

(According to the customs of old people and in a big family it’s common)

Sujatha rp : mother of Nikhil , wife of rp , sister of shekar loves swara ..mother in law of swara (atha) a caring mom

Rp : a business man …loves his family and swara too .

And u dada , dadi , dida with them

So now about the family …

Singhania family is a very big family ….they are very traditional ..they don’t like western attires .they have many values and attitudes …

Boys are very scared to look at swara …due to their protections …

Swara is staying alone because she wanted to be a fashion designer and study more …but according to their family girls shouldn’t study much .

Everyone except dada (deendayal) accepted ..so dada is bit upset with it …but loves her so much

Same Nikhil also does he also stays in Mumbai for his business …nikhil and swara are in different area’s

But dada wants him to take care of business in village itself …that’s y he is sad …

Raglak are in US ….

Maheshwari family is very open minded ..due to only son …they grown him up with lots of freedoms …that’s y ….

So this is the discription ,

Sanskar was standing in bus stop with file in his hand ..it was like he was going for an interview .

Sanskar (irritated) : what a life always …need to work …work …work …can’t even enjoy life …this parents na ..uffft …

Sanskar : today kavitha also didn’t come to bus stop

(Kavitha the one who sanskar is following for 3 years …simply not in relations)

Saying this he stamps his shoes ..

Suddenly his eyes trail’s towards a girl ..who was walking and coming with two girls on either side ….

She was in baby pink sleeve less top and half black skirt till knees …made her hair free with kajol covering her eyes …making it beautiful …

Sanskar lost to breathe ..he was looking at her only

Sanskar (confused) : but I never saw her here ?

Suddenly one boy comes to him

It was sahil sanskar’s best friend

Sahil : she is swara …

Sanskar : hey sahil and ya how u know her

Sahil : abbay …she is next apartment and my dad’s friend’s daughter ..

Sanskar : oh ….ahem ..is she rich or not ?

Sahil ; not rich …but very very rich …very big family u know …

Sanskar (confused) : then why does she stay in apartment ..

Sahil : vo her family is very cultured but she wants to be fashion designer so she came here

Sanskar (smiling) : interesting …

Sahil : hey hey ..don’t try to flirt OK ..if her family find’s ..they will burn u alive ..

Sanskar was shocked ..

Sanskar : so you are saying me she is a hard nut to crack

Sahil : exactly ..now stop talking we need to go for interview .

Sanskar : ahem ..ahem…

Saying this both gets into the bus …while sanskar was just staring swara from window .

At office …

Sanskar was waiting outside …in the reception

Sanskar in mind : sanskar this is 30th time ..I am sure this time also I will get rejected …because no day is lucky for me ….

He comes to senses when receptionist announces his name …

He goes in and sits opposite to the boss

Boss (smiling) : good morning Mr maheshwari

Sanskar (smiling) : good morning sir

Boss (smiling) : not sir ..but Call me nikhil …Nikhil singhania ..

Sanskar (smiling) : ol nikhil

Nikhil : so ya u saw your files …u r not that much eligible …

Sanskar face fells up

Nikhil (smiling) : but I don’t want to make anyone sad ..so u r in the job …

Sanskar was so happy

Sanskar (happy) : thank u …thank u sir …

Nikhil (smiling) : it’s kk Mr maheshwari ..but don’t make me think why I gave u the chance

Sanskar (smiling) : no ..sir….I won’t ..

Nikhil : OK then u can join from tomorrow …all the best …

Sanskar smiles and leaves outside .

Sanskar (happy) : I don’t know whose face I saw today morning …it made me lucky .

Suddenly he remembers swara….his lips form a curve ….

Sahil also joins the same company with sanskar

There at the fashion designer house …

Swara was busy alerting a dress

Swara (attitude) : oh ya …I need the Marin blue thread for the skirt …OK

PA : OK ma’am …

Swara phone vibrates …she takes it ….she was happy seeing it ..

Swara (happy) : hi lucky jiju

Laksh (smiling) : hi shona …how are u

Swara : I am fine jiju …how is di how are u ?

Laksh : all fine … (happily)

Swara (frank) : jiju any good news …why ur tone is so happy huh ….

Laksh (smiling) : u always find na ….

Swara : ya after all your sis na …say fast jiju

Laksh (happy) : we r gonna have a new member to our family …

Swara was shocked and overwhlemd …she had happy tears …

Swara (happy) : omg …is di seriously expecting

Laksh (happy) : ya swara…

Swara (happy) : omg …omg I am so happy jiju….congrats jiju …gonna be father huh …

Laksh (happy) : haan …..thanks

Swara : I can’t wait to see u both

Laksh (happy) : don’t worry soon will meet in your marriage

Swara (stumble) : oh ..ya …hmm….

Laksh : OK anyways catch u later bye …

Swara : bye ….

Laksh hungs up ….

Swara (happy) : don’t know whose face I saw today ..I got such a good news ….

Later that night

Swara was coming back from her fashion house to her house …

She saw nikhil waiting outside in the garden .she was suprised she goes to him

Swara (smiling) : hey nikhil

Nikhil : hey swara (smiling)

Swara : u here …

Nikhil : vmvo ….I just wanted to meet u and discuss something …

Swara : oh ya ..sure say

Nikhil : actually I have an important meeting in Australia it’s a business trip for one month …so I wanted u to take care of the business ..for an month

Swara (shocked) : what …nikhil …

Nikhil ; u don’t need to be shocked …I know u very well know business ..u know na after our marriage company would be in your name…now let’s take trial (smiling & blushing)

Swara smiles …

Swara : it’s kk don’t worry I will take care …

Nikhil : thanks a lot swara ….

Swara : your welcome …

Nikhil : so u heard na ragini di is expecting

Swara : ya ya …jiju informed .

Nikhil : oh …I was so happy ….I knew u also would be happy

Swara : ya u know na ..how much I love kids and it’s laksh jiju’s baby …it would be so cute ..like our Aditya ..

Nikhil : ya ya right ….

Swara smiles ..

Nikhil : OK now I have work ..I am leaving bye

Swara : come to my room na …have coffee and leave …

Nikhil : no no ..thanks …next time ..and by the way my whole life I am gonna have it ..so what’s the hurry (teases)

Swara hits him playfully

Nikhil : OK k ..bye …

Swara : bye …

Nikhil leaves …swara goes to her room

At maheshwari house

Dp : today also u failed in interview na …I know

Sanskar was silently sitting …

Ap : don’t scold him ji ….sanskar don’t worry next time u will get OK …

Sanskar was silent

Dp : this is all because of u he is like this …sanskar you are good for nothing …

Sanskar stand’s up

Sanskar : dad , mom I got job

Dp and ap were shocked …..

Ap ; are u serious

Sanskar : haan …why is there a rule that I should always be asanskari (lol)

Dp : but who is the fool who gave u the job huh

Sanskar : it’s god who gave me job …u know what my salary is lakh ..which is 100 time’s more than your’s dad ..(teases)

Ap chuckles

Dp : oh hello ..don’t be over happy these many years with my income only we were running the house ..

Saying this he leaves …

Ap and sanskar gives hifi

Ap : so whom face u met that u got this luck huh

Sanskar (lost in his own world) : swara .

Ap (confused) : swara ..

Sanskar : I mean u mom …..u know how beautiful you are …how lucky your face

Ap : enough of buttering me now go and get ready ….for dinner .

Sanskar smiles and leaves..

It was like a routine …he sees swara everyday and everything happens for good

There in office due to his friendly nature nikhil likes him a lot ..now both nikhil and sanskar are best friends ….cum brothers

The next day

Sanskar was waiting in the same bus stand was waiting to see swara .

He was disappointed he couldn’t see …then suddenly swara passes in car ….Sanskar face glows ..

Sanskar : today Will be my best day (smiling)

In office

Nikhil : good morning my dear collegeu’s and staffs .. ..so I am leaving a business trip for one month so I am leaving this company to my trustworthy cousin cum best friend ….Swara ..hope u all be good to her thank u

Sanskar then came to office …so he didn’t know this announcement

Nikhil comes to sanskar

Nikhil ; sanskar help her in need and be good OK bye

Saying this he leaves

Sanskar (confused) : who to help

Sahil (smiling) : go to MD cabin …there is a suprise for you darling …

Sanskar confused leave’s to MD cabin …he was shocked and very happy seeing swara

Sanskar in mind : omg ..omg …thanks a lot babaji …u made my life ..sorry day . He he

Swara who was busy checking files notices him .
Swara (bossy) : if your stop staring me and say me for what u came .

Sanskar was happy hearing her voice ..

Sanskar : madam …I am your PA

Swara : oh is it ..then come and give me the information I want ..OK ..

Sanskar nods and helps her…swara was feeling easy to work with him ….

Swara : thanks for the help and your name

Sanskar (smiling) : welcome ma’am ..my name is sanskar …

Swara (smiling) ; oh nice …

Sanskar leave’s….he was so happy …he goes to the washroom and dances like a mad person

Sahil (confused) : sanskar what the he’ll happened to u …huh ?

Sanskar hugs him and kisses his cheeKS

Sanskar : she talked to me ..u ..know

Sahil : for talking itself this much haan….good job ..buddy

Sanskar smiles …

It was a month ..swara was talking friendly with him …one day sanskar was ready to propose her

He takes a bouquet to her cabin ..

Swara (smiling) : hi sanskar ..

Sanskar (smiling) : hi swara (swara said him to call)

Swara (smiling) : what happened sanskar your face is bright a 100volt bulb .

Sanskar : vo….

Sanskar makes swara stand and sits in knees in front of her …

Sanskar : from the day I saw u …I started to live u …ur face made my day ..without seeing your face I couldn’t stay …for me you are my lucky charm …

I just wanted my lucky charm to stay with me forever …

Will u ?

Swara was shocked ..she was in extreme anger .

Swara (angry) : have u give nuts

Sanskar (shocked) : why swara u don’t love me

Swara (angry) : if a girl talks with u freely it means that she loves ..u ..seriously what the hell!

Sanskar : it’s k give me chance swara ….I will be the best husband any girl wants ..

Swara (angry shouts) : for God sake I am going to get married …

This was for sanskar ….he was shocked ….he had tears .

Swara (angry) : the one you consider to be god for u ..your best friend nikhil ..he is my would be husband ….

Sanskar was over shocked …he broke done into pieces …

Suddenly nikhil enter’s and gives a confused look to them .

Nikhil (smiling) : why you are not happy seeing me .

Swara gives a fake smile …nikhil gives a side hug to her …

Sanskar hides the bouquet back and gives a fake smile with tears ..

Nikhil ; swara how was my best friend sanskar’s work

Swara (fake smile) : ya it was nice help from him

Nikhil ; I knew it …he is my best brother too

Sanskar had tears in his eyes

Sanskar : excuse me

Saying this he leaves …swara looks at him leaving …

After that day sanskar didn’t eat properly come to office ..properly …he was locked in his room

He didn’t see swara’s face so everything became dull for him ….

But he didn’t wanted to chest his best friend …because nikhil trusts him a lot and asking his would be wife is …total waste and is a sin too

Dp was shocked seeing sanskar like this …he asked him

Sanskar (angry with tears) : now u will be very happy na …she left me ….that’s all ..my love gona ..going to be a wife of someone .

Dp was shocked ….and sad for his son ..

Ap signals his something .

Dp and ap goes to office to meet swara …nikhil was not there at that time ..

Swara (angry) : listen I don’t love your son and for God sake I am going to marry someone

Ap (tears) : plz dear ..he is our only son and he is not eating properly not talking to us ….always blocked in his room

There Sahil calls sanskar and inform’s sanskar about the on going scene …

Swara (angry and shouts) : so what can I do ..if he is like that ..u can’t force ..he is not matured at least u people are matured instead of advicing him to forget me ..you are advicing me to give him a chance ..

Dp ; plz plz …madam ..plz …

He touches her leg …swara jerks ..

Swara (angry) : security push them out …

Dp and ap were helpless …

Security pushes them …sanskar catches both

Sanskar gets super angry and goes inside and catches swara’s neck

Sanskar : are u that much beauty that everyone will fall …u are bit*h ….u sl*t …..u ***********

Swara started to cry …sanskar presses her neck more …

The security and others pulls him and helps swara

Sanskar : don’t know to give respect to elders also ….u blo*dy ****** ….don’t worry I don’t need a girl like u ….it’s not u who is rejecting me ..but it’s me who is gonna reject u …

blo*dy *****?

The security pushes him away outside …

Swara breaks down and sits ….

What will happen …will swasan unite or its end .

Next part is last one ..and it will be full story if the family

Hope u all wait and stay tuned ….

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