A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 7 Part 3)

Chapter 7: the double date part 3

Swara spins the bottle and it stopped at Rags. “Truth.” Ragini answered. “Who was your first crush?” Questioned a devilish Swara. “I never had a crush on someone.” Sanskar felt realaxed after what Ragini said. The bottle stops at Laksh. “Dare.” “You have to dance with Sans on a romantic song.” “What the hell.” Sanlak thought.

They danced with the song Tum hi ho, which they actually planned to dance with their ladies, but their plan was ruined by Swaragini, who were laughing like mad. The song finished and Laksh asked: “Truth or dare, bro.” “Truth.” “Did you ever had your first kiss?” “I never ever had my first kiss, cause I believe you should have your first kiss with someone who you trully love with the bottom of your heart.” Ragini couldn’t take it abymore, hugged him, kissed him and said: “I love you Sanskar.” Sanskar was shocked, cause she kissed him.

Laksh and Swara high fived eachother and said: “Mission accoplished.” “Which mission Swalak?” “To bring you guys closer.” “You two are little devils.” “These devils are here, to bring our loved ones together.” “Oh, you guys are cute and we love you!” “We love you too!” “You both are drama queens.” “What, we are drama queens?” “Yes you are.” Before they could finish argueeing Laksh blurted out: “Wait a moment you two are getting engaged in two days.” “Yes they are.” “We should get going, because your dad said that we can stay out till 8pm.” “We only have 5 mins till 8, Swara.” “I will drop you guys, but I have to drive really fast.” Laksh said. Lucky drove really fastly, because of that Ragini got sick, cause she hates fast cars. They reached the baadi two minutes before 8.

I’m sorry guys for the late update and I think this update is short again for that I’m sorry.

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