A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9: The plan

“We will invite them to our farmhouse.” “Awesome dad, I have a plan or an idea.” “What’s your plan our idea for it?” Sanskar asked. “Let me call Swaragini at first, cause the plan is related to their….” Phone convo and muted plan. At first Swaragini didn’t agree, but DP assured that Lucky’s plan will suceed, after that they agreed that the plan will take place the next day itself.

The next morning DP invited all the family members to have lunch at their place. Everyone came and they had fun. “You both know the plan Swara and Ragini?” Sanskar asked while the others who were involved were listening. “Yes, we know it.” Swaragini answered. “Swara, you gonna distract dadi, while Ragini will distract dida.” Said Laksh. “Yes, boss!” “I’m scared Shona!” “You don’t have to be scared Rags, cause dida loves you.”

Ragini went to dida and said funnily: “Nani, the weather looks as hot as you!”? Dida could sense Ragini’s nervousness, so she said: “Thanks Rags.” “What happend to you today Ragini, are you ill?” Asked a concerned dida. “I’m perfectly fine and I wanted to get zo know you better, before I get married.” “Oh, you are such a cutie pie.” Said dida while pulling Raginis cheeks.

Swara and Dadis convo was different. “Dadi you are an amazing person.” “What are you saying, I’m not your dadi.” “Yes, you are, cause your don is my dad.” “I’ll never accept you as my granddaughter.”

In the other side DP called his BFFS and his wife to discuss about a “business plan.” They were discussing while some goons came and kidnapped Shomi and Shekher.

The goons brought them to the farmhouse of DP, so now they were in the farmhouse as well as Swaragini, Sanlak, DP, AP and dida.

Dida was happy, because her daughter will get married to the man she loves.

Shekher and Shomi were shocked, when they came to know, who kidnapped them. “Why did you guys kidnap us?” “Because we wanted you guys married, but dadi wouldn’t agree to it.” Swaragini said. “But we have a plan, how dadi will have to agree.” Sanlak said. “How?” Asked a confused Shekher. “We kidnapped her as well, but she will only see your guyses marriage.” “Are you all having an illness of craziness.” “No, it was my plan and my wife’s plan.” Said DP, shocking them even more. “What, it was your plan and the kids done whatever you said.” “Yes, they did, because they thought the plan was/is awesome.” “The kids don’t know ehat is right and wrong.” “They knew, what they wanted to see and that is that you guys get married, before them and not after them, cause the people would say the kids are married now and the parents of the girls are getting married, so we thought to get you guys married infront of all the people.” “We are doing all the ceremonies today, so you can be married tomorrow.” From the inside both were happy, but they didn’t want to get married like this.

I’m sorry guys for the late update of this story.

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