A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 7 Part 2)

Chapter 7: The double date Part 2
Here are the other parts of my story.

Didas pov
“Thank god that marwaren didn’t see Swarag going out or she would have created problems for them both.”

Swaragini asked together: “Why are we going in two different cars?” “Because we want to spend our time with our girlfriends.” “Girlfriend?” Asked a confused Ragini. “Yeah, Jaanu.” Laksh laughed at the comment of Sanky. Sanskar looked at lucky like: If looks could kill, you would have been allready dead. “Can we go now, if her grandma sees us we will have a big problems.” “Yes.”

Ragsan scene in the car
Both wouldn’t talk to eachother but one of them was constantly starring at the other one, until Sanskar took all his courage and told her that she’s looking beautiful like an angel who only came for him and only him. These words touched Ragini and she blushed like a tomatoe. “You look breathtaking when you blush Jaan.” “I never ever had a boyfriend and I don’t know hiw it feels to have one, but now I know how it feels, because I’m lucky to have you as my fiance.” While blushing Sanskar said: “We are here Lucky and Swara.” “Let’s wait for them behind a tree.”

Swalak scene
It was different than Ragsan scene in here Swara and Laksh were argueing like married couples do. “Shona you look stunningly hot and that’s the truth.” “Why
were you starring at Ragini?” “Because she looked different.” Oh,really?” “Yes, really, because you are the most beautiful girl in the world for me.” “Sorry, Lucky I missunderstood you and I….” Before he could ask her, about what she wanted to
tell him, he said: “We’re here where are the others.” “I don’t know.” Ok, what did you want to tell me?” “That I love chocolate!” Ragsan came out of their
hidding place and were laughing their heads of, because of Swalak.

“Now, we should start our dates with

playing truth ir dare.” “Are you ready?” The rest shouted together: “Yes, we’re ready.” Sanskar spins the bottle and it

stopped where Swara was sitting. “Truth or dare?” “Dare.” “You’ll have to say I love
you to Laksh in 3 different langueges.” “I
love you Lucky!” “Je t’aime Lucky!” “Main tumse pyaar karti hoon Laksh!” All that time Laksh was starring at Swara, his heart was touched that someone has true
feelings for him like Swara does.

Credit to: Crazygirl


  1. Sonya

    Awesome n amazing update dear
    Really liked ragsan scene
    Aww the way sanskaar call her Jaan
    Isn’t it so soon lol
    Final all four on a date
    Hope dadi won’t do anything
    Plz try to make it longer if u can dear

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