A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 6)


Chapter 6

Swalak scene
“You’re so cute my Lucky.” “I know that I’m cute!” “No, you aren’t!” “Yes, I am!” “Bye have to go to collage.” “Should I drop you?” “No, it’s okay I can walk.” “Allright take care!” “Bye.” “Bye.” “Ragini are you coming, we have to go to collage.” “Yup, coming.” “Bye Sanskar.” “Bye Ragini.” Swaragini took blessings from the elders and went.

On the way to collage, Swara asked Rags:”Can we all four have a double date?” “But why Shona?” ” Laksh and I
decided to be in an relationship till we get married.” “So you are dating Laksh?” “Yes and we both want you and Sanskar to get to know eachother.” “Ok, I’m in.” “Thanks Rags.” “No, problem Shona.”

In the meantime at Mehaswari Mansion
“Bro can you and Ragini come with me
and Swara, to a double date?” “Why Lucky?” “Swara and I want, that you get to know Ragini better.” “Ok, Lucky, but you know what I really like Ragini.” “That’s cool bro.”

At night in Baadi Swara spoke to her mom and Shekher and they gave her their permission. Flashback in the morning Shomi told Shekher that Swara is his daughter and that’s why he gave Swara permission to take Ragini with her, cause he trusts her.

At the Mehaswaris DP gave his permission as well, cause he trusts his sons and the girls.

Dadis pov
“Oh, no my son now knows that Swara is his daughter, I hope he doesn’t reunite with them.”

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Credit to: Crazygirl

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