A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 19) Plan A of Rahul

Chapter 19: Plan A of Rahul

Rahul’s pov
“Sanskar, your life will be a living hell for you, you’ll like to kill yourself and my revenge will finish, but I won’t let you die, without torturing you, while killing you slowly and I will avenge my fathers death, because of your family.”

Mehndi Rasam in the morning

While Rahul was planning how to torture Sanskar, the Henna designer asked Ragini about the groom’s name and which irked Rahul very much. “Sanskar.” Ragini politely answered back. The designer finished Ragini’s hands then she did Swara’s hands, afterwards AP’s hands and at last Shomi’s hands.

Ragini’s mehndi

Swara’s mehndi

AP’s mehndi

Shomi’s mehndi

Haldi rasam in the afternoon

Sanskar’s pov
I was waiting to see my breathtaking princess, while she was coming down, at that moment Rahul came into my way that I couldn’t see her. “I want to show you something, which is the full truth abou the Meheswari’s!” While Rahul showed pictures of an accident, he said: “In that accident, your real parents died Sanskar, your parents were special agents and were killed by AG(Akash Gupta, Rahul’s father), he was a mafia boss.” I was having very bad headache, cause I remembered some parts of the accident. “How do know, that we all were special agents?” A doubtful Shekher asked Rahul.” “Cause, I have my own ways to find out everything.” “Why didn’t you guys tell me, that my parents died in an accident?” A shocked Sanskar asked. “Cause it wasn’t an accident, he mudered your parents and my younger brother RP and his wife Sujata.” A crying DP said, while shocking Ragsan, Swalak and Rahul, cause he didn’t know that RP and Sujata were Meheswari as well.

SwaRagini’s pov
“Mom, were you both a special agent as well.” We both asked them. “Yes we were as well, but we gave up our jobs after SujRam died, then the men decided to be businessmann and we have still got contact with the other special agents and they are looking for AG’s son, cause he is an mafia boss as well. AP and Shomi said together. “Wow, we didn’t know, that you guys were serving your country like that.” SanLak said together.

Unknown person’s pov
Rahul’s plan didn’t work out like he wanted to and he had an very angry look, like he is gonna kill someone right at this moment. He has a smirk, that means he is planning something else for tomorrow. “And I will happilly help him with that.” “Hahaha!” I said not to loudly, only Rahul heard it, so he gave me an very evil smile, that means welcome my new partner in crime.

The Haldi rasam started and finished very quickly, everyone went to bed accept for DP, AP and ShekShom.

ShekShom, DP and Ap convo after the haldi rasam at night
“I have a doubt on Rahul, cause how did he know about our past?” A doubtful DP said. “We have to watch every step of this Rahul.” Shekher said and everyone agreed to that. “So that’s our new mission: The truth about Rahul!” An very excited AP said. “Yes, it is!” The rest said together. “And it will start from tomorrow onwards.” A thoughtful Shomi said. “And we have to get SwaLak and RagSan far away from Rahul, so that we get to know, what he wants from our family, without getting our children getting hurt.” An very protectiv DP said. “And we are gonna help you guys with it, cause we don’t like that Rahul, since the first day we met him.” SwaSanLak said together. “It’s too dangerous for you guys.” The elders said together. “No, it won’t be, cause Swara will flirt with Rahul to get to know his real intentions and you guys will keep your very sharp ears and eyes on him, without him noticing it.” SanLak replied back. “Why on earth should I flirt with that idiot.” An angry and shocked Swara said. “You just have to be very friendly with him, you will record everything that he tells you and keep your phone very safely, so that he get’s trapped in our plan.” An very protectiv Sanky said to her, cause he loves her like she’s his sister. “Yes, brother!” SwaLak said together. End of convo, cause of…..

Ragini’s pov
I heard everyone speaking about trapping someone, so I asked them : “Who do you want to trap?” “We want to trap my bestfriend Omi, cause we want to know, who is his secret lover.” Laksh replied to my question, whithout hasitating. “Yeah so we are planning, how to trap him.” Dad finished Laksh’s sentence. “Ok!” I replied back. “Are you coming Swara.” “Yes, I am.” “Goodnight, SwaRagini.” Everyone said together. “Goodnight!” Swara and I said together.

And then the others went to bed as well. Only one person couldn’t sleep, cause of his failure, this person was Rahul and he hated the Meheswaris even more. His revenge turned into obsession.

Who is helping Rahul, in his plan?

And poor Omi is stuck between the Mehaswari and Gadodia families lie, what will happen to this poor soul.

Who will help me and Malika to kick Rahul’s ass?

If you guys want to see the mehndi pics, you can see it in Wattpad

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    Awesome episode….
    I loved it alloooottt
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      They didn’t tell Ragini, cause he is her bestfriend.
      Welcome in our group kicking Rahul’s ass???
      And about his helper, you guys will be very shocked and you will hate this person even more??

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