A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 17)


Chapter 17

Shekshom and Swalak convo
“We were already planning something, cause we know that Ragsan always go out at night, but we trust them completely.” Shekshom said together. “I never knew that you are a good actor, my father-in-law.” “Do you mean that I can’t act Laksh?” ?A fake angered Shekher asked Lucky. “No, I was just joking.” Laksh answered back. Warningly Shekher said??: “You better be joking, or I’m gonne skin you alive!” Laksh gulped all his saliva down which he had in his mouth, after a while Shekher started to laugh his head of. “We should concentrate on our plan and not on you guyses sasur-damad drama.” Swara said as calm as she could.” Muted plan, then one of the parents went to Sanskar’s room and the other went to Ragini’s room.

They put their phones on speaker that Swalak know when they had to fulfil their plan.

Ragsan scene
Both thought that the parents were sleeping so they were sneaking out of their rooms, but they didn’t know that their not the only ones who weren’t sleeping. Swalak heard their footsteps and slowely they followed Ragsan, wherever Ragsan went. When they reached at the lake they were shocked that the hut was fully decorated with lights and candles for a perfect date and they saw a card on that was written have fun on your date?

Swalak convo
“I hope they like the candlelightdinner, which we planned for them with Italian food, we prepared a starter: Tomatoe and Mozzerellasalade, a main course: different kinds of Pizza and for dessert: Panna Cota.” Our cute Swalak said together.

Ragsan + Swalak convo
“We should call our secret little cupids, to our dinner.” Sanskar said, cause he saw Swalak behind a tree. Ragini called Swalak, but unfortunatly they didn’t put the IPhone on silentmode, the phone was ringing with this tune:
Tu ne mere dil ko chura khe, kya kiya mere jiya, mere piya
Ishq kiya me ne tumse, tum hi mera pehla pyaar ho, tere bina mere dhadkhano ka kya matlab mere jiya, mere piya.

You stole my heart, what did you do my soul, my love
I love you, you are my first love, without you my heartbeats don’t mean anything my soul, my love(This song will be also used in Swaragini: You stole my heart).
Ragsan slowely went to the tree and found……

What or who did Ragsan find?

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