A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 16)


Chapter 16

“Why does love hurt, why does it ruin you, why can’t I get over you, even if I don’t see you anymore, why is love so difficult, I dream of you and always have a smile, which fades away, even if I know I won’t see you again, but you are still in my heart, I still can’t get over you, but I have to, cause there is someone who’s made for you and me, I wish you luck and happiness in finding the perfect inperfect person for you, who loves you with all her heart, makes you happy, makes you smile even if it’s not funny, I wish you all the happiness of the whole world and I will be happy, if you are happy!!!!
That’s something, I’m going through since few months, but I’m trying to forget him, cause I know there is someone out there who’s made for me.

Now back to the story
“Lucky can I sleep in your room for today.” Sanky asked. “No, you can’t, I don’t want my bed to be broken, like yours. I’m sorry bro.” Lucky answered back. “Bro ka baccha!” “Sanskar can sleep in my room with me.” Shekher said, while he was planning something for our cute Sanky. “And I will sleep in Ragini’s room.” Shomi said.

RagSan knew that they couldn’t meet eachother at their fav place at night, it’s was there where they had their double date with Swalak. The place is near a lake. The place is so awesome and beautiful as well as a nice place to have fun?(if you guys know what I mean).

Eye convo of Ragsan
“We can’t go out tonight, cause of my parents.” An upset Ragini said with her eyes. “No, worries dear, soon you will be mrs. Ragini Sanskar Mehaswari, the we can do whatever we want to, without anyone telling us what we can’t do before marriage.” Sanky said mischivously.

Dadi’s pov
“I’m sitting in this jail since a month and the court procedure going on slowely.” “I admit that I did so many mistakes, no they were one of my best decisions in my life(Dadi didn’t change a bit, still she doesn’t see that she commited sins, but someday she will pay for her sins an no one can save her, cause the court has so many proves against her, so she won’t see the daylight ever again and she’s dangerous for everyone).

“Dadi planned everything for her prison break, she got successful, but only for a few days, the police found her and sent her to an hightec prison in an unknown Island. It’s difficult to break out from there, but dadi always has some plan, so someone special is keeping an eye on her.”
End of flashback and back to the present.

Swalak convo plus surprise
“Our plan for Ragsan failed, Laksh what should we do.” “Babe nothing is gonna fail.” “Cause, we are helping you, in your plan!” Swalak were shocked seeing….

Sorry for late update, it took me 6 days to finish this update.

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  1. Superbbb…loved ragsan eye convo…??? keep rockng n stay blessed dear??

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    sam….. superb…… along with swalak shekar n sumi too going to surprise them…….. awsm….. waiting for the next epi eagerly. last but not least ur dp of ff is awsm….. really cool n romantic place for lovers.

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much dear, I was feeling low since few months, cause of my feelings for a guy who stole my❤️

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    awesome, loved ragsan part

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    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks dear

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    Fabulous dear. Loved it.

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      And I know what you mean ??

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        Love is so hard?

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  5. Awesome awesome . I really love it. You are an amazing writer. Update soon can’t wait

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    Update soon

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