A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 11 Part 2)


Chapter 11: Dadi’s truth out part 2

We know everything about your plan, so don’t pretend like you gonna do nothing and you are using you own daughter to separate the whole family.” A shocked, confused and angry shomi said. “What, everyone knows about your.” “What are gonna do now, mum?” Asked Sonia, daughter of dadi and dada ji.

“Did you tell them about my plan?” “Yes, I did.” “Why, did you do that.” “Cause, you didn’t want me to get married to the man, I loved and Shomi bhabhi sacrificed herself, by marrying, the man, who Janki bhabhi loved, while I got married to the man I loved, Shomi’s brother Vikramjeet.” “What, so you never, were together with Devdas Kapoor?” “Shomi married him, but they were only friends, cause he loved Janki Bhabhi and Shomi Bhabhi loved Shekher Bhai, after so many struggels in life they got married and they should be or you’ll pay for your deeds, if you try to separate them!” “Why should I pay for my deeds?” “You tried to kill your own granddaughter, cause you hate her, but luckily she got safed by her fiance.” Sonia clevery answered dadi’s questions. “Mom, I know about everything you did to all of them.” Dadi couldn’t say anything, cause she was shocked.

“I’m going and taking every family with me andyou aren’t coming with us.” “Why are you all leaving me?” “Cause of what you
did mom!” “I will never let you live in peace, bengalan!” “Slap.” “Slap.” Dadi got slapped by dada ji and dida, while Sonia called the police.

“Mom, why did you call the police to take my nani with them?” An upset Aryan
asked. “Cause she did bad things to our family.” Swara answered his question.
“Swara di, I dudn’t know that we are related from both sides.” The cutie pie
Aryan said. “Oh, hello little champ, you have forgotten you Ragini di.” “No, jaanu I will never forget you.”

Few police officers came and took dadi with them, one of the officers was Devdas Kapoor, Janki’s lover before and after marriage. “Hi, Sonia ji, hi Sharmistha ji, I’m happy that you guys have found Janki’s killer. I always had a doubt that it was Parvati ji.” “Devdas ji, how are you?” Dada ji asked. “I’m delightfully happy, cause now Janki’s soul can rest in peace.”He answered. “I will come back and will make everyone’s life a living hell, hahaha. An wicked and angry dadi said.

The whole baadi was watching TV, when suddenly the breaking news caught everyone’s attention: “Mrs. Parvati Gadodia tried to kill an Officer, Mr. Devdas Kapoor. Mrs. Gadodia is alleged of killing her own daughter-in-law Janki Gadodia and of trying to kill her oen granddaughter Swara Gadodia, cause of hatred towards her bengali daughter-in-law Sharmistha, the ex-wife of Mr. Kapoor.” The newsreporter said.

Credit to: Crazygirl

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