A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 12)

Chapter 12
Hi guys wasn’t able to update my stories so I came with a special chapter for you guys. Thanks to the people who congratulated me on my Birthday. I wish that you guys: Just forget your pain for a moment and smile as if nothing ever happend??.

After the police station Laksh directly went to the airport, cause the rest was waiting for him. Their flight was at 06:30pm, they flew with Emirates airlines, they had a stopover in Dubai, but they didn’t like it there at all, they thought that it’s very expensive there. After few hours was their flight to London.

All the couples were sitting together, but separated from others. That was good for the young couples?,but the old couples weren’t to happy?,cause they knew what will happen between Swalak and Ragsan???.

Ragsan scene
Ragini doesn’t like flying cause she gets scared, so she was hugging Sanskars arm and had her eyes closed. Sanskar was enjoying the free hugs of Rags, cause he loves it. “Ragini are you alright, do you want something to drink or do you have to go to the loo?” “Yes, I want to drink some water.”

She called the air hostess. The hostess came. “What can I do for you sir?” She flirtingly asked Sanky, Sanskar wanted to answer, but Rags was faster and said angrily: “I want water please, I’m dying of thirst and you are flirting with my boyfriend?!” “Ok,mam.” The hostess answered unintrestingly, she only had eyes ?for Sanskar. “Can you please bring water for the QUEEN OF MY HEART❤️?” Sanky asked. “Ok,sir have a nice flight.” She brought the water, after she went, sanskar said: “She was so hot!” “She’s a chudhail , if you like her then go and flirt with her!” “No, Jaan I was joking, you are the most beautiful woman in my life.” Ragsan were talking romantically and fell asleep on eachother.

Old couples scene
They all were sleeping, cause they were tired.????

Swalak scene
Laksh doesn’t like long ✈,️but he was annoying Swara all the time. “You are giving me headache, can you please shut up or I’m going to sit next to your parents!” “No, my princess don’t leave me, I need you, without you I’m nothing!” “Oh, my dramaqueen!” “I’m a dramaqueen, I was trying to lighten your mood, cause you are upset about dadi and everyone else are upset as well.” “You are so cute, I’m so lucky to have you as my caring soon to be fiance.” “Shona, I will love you forever, cause you are my every breath, every heartbeat and without you there’s nothing. Laksh is nothing wirhout his Swara.” And Swara is nothing without her Laksh.” “Good night Lucky it’s already late, we should sleep!” “Yeah good night Shona, sleep well and have sweet dreams?.” They slept just like Ragsan.

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