A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 11)


Chapter 11: Dadi’s truth out part 1

“Oh, hello my sweetheart, what are you doing?” “I’m planning, how to separate my son from this bengalan.” “Oho, I have a plan.” “What’s your plan dearie?” Muted plan. “I love your plan!” “Thanks, sweety.” “We will start our plan from next week, till then you will be back from US.” “Mom, can you bring me some candies.” “Ok, I will after I return from my meeting.” “Thanks, mom.” “Can you please say hi for me to….” “Aryan said: hi.” “Give him some hugs and kisses from me.” “I will, bye.” “Bye, take care!”

A knock on the door, surprised dadi, when she opened it, she saw dada ji.

Dadi and dada ji’s convo
“I’m so happy that you are back.” “I am not happy, what you did to our graddaughter, if I had known that Shomi was pregnant with Shekher’s child, I wouldn’t have gotten him married to Janki, instead I would have him married to Shomi.” “What are you saying ji?” “I know everything about your plan!” “What plan.” Dadi asked inoncently. “That you want to separate ShekShom.” “And I won’t let you succeed with your plan.” “And I will see, how you’ll stop me.” “I will always backfire your plan.” “Now, you will see my true colors and intentions.”

“I have already seen it, 20 years ago, when you killed our daughter-in-law and it wasn’t an accident, you planned it already, cause you knew, that she will reunite ShekShom.” “So you hired a contract killer, but he failed and she was safed by Shomi, when you came to know about that, you pushed her and blamed Shomi for it, but Janki wasn’t dead, so you poisened her and she died.” “I didn’t kill her, it was Sharmistha.”

“It wasn’t her, at that time she was looking after Laado.” An angry Shekher said, who listened to the whole conversation. “How could you mom, I’m ashamed even of calling you mom.” “What did I do now?” “You separated me from Shomi, then you killed ny first wife and you are asking me what you did.” “l didn’t kill her, your dad us lying.” “Why would he lie?” “I never lied to you Shekher, she’s trying to separate us as well.” “I know dad, I know her mindgames.” “Which mindgames?” “Don’t behave like you don’t know anything mum.”

“It’s no use to arguee with her, she’ll play her tricks or she will act like she doesn’t know anything.” Dada ji said. “I’m gonna move out of this house.” Shekher said. “I will as well.” Dada ji agreed to what Shekher said. “What, the community will say bad things about our family.” “I don’t care about the community.” “Me neither.” “No, one cares.” Swaragini and Shomi said together.

Credit to: Crazygirl

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