A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 11 Part 3)

Chapter 11: Dadi’s truth out part 3

The whole Mahaswari family were shocked on hearing the news about dadi’s wickedness and about the killing of Janki.” “We’re going to baadi and taking all of them to London.” “Ok, dad, are we taking them to our Villa in South London?” “Yes, my son Lucky!” “Awesome dad.” An happy Sanky said. “My son, we know that you are happy, cause you can spend sometime with Ragini.” AP and DP said together.

In Baadi
“What’s this on the cupboard?” A confused Rags asked. “It’s a camera, I think someone’s spying on us.” Said Swara while she slowly took the camera, saw it was the message of dadi: “I’m always watching you guys and I know that you are planning to go to Canada, which I wish that you never can go out of this, I will ruin everyone’s life one by one.” End of the message. In the meantime the Mehaswaris came, Laksh took the camera of Swara’s hands, then threw it on the floor and said: “Everyone, pack your bags we are leaving this place forever and we will never come back here again.” “Lucky, what did you do, you broke the camera and the proves against my so called grandmother.” “Don’t worry my Jaan, I already took the memory card and will sent the prove to the police station.” “You’re a genious my love.” Swara said.

At the police station
“We have some proves against Mrs. Gadodia.” “Oh, thank you son, what’s your name and how are you related to her?” Devdas asked Laksh some questions. “My name is Laksh Maheswari and I’m engaged to her granddaughter Swara.” “Oh, so you are engaged to Sharmistha ji and Shekher ji’s daughter, how did you meet Swara?” “Actually, I was getting engaged to Ragini, when I met Swara, I knew she was the one, I wanted to spent my whole life with and my brother decided to marry Ragini, cause he loves her very much.” “God, bless you, your brother and your to be wifes.” Thank you!” “Bye!” “Bye!”

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