A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 8)


Chapter 8: Revelation

At Baadi
There were again arguements between the grandmothers. “How dare she?” “What did she do Marwaran?” “She took my Laado with her, to a double date.” “Yeah, she wanted to bring our Ragini and Sanskar closer, mom.” “Look, Marwaran your son knew about it as well and he is trying to repent his mistake, which he made 20 years ago.”

Swaragini were hidding and listening to the fight with Sanlak, but they didn’t understand anything. “What happend 20 years ago?”

Dadi like always was talking nonsense about Swara. Shomi had had enough and
said: “You always talk about my daughter, that she has blood inside her. If you would have known, who her father is, you wouldn’t talk like that behind her back.” “Mom, Shomi is right.” “Oh god, she did
black magic on you, that you are speaking to me like this.” No, she didn’t.” “Yes, she did.” Dadi didn’t want to listen, cause of that shekher screamed: “Swara is my
daughter and Ragini’s sister. Shocking everyone. “I already
know that, do you know who tried to kill
her it was me, hahhaaa.” Another shock
for everyone again.

All four came in and pretended like they didn’t hear anything about the argue
ment. “Where were you girls, it’s already twenty past 8.” “Our cars tires were punctured.” “Did you girls have fun?” “Yes
it was amazing and just loved the double
date. Am I right Ragini?” “Yep.” “We talked a lot about our favourite food like: Pasta with tomatoe sauce or spicy indian cuisine we like.” The girls lied. “I’m tired, I am
going to bed.” “See tomorrow.” “Yeah, bye Shona.” “Are you guys friends?” “Yes dad, we are best friends.” “How many times did I tell you, that you shouldn’t have bengali friends, cause they are impure and eat meat.” “Enough gran, she’s my best friend and she cares a lot about me.” “Brngalis are the most selfish people on the earth.” “No, they aren’t selfish and selfcentered people like you.” “Because of her you are missbehaving with your grandmother.” “Mum, she’s telling the truth about you, because of you and dad, I couldn’t marry the woman I loved and I will always love her.” “It was the best decision, I made for you.” “It was your worst decision.” “But why?” “Because of you decision, I hadn’t had the chance to bring my first daughter up and give her the love that she deserves.” “Shomi, I promise you that I will marry you in a weeks time.”

“My son are you mad, it’s against our rules, you have to get married to a wiman of our kind.” “But, I don’t want to marry a marwadhi woman again.” “If you don’t marry a marwadhi woman, we will be thrown out of our community.”

Credit to: Crazygirl

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