A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 10)


Chapter 10: The marriage

Dadi is tied up on a chair and the first ceremony started: The engagement(it went so fast that everyone got excited for the next ceremony, except dadi, she was cursing everyone, cause she got to know that the family kidnapped her).

The second one was hennaceremony(where the bride gets people who design her hand with and write somewhere the name of the groom, but mostly it’s hidden. If the color gets darkened than it means that the groom loves her very much).

The third one is haldirasam(Turmericcream gets to put on the groom and bride, that they shine like a diamond on their marriage day).

The last one but not the least is Sangeet(that’s the ceremony that people have the most fun. Mostly it’s Bride’s family vs. Groom’s family, they all have a dance compition for fun). All the ceremonies are finished the guest went home and the rest went to sleep.

The next morning they all woke up early, that they could get the bride and the groom ready. Usually the bride in Hinduism wears a red saree, the groom can wear whatever color he wants to wear. Shomi was looking gorgerous in her wedding dress. The wedding and the engagement of Ragsan and it started and it finished really soon.

The wedding night came,(mostly the couple get to know eachother if it’s an arrange marriage or if it’s love marriage, the couple would consumate their marriage). But for Shekher and Shomi it was different, because they had everything, what they dreamt of. They just talked about their and their childrens childhood, till the time they got married. They are still in the farmhouse of DP.

In the morning the newly wedded wife has to make/ cook food for their in-laws. So Shomi made a fruit salade, vegetable curry with rice and as a dessert, she made Kheer.

Everyone liked it except for dadi. “Mom, I love it, hopefully Shona can cook like this.” Said Lucky while Swara hit him. Sanskar didn’t say anything, because he was scared that Ragini will hit him as well as Swara had hit Lucky. “I’m sorry Shona, will you forgive me.” “No, I won’t.” “Yes.” “No.” “No.” “Yes.” “Yay, I won.” Said Lucky. Swara was looking like, when did you actually win. “I know, what you are thinking.” “What?” “You are thinking about how I won?” “Oh,really?” “Yes, really, I know you too well.” “Can you guys please stop argueeing.” Ragsan said together. “Why, should we?” They answered. “You guys are really anoying.” “You guys are dead now.” And like this the four of them had a Tom and Jerry fight. Ragsan were Jerry and Swalak were Tom.

Dadi wasn’t too happy, so she went to her room, because she hates Swara and her mom. “Now Shekher and Shomi will be separated by me and I know, who can help me with that.”

Credit to: Crazygirl

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