A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 8 Part 2)

Chapter 8 Part 2: Revelation

At Baadi
“No, you won’t be thrown, because I’m the head of our community.” Said Mr. Mehaswari who came, because his sons called him and told him
about the events of today. “Nobody will be thrown out, but if your son doesn’t get married to the woman he loves, because of you aunty, I promise that I will get them married infront of your eyes and you can’t
go against me.” “Thanks Dips.” “You don’t have to say thanks, cause I’m your best friend Sheks.” “I’m always there for you, bye I have to go come on boys.” “Ok.” Said the two unhappily, because they wanted to spend time with the girls.

At Maheswari Mansion
“Dad we didn’t know, that you knew Shekher uncle.” “Yeah, we knew eachother since highschool, as well as Shomi.” “Wow dad, thats cool, can you please tell us about your highschool life?”

“Highschool life was the best school year, cause I met my two best friends and I met your mother for the first time.” “I never knew, that I would meet the love of my life.” “Shekher and Shomi planned to bring
me and your mum together, cause they knew, that we liked eachother and their plan worked out, like they wanted to work.” “Wow, they are awesome.” “Your
mom and me planned how to bring them together, but Parvati aunty spoiled our plan, by getting Shekher and Janki married, Ragini’s mum.” “Oh, I never liked dadi.” “Laksh, she is your fiancée Swara’s grandmum.” “But dad, she tried to kill my Shona.” “But how could dadi do this to Shomi aunty and Shekher uncle, she separated two lovers.” Sanskar said. “I know that she didn’t like Shomi, cause she is bengali, but she always behaved nicely with her, she was planning to get rid of Shomi.” DP and AP said. “She blamed Shomi, that Janki died, but the truth was and is that she killed Janki and not Shomi.” “What the hell, I hope she doesn’t do anything to Swara and Rags.” “Calm down Sanskar.” Dp said.

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