A day to remember (Intro)


Hello guys I’m gonna try to write a ff about Swaragini I’ve already decided the pairs.


Once upon a time there was a girl, who had everything in her life, but something was missing: Love from a father, because she doesn’t even know him. She always searched for her dad who left her mom. Her name was Swara Bose. Her neighbor Ragini Gadodia is her bff/ halfsister but they don’t know about that. Only their mother Shomi and dida knew about it.

Everyone thought Swara’s father died in an accident. The Bose and the Gadodia family hate eachother cause what happend in the past, mostly the grandmothers would fight with eachother everyday.

There were always two groups: Bengalis vs. Marwadi who fought as well as dadi and dida. The neighboursvare bored with their little going to big fights. Swara and Ragini would always try to stop them nevertheless both wouldn’t listen to them, they would only listen to Shekher and Shomi.

Sorry guys if it’s boring and long.

Credit to: Crazygirl

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  1. its not boring pls do continue

    1. Thank you


    1. In the next few chapters you’ll know both couples

  3. Hey crazy girl… nice start yr just like our first swaragini show… 🙂

    1. Yeah cause I just loved the bold Swara and the innocent Ragini

  4. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Pls…Swsasan and raglak…..pls…..

    1. I’m sorry to say it’s Swalak and Ragsan but please read the next few chapters

  5. I think its swalak….

    1. Yes it’s Swalak and Ragsan as well

  6. Plzzzzzzzz make

    1. Sorry it’s Swalak and Ragsan

  7. It’s not boring.Plz continue. I think you are swalak fan.I am also big fan of swalak.

    1. Yes I am Swalak fan and thanks I will continue soon

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