A day to remember IKRS ( surprise)

Hi guys. Namasthe it’s Meghs and Swara here. With new year surprise ??

Our ikrs family was something so special. Isn’t it ? Our craziness, our madness, Love,fun all was unique. There were many days which we had a lot of fun with each other.

Remember that day before vidhani’s marriage??

20th feb 2016 special day for us. Vidhani marriage.

we all had a lot of fun na. We were divided into 2 groups from bride side and from groom side and evn we did shopping.?

That day we reached 600+ comments. We can’t forget the fact that ikrs was only site of telly update where there was highest comments. How much happy and proud moment was that na and our cute viruses ripu, suman they also had major role on it. Now it all are fun to remember. Remember dr. Sweety our psychiatrist.

The days which we are happy family. How sweet days was that. When we all had anything to share our first preference was our ikrs family. If anyone need any help all the members were ready to give without any hesitation. Those days which we become friends beyond age, city, country and everything…

Don’t want to loose tht friendship ever. In this new year too want that friendship alive like before. The family which we make with full of love and always happy …

Ikrs family members ~~~

Abhi.. Ahana.. Aish.. Akshay.. Alia.. Amulya.. Anisha.. Anjum.. Anne.. Arshi.. Arshdeep.. Avijeeth….

Bharathi.. BR mam.. Brity..

Elizabeth.. Eshana..

Fatarajo(joyee).. Florentina Moldovan..

Gennipher.. Genni chechi.. Gudiya.. gurjeet

Hrithya.. Isha.. Iwani..

Kavi akka.. Kaviya..

Madhuri.. Mangai.. Marees.. Maria.. Meena. Maha. Mirsada..

Naty.. Neil megh(arshi).. Nikz Nima.. Nimisha..

Prachi.. Purple / Rahul

Ranaji (narendran).. Randhir.. Raj.. Rajee.. Renu..

Sanjana.. Saranya.. Saras.. Saraswathi.. Sasha.. Shanitics.. Shruthi.. Smitha.. Sofeya.. Sonu.. Sri.. Swara.. Sujie. Swetha

Vaishnavi.. Varsha(philo).. Vidya.. Vinns..

There are many more so forgive us if we forget any names.

Special msg to missing peoples.

And our pagalpanti group in fb. I miss it.
Akshay _selfie boy the creator of our group. But was like mr. India. Where r u gone duffer.

Avijit= am (spoiler man) chotte all the best. Your our younger bro. We love you

Maria = angel your so sweet sis. We love u?

Josh ~~ maddo sometimes you need to get out of books. Anyway all the best for your exam.

Fatarajo ~~ jo the spoiler of show. Your so nice friend yaar.

Saranya = comedy princess( vampire princess) don’t know where u went. We missing you so much.

Prachi = chatter box. Our liku. Main reason for joining fb group. There was no single day which we never remembered you. You were our crazy group head. Your Missing is Clearly seen in group after u left grp is silent.

Swetha ~~ chotti. Most crazy girl. Cute sis. We love u?

Kavi akka ~~ superb cool akka wr r u? You know we missing you badly. Come back soon akka.

Arshi ~~ neil megh/ marzan. She is shayri queen?? our special friend. She was missing but 2 days before she was back? Love u marzu?

Saras di ~~ di you have been so busy this days we missing you.


Sorry if we left any name.

Piyali~~~ my kiddo, your reason for me to start ff. My cute little sis. love you??

Louella = mariyum. Cutie pie you are little princess of our page. You always tried to increase ikrs comments. It was becs u our bond increased. Love u.

Arshdeep ~~ you add so much fun on our telly updates.

Sujie, maha, shruthi ~~ you guys are nice and good supporters.

Lalitha welcome to ikrs family.

Happy new year friends. This new year is so special becs of ikrs.

Guys share a beautiful moment with ikrs family in comment box.

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  1. Sujie

    Arrey waah!!!! you guys are sooo sweet.. I don’t have this kinda memory…but trust me love you guys….
    Each and every moment with this family has been really special…as I always say…one clicked filled with curiosity made me meet entirely new family of mine…..I remember those days…. the fitoor of commenting…and reaching maximum comments …..that day…hayeee….jab ViDhaani got married 20th february 2016…who cqn forget it yarr!!! TSUNAMI OF COMMENTS was there…. many more moments are there….. bashing back viruses till hell…. those jumblewords…. WITH CHANGING OUR NAME TO JUMBLED WORDS OF CHARACTER OF IKRS….wishing each other a good day every single day and spreading smile….those were the days…..
    OUR FAMILY REALLY ISVAN EXAMPLE OF UNITY IN DIVERSITY…is what i feel….no matter from where we are…what is our age… a unique relation of friendship…… love you all…. yolw dosti na hogi kam….. this bomd between all of us may alwaysvrenain entact…..love you guys…. 🙂 🙂

    1. Megharsh

      We done it to bring iur family together at least for a day. We really missed the old bonding. Love u too each moments are so special that is what we said a day to remember. Ikrs was so special

  2. Mariyam(Louella)

    Hey Meghs di and Swara di, first of all a happy new year to both of u and also to all my ikrs family members. Was missing u very much, but today thought to see what’s going on here, so I saw this page, so landed up here. And this truly brought tears in my eyes. U both brought all the beautiful moments back in my mind. But so sad to see only 2-3 members left to comment here. Meghs di u had sent me private msg na, sorry I didn’t reply. I was really very upset due to the current presence of members on this page. Because of these negative thoughts in my mind, I just left the page in anger and thought never to come back again. But couldn’t do so.. Don’t know why. But then also I don’t feel like commenting nowadays, I get sad seeing hardly 3-4 members here. Even the most commenting people left, which is really very sad. I also tried to bring them back by commenting day and night. Everyone told that they will not come back, but I didn’t listen and tried my best to continue the routine, but now, I don’t think anyone will be back. I failed in this, I couldn’t bring that old ikrs back. I even tried another way by continuing the story and writing updates everyday but even that failed. Now what should I do? Thats why I don’t want to comment again here. I don’t have any hope now, so I think MAYBE this is my LAST comment here. But before that, I must say u both have done a great job by actually making my remember those moments. Thank u so much for that!!!

    1. Megharsh

      Cutie don’t leave this page. I always thought how much close we got due to ikrs. There r so many people left. If u too leave then no one be here. The main purpose to write this to bring our ikrs members back. At least one day i want everyone back. I never thought this site would give me so many frnds. I don’t want to loose that friendship.

      Cutie ur our little princess so pls stay for us. We need u.

      We miss u alot
      Love u❤

    2. Sujie

      Jane tujhe denge nahin…. NO NO NO….. A big no….
      I can understand…. with time your load of subject matters will increase and you have to give it ample time…side by side…my chuttkku…your Sujie di wants to tell you…..ABHI NA JAAOO CHOD KE…KE DIL ABHI BHARA NAHI…aur nahi kabhi bharega…..
      I still do remember your efforts in bringing all the members back again….remember you happiness and joy in every little experiences you shared…Don’t think of leaving…I know everyone has not come back…but give them time….their love for family and our bond is true…so they will be back…its just that situation varies… some are busy in their studies…some in their office work…some in their household chores…so don’t be sad…have faith…and don’t say that you failed…. you proved that you love IKRS like we do…. you made an attempt to bring those old days back…..
      remember one thing…. IKRS will never fade away from our heart…credit goes to whole team of IKRS …but onscreen we see the actors…primarily the leads…our MIESHA… our evergreen jodi ViDhaani…This love for each and every thing related to IKRS will not get even a bit less…. we will always love it…maybe we won’t be able to show up here everyday….but we will never get divided now…. we weren’t divided before too… we are united….for us….for the love of everyone in the family…for the change IKRS brought in our life…for the perception of each of us that IKRS gifted to us…..
      and if you are leaving…toh I cannot say anything…but just a sweet bye for my chuttku…with TUSSI JARAHE HO… TUSSI NAA JAAOO 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂

      1. Hi Sujie di, how r u? Hope u r fine. I was really very busy due to my studies so couldn’t come here. U r right, I should have not said that but it really hurts. Inspite of so many efforts no one came back, so was little sad. Leave all this. No use of talking about it. And I forgot to wish u, Happy New Year!!!

    3. Sujie

      Louellu…chuuttku…..thank you …..
      Happy new year to you too meri pyari Si Choti Si sissy Mariyam ☺️??
      Stay blessed…. Love you a lot ❤️??

    4. Sujie

      And yes… I am fine…busy with studies…..
      Study well….. ?? you will do wonders ??

  3. Angel20

    This really bought tears in my eyes. The way you both refreshed the old memories was just amazing! Yeah the marriage when we decided who all would be on bride or groom’s side. That was really fun. Actually those times were really awesome. You know I watch other serial’s too and sometimes comment on their updates also but never found a family like IKRS! I never mingled with them but here everything is just so superb! Everything is best. And Ikrs also made me meet my sweetheart❤ I love you too?? and varsha di too. It also made me meet Swetha my awesome friend. And also fatarajo, my good friend. Sujie di who always supports everyone, Maha appi, Shruthy di and Anya di. Everyone is just amazing! Chalo bye getting late for college. Love you all❤????

    1. Megharsh

      Angel don’t cry this was to remember our happy moments. We love u❤ yes ikrs made me get cute sister like u. Your trully angel?

  4. Kaviya

    Hi megha, swara and all Ikrs friends……first of all I am saying miss you all badly….. and happy New year….. yeah it’s later but not too late na?…. and megha your post made me remember our old good memories that’s was wonderful days, can’t forgettable….. everyone will remember as their sweet memories…… in that memories we are all there so don’t worry dr…..and we all friends in fb so we are following everyone and will keep following…… we are there…..So don’t need to worry….K ? have fun ☺all the best to everyone. A New year, A new start,long way to go….I wish you all a successful and glorious New year…..??

    1. Megharsh

      Hi sri akka. I happy to see ur comment after a long time. We were connected through fb and become good friends it’s becs of ikrs❤

  5. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Megha and Swara!
    Well thanks for adding my name and reminding us those beautiful moments. Though I joined late but was having info of every member? basically from September I was here as a silent reader, it was my routine to visit this page whenever I sat back to use Internet access.
    Firstly I thought Avijit is a girl because he was using his as AM Lol! But when he started his fiction then I came to know that he is actually a boy and you gave him the right name SPOILER BOY, every Tuesday I got excited to read the spoiler. Then Saranya, my God her sense of humour was damn good, I still remember her line which she had given to Suwarna for Tripurari “Tum upar wale sey dua mang rahe ho aur hum uper wale sey tumhare liye printed pyjamas??” then Renu di she is so cute and lovely. Apart from them there were a lot of people who’re missing and I wish they may come back soon. InshaAllah!
    There are many memories yaar, every day was super exciting when ikrs was running. When viplav realized his love, when dhaani realized her love, that New Year date, then that marriage track everything, each episode, each scene was phenomenally portrayed by Mishal and Eisha??
    How can I forget fan fictions yaar, they were just perfect, which give US inspiration and ideas to write.
    We should thanks Ikrs for telling us that no one is best than Mishal, honestly I didn’t know anything about him, the story attracted me and gradually I became his fan, woh fan jo mai aj tak kabhi kise ke nahe hoe. Viplav and dhaani made us realize that love is a very beautiful feeling and white is indeed the color of love❤
    I just wish that he may come soon and till the day he comes we’ll keep this page alive. InshaAllah!
    Lastly there is no such family, such bond on any page! We’ll always be one no matter what happens ??
    God bless you!
    Take care?

    1. Megharsh

      Nothing dear. You might be joined late but u got close to everyone more than us. So u deserve it. Thanks for sharing memories

      Love u❤

  6. Well done…..#Megh nd #Swara. It’s a unique idea. And it proves how much we connected with each other. I feel proud to have such great family. Yeah…. u guys are not friends… u r like my family.

    1. Megharsh

      Marzu thank u so much for ur comment. I know u quit tu still u came for my sake.

      Love u❤

  7. Didi.. Really this one brought thousands of flooded memories.. In my mind.. I gt emotional while reading this.. I startd here in ths site to cmnt on feb 23.. On that day I nvr thought that the click was a entry to a nw family.. For my 10th exams u guyss tooo prayed.. And that too fr my results.. I nvr knw hw I became close to u guysss…. Soo much..

    I nvr knw wat was an ff.. Yeah really honest.. Bt today I am an author of a ff..

    I amm soo happy that i gt such family.. I am soo grateful to god fr giving u all in ny destiny….

    Yeah.. I’m badly misssng Geni chechi.. Renu di.. And othr too…

    Meghs di.. Ammu chechi.. Love u soo much…

    Ammu chechi vallapozhum aa mobile iduk…?

    1. Megharsh

      Hey miss sweet memories should bring smile on our face not tears. You were ff author becz u r talented. Even I’m happy for having u all my family.

      Me too missing renu di

      Love u too

      Ikrs got me my soul sis ammu. I never forget how much close u become by ikrs❤ i always wanted to have younger sis. Ikrs gave me more than one sister. You guys r like my cute sister. Love u alot

  8. Sujie

    WISHING MISHAL COMES BACK SOON…. 🙂 🙂 hats off to you guys for your effort…..love this family much more than to the moon and back 🙂

    1. Megharsh

      I too wish him back soon. Missing mishal

  9. Happy new year to my ikrs family… Thanks for welcoming me into this family… As i dont know all the members of this family but i observed that u all have great bonding thats very nice keep it up… And i am requesting all the members of this family to come back with their beautiful ffs or comments plz plz… Tc guys… Bye

    1. Megharsh

      Your most welcome here. Hope ur wish get true.

  10. HI MEGHS AND SWARA DI i am commenting in this page after many month only because of u both

    really u made me remember our old IKRS family. missing everyone very much i hope each and everyone of our family (IKRS) will comment.you both brought back all the memories where we all had a quality time with each other and thanks to TU page for this.
    i got lot of friends, sisters,brothers through IKRS family. i stopped to comment because many OLD members of IKRS family left the page. i remember november and december there was flood in chennai and there was a flood of comments in IKRS page too chatting with the members all the day. especially 2016 new year when our comments got posted so soon.but now so sad [:-(++++++ hope we could join once again in this page and have fun.

    anyways a big thanks to u both and TU page.love u everyone ,bye……………………..
    i will come back and comment after three days .due to exams i am not able to share how badly i miss my sweet lovely IKRS family .

    got many elder sister like saranya di, swara di,meghs di ,arshdeep di,swetha di,fatarajo( joyee) di,maria di,sujie di,sofiya di ,and much more really miss u very much

    1. Shanitics

      Swetha dii. ??

      1. Megharsh

        Chotti she might be misunderstood ur age. Philo swetha is younger one so she can’t be ur di

    2. Megharsh

      Hi philo welcome back. I hope to c u back soon. You really made my day. It was a like my mind talk u steeled. Ikrs got me a family brothers sisters. Never can forget everyone

    3. Sujie

      Hello sisso…. hope you are doing well….love you dear 🙂

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