A day to remember (Episode 1, Part 1)


Chapter 1 Part 1

The story starts before the musical competition between Swara and Rags.
The bad grandmother(dadi) said to Ragini: You should show that Bengalan and her granddaughter Swara that you are better than her in everything.”Yes, grandmom.”Ragini had to accept what her
grandma wanted, if she wouldn’t had
accepted it,she wouldn’t get to finish her studies, she would have been married at the age of 20 and she couldn’t meet
her friends especially Swara her bff.

The awesome grandmom(dida) said: My Shona will win against your granddaughter Parvati. Allthought dida knew about Swaragini’s friendship.

The announcement was made that the
next contestants are Swaragini.The
performance started, Swara wasn’t there, so dadi started taunt dida: Your graddaughter must be with some of her boyfriends. Dida didn’t say anything cause
she knew where Swara was.

So she went to get Swara at the
orphanage near to the Performance hall.
“Shona your performance already started you should come or you will be disqualified.” “Bye friends!” “Bye Swara di, all the best.”

Ragini was playing her sitar and singing
a traditional song, when with a bang
Swara started to play her guitar, was
singing the same song with an modern
twist in it.

While they were performing dida asked
dadi: What did you say Marwaran, about my Swara? Ragini saw the tension between the grandmothers and she cut
her finger while performing with sitar
because of that and it ended.

The Judges couldn’t decide cause both
were very good, so it was announced that both are the winners.

Credit to: Crazygirl

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