A day to remember (Chapter 7)


Chapter 7: The double date Part 1

The night before the double date at Sanlaks
“When will the double date take place.” A confused Sanskar asked, while Laksh was messaging Swara. “Tomorrow.” Was Laksh answer. “What I couldn’t prepare myself for it.” “Don’t worry, Ragini will like you the way you are.” “You think so?” “Yes, I’m 100% sure.” “I believe you.”

The next morning
Dadis pov
“I can’t let my Ladoo go to that stupid double with that bengalan.” “I don’t even like that Sanskar, I prefer Laksh, but he loves that chudhail Swara and she loves
him.” “Today is a Saturday, so I will Ragini so much work that she can’t go.”

Didas pov
“I know Parvati that you are planning to stop Ragini from going to the double date, but Shona and Lucky put so much effort in it, it can’t be wasted.” “I will stop you Parvati, that’s my promise.”

In the afternoon Swarag got ready.
“Ragini, why are you so nervous?” “Because, I don’t know if Sanskar will like me.” “He will like you or it’s his loss if he doesn’t like you cause deserve to be happy.” “Thank you Shona an I love you.” “I love you too Rags.” “I never ever went to double date in my life.” “Me neither.” “Swara your dress is really pretty, I think Laksh will faint when he sees you.” Swara blushes like a newly wedded bride. “Thanks, your dress is lovely.” “Oho, someone is blushing really hard, what will happen to Sanskar when he sees you?” “I don’t know.” Said a blushing Ragini. “Oh, really, you should know about your fiance.” “But I don’t know him, you know your would be husband better than me.” “You’ll get to know him better today.” “Why aren’t they here?” “What they’ll come here?” “Yes, they will.” “But what if grandma will see them?” “She won’t.” “How do you know that?” “Cause your dad promised me, that he will take care that she doesn’t see us.” “But how and when?” “Yesterday night.” “And dad gave you his permission to take me with you?” “Yes.” Raginis phone rings. “Hello, who am I speaking to?” “It’s me Sanskar.” “Oh, hi Sanskar, how fid you get my phone number?” “I got it from Laksh and indirectly from Swara.” Where are you guys, we’re waiting fir you since 10 minutes.” “Ok, we will be there in 5 mins.” “Ok? Bye Ragini see you soon.” “Bye Sanskar.” “What did he say?” “He said that they are waiting for us since 10 mins.” Oh, we should get going.”

Both girls were going down, the grandmoms didn’t notice anything, through the front door and were shocked seeing two cars.

Credit to: Crazygirl

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