A day to remember (Chapter 5)


Chapter 5

The next day Laksh was really excited to meet his love Swara and everyone else as well.

Gadodia and Bose family everyone got ready in traditional indian clothes, everyone thougt that it was an arrange marriage of Swalak, no one knew except for Ragini that Swara abd Lucky were madly and deeply in love.

Ragini wore a blue and green traditional
marwadi Saree and Swara’s saree same as the bengali new year one

Unknown persons pov
“Both families are happy as well as mine.” “I hate that Swara, I have to kill her.” “That’s the best thing I can do.” “Yes it’s me Parvati Gadodia, surprise.” “Yes I know I hate my Bengali granddaughter and I always will.” Laughing evilly?.
Dadi tried to push Swara of the terasse but luckily Lucky safed her, when his fam came to meet her and Ragini’s family. “Are you alright Swara?” A confused Laksh asked her. “Yeah, but what happend?” “Someone tried to push you.” “Thank you, you are my hero.” She said while hugging him.

Ragsan scene
Both were stealing glances at eachother while the priest said that they were made for eachother like Swalak.

Rags pov
“Oh my god I think he is so s*xy, hot and really goodlooking, I hope he has good heart.” “I think I allready love him.”

Sanskars pov
@She is so innoncent and cute, I think I already love her.” “I found my dreamgirl, I was searching for her for so long.”

Swalak scene
“Shona I could never live without you because your my everything, I love you till my last breath.” “I love you too Lucky without you I’m nothing and I would be a lifeless body.” They went down and saw how Ragsan were starring at eachother. “We have to bring them together, I can see they already like eachother.” “Yeah we should after all they’re getting married in a month not like us, we will be married in two months.” “How about a double date?” A naughty and romantic Lucky asked. “That’s an amazing idea, we should get to know eachother better as well as them.” “Till we get married we could be in a relationship.” “So my beautifull girlfriend I want a kiss from you everyday!” “No, I won’t kiss you everyday.” “But, why won’t you kiss me, I’m your hot boyfriend.” “Yes you are my hot bf, but I won’t kiss cause it’s against the rules.” “The rules our family set?” “Yes, their rules and I won’t break them.” “Ok, my Jaan.”

Credit to: Crazygirl

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