A day to remember (Chapter 4)


Chapter 4

At Baadi
Swara told Ragini, about everything that happend today between her and Laksh as well as that she loves him. “I’m really very happy for you Shona.” “I thougt that you would be upset with me.” “I could never be upset with you, you are my bestfriend for a lifetime eventhought dadi hates you and your family.” “I don’t even know why she hates us.” “Me neither.” “Dad loves you like his own daughter.” “My mum does love you as well as dida does.” “Really.” “Yeah, good night and sleep well.” “You too and have hot dreams about your Lover?.”Said a cute but naughty Rags

Meanwhile at Mehaswari house
Laksh told his parents that he doesn’t want to get married to Ragini cause he thinks he couldn’t keep her happy but
Sanskar could marry her. “Dad I want to finish my studies first, then I want to settle down with your bussiness and later to get married to a girl, you guys like for me.” “Ok, Sanskar will get married to Ragini, if he likes her.” The reaction of DP surprised Laksh cause he thought that DP would get angry at him. “And Laksh I like another girl.” “Who is it dad?” Lucky asked while
hoping it would be Swara. “It’s Swara Bose.” “But she is a bengali girl.” His wife AP said. “Yes she’s bengali, but she has

the morals, which we want in our
daughter-in-laws and she was brought up in a way that she always respects older

“Oh, dad you are so cool, I promise that I will study harder that you can be proud of me, like you were with Sanky bhai.” ” Oh my son, I was always proud of you guys, because I love you both so much.” Another shock for Laksh because of DP. “You guys have to get ready on time cause we are going to meet both girls families.” “Awesome dad, good night.” “Good night.”

Unknown pov

“What the hell my plan backfired, this can’t be happening.” “I have to do something tomorrow.”

Hi guys please comment my story it could be that I will discontinue this ff.

Credit to: Crazygirl

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