A day to remember Chapter 30: SwaLak romance!


Chapter 30: SwaLak romance!

This chapter will be about SwaLak’s romance in their Suhaagraat and other things too, cause I don’t want to bore you guys to death with only romance, but I hope you guys will like it!

So now back to the story

After the marriage of SwaLak, the masked angels + the K bros, everyone went to the Maheswari Mansion to play a game named: Khula khula romance(open open romance) or should I say the game is truth or dare?.

The scene starts from here
“Should we start the game?” Swara asked and everyone replied back: “yes!” Malika started to spin the bottle, it stopped at Ragini, so she asked Ragini: “truth or dare?” “Dare!” “You have to make out with Sanskar bhai infront of us!” “No!” RagSan shouted at the same time, Malika answere back: “dare is dare, you have to do it or else you have to do something more than that!” “Ok, we will do it!” Ragini went to Sanskar and they made out for a few mins. Now Ragini spun the bottle and it stopped at Laksh, Ragini smiled evilly at him, while she asked him: “truth or dare?” “Truth!” “So Laksh do you want to romance Swara in your room or somewhere else?” After she naughtilly asked him the question SwaLak looked at eachother, doing an Ishaara bazi(battle of an eyelook), after a while he replied back: “Swara isn’t ready to romance me, so I don’t know, when we are gonna do it!” “You are lying Lucky!” Sanskar said. Swara answere back: “No, he isn’t!”After a few rounds everyone was tired of playing the game and our silent spectators were enjoying the make out, sitting on eachother laps, kissing, singing and the various activities!
End of this scene

A small RagSan scene
Ragini was going up, when she suddenly lost her balance, but our hero Sanska saved her and she fell unconscious in his arms, he then took her up and placed or on the bed. He called a doctor, after a while the doctor came, Sanskar went out, soon the doctor came and said: “congrats Mr. Maheswari!” “Doc, you are congratulating me and here my wife is unconscious!” “Cause sir I have a good news for you!” “What?” “Your wife is two weeks pregnant!” “What?” “Yes, sir!” “Thanks doc!” Then she went, Sanskar went to Ragini very happilly, he kissed her forehead and she woke up and asked him: “Sanskar what happend?” “My baby you are pregnant!” “What?” “Yes, my jaan!” She hugged him, then she slept for a while, untill someone came…..
End of their scene

Before the masked angels went they have a small convo with RagSan and I will show it in Why me? Season 2!

The Khurana’s went home for their suhaagraat, which you guys have allready read in Why me? Season 2!

Do now to Swalak’s sweet romance scene
“I’m so happy for RagSan!” “Yeah, I’m happy for them too, but I would love to have a baby too, cause I love children!” “I love children too, but Laksh I can never get pregnant!” “What are you saying Swara?” “I can never get pregnant, there is no chance for me to have children, cause I would die!” “Don’t worry Swara, we can adopt a child, when you are ready for it!” “Laksh, I love you, you are the best, caring and understanding husband!” “I love you too Shona and I just want the best for you baby!” “Laksh, how did I get you as my life partner, I don’t deserve you and your love?” “Swara, if I wouldn’t have met you, then I wouldn’t know what love is!” “So never ever say that you don’t deserve, cause you deserve more than my love!” “Laksh, I’m tired, I want to sleep!” “Not, yet my princess, I have some presents for you!

Swara’s presents

“Wow, Laksh these presents are pretty!” An excited Swara said, Laksh replied back: “but not as preety as you!” He came closer to her, she went backwards, until she fell on the bed and pulled Laksh with her, so that he was on top of her, he looked at her naughtilly and kissed her cheek. “Thank god, you just kissed my cheek, I thought, you are gonna kiss my neck!” Swara said. “Swara, I know that you aren’t ready for more then kissing your cheek and lips and as I said, I can wait for that day, when you’ll be ready to be mine completely!” “I’m allready yours Laksh!” “How Swara?” “Did you forget what our parents said, that we are allready mated, cause we are werewolves!” “Yeah, but how can my sisters be mated with vampires?” “That’s cause love doesn’t look at color, race and the age difference!” “But with us it’s again a little bit different, cause of our supernatural powers!” “Now, I uderstand, why they are mated with the K bros, cause  two couples each, have the same power!” “Yes!” “Goodnight Lucky, sleep well and have sweet dreams about me!” “Oh goodnight my sweetheart and have hot dreams about me!” He replied back naughtilly!
End of their scene

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