A day to remember (Chapter 3)


Chapter 3

“I don’t know why but I can’t forget you. When you look at me, I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach, I just want to stare in your eyes and forget everything around me, just you and me.”

Lucky is walking and only looking at his
phone while he falls onto someone. “Hey, can’t you see where you’re walking, do have your mind with or is it in your phone?” “Oh,sorry mam I didn’t see you and I was thinking about something.” “It’s ok but next time you should look where you are and not beeing in your
dreamland.” “Ok, mam what is your name, a beautiful lady like you shouldn’t be
walking alone.” “My name is Swara Bose, what’s your name?” “I’m Laksh, weren’t
you the one, who was talking to me on the phone?” “Oh, yeah I remember it’s you.”
“Sorry, I didn’t know that, it was you or I wouldn’t get angry at you like that.” “It’s ok beautiful.” Swara blushed a little bit. “You look more beautiful when you blush.”

“Did he say I look more bautiful when I blush, he makes me go crazy and my heart is beating very fast.” She thought for herself. “Oy, you I’m gonna kill you.” After saying that she ran after him and tried to catch him.The background music was Sun Saathiya. Sometime after that she lost her balance and fell on top of Lucky, they were starring at eachother deeply and then they kissed, it felt like an enternity so pasionate they were kissing eachother. They knew at that time they fell in love at first sight.

A phone rings and breaks them apart. “Swara where are you?” “I’m coming Ragini.” Phone call ends. “Sorry Lucky I have to go.” “Yeah, Swara I’m sorry for what happend before.” “Me too.” But both didn’t know that someone was warching them and it was….

While walking home Swara thought: “I have to tell Ragini what had happend between Lucky and me.” “She has the right to know about this and about my feelings for Laksh, because she will be married to him.”

Laksh pov
“I know it was wrong what happend between Swara and me but now I know that I love her and always will.” “I will tell Ragini the truth that I can’t love her and will only love Swara till my last breath.”

Unknown persons pov
“Poor Ragini she will be heartbroken if she gets to know about Swalak.” “So I can break their friendship and both Sisters will hate eachother forever.” “Evil laugh.”

I hope you all will like it but you all have to guess who is the evil person, who wants to break Swaragini apart

Credit to: Crazygirl

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  1. Superb…I think it’s dadi

    1. I don’t even know who the evil person will be.

  2. Wow your story is going on full speed. Now dont seperate Swalak after whatever happened.

    1. No I won`t cause I love Swalak and they`re my favourite couple.

  3. wonderful story…..keep updating

    1. Thank you

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