A day to remember Chapter 29: Shocking news!

Chapter 29: Shocking news!

The parents convo
“We need to tell our children, that we aren’t humans!” Shekher said. “But some danger is coming, I can feel it! “What is coming?” “Danger!” Sujata replied back to AP’s question. “Not only one person, in fact two people are coming!” RP said. “That means we have to get all our children married soon?” Shomi asked. “Yes, indeed, they have to get married in a few hours, so that they can stop the evil witches in suceeding their plan!” DP replied back. “But why?” AP asked and Shekher replied back: “cause then they will be more stronger than the witches!” “We have to talk to our other selfs!” Te convo with their other selfs will be shown in Swaragini: You stole my heart.
End of their convo

SwaRagini’s convo
“So Swara are you excited soon you will be Mrs. Swara Laksh Maheswari?” “Yes, I’m Ragini, but confused too!” “Why are you confused?” “Cause I have a feeling like something is gonna happen!” “There is only one thing that will happen and that is your guyses romance!” “Oho, I think my sis is more an expert than me!” Ragini blushed a little bit after what Swara said. Then after a while DP called them: “SwaRagini can you please come down, we have to tell you guys something very important!”
End of their convo

Convo between the parents, SwaRagSanLak, the masked angels and the K bros
“You guys allready know the truth am I right?” RP asked the masked angels and Aastha replied back: “yes, we know the truth about us being werewolves!” “What?” SwaRagSanLak shouted. “Yes, the girls are right, we all are werewolves except for the K bros and the K twins are vampires and DiRuFaiHalCut are fairies!” AP said. “But how?” RagSan asked. “Cause we are werewolves too and SwaLak, MalVeer, NiMran, SinGer, VaStha, JazzBhir, ShaNoor, FizzHarth and ArSam you have to get married today, cause two witches are coming to destroy us all!” ShekShom said.
End of the convo

Sorry guys for the small update but I promise the next chapter will be longer and better.

I didn’t proof read the story!

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