A day to remember Chapter 28: Honeymoon sightseeings and fun

Chapter 28: Honeymoon sightseeings and fun

I reccomemded this scene to people over 18, cause it’s a little bit more than kissing or not, you guys decide!!!

Sanskar’s pov
“Sanky wake up, I want to have more fun with you!” My cute wife said naughtilly, while she laying on top of me, so I turned, now she was underneath me and I said: “if you want to have more fun, so lets do it!” She pulled me down and kissed me very passinatly(last night we were only kissing nothing else), the kiss got deeper and deeper, then I opened the dori of her dress, I helped her to get out of it, then I threw it on the floor, we threw everything down untill we only had our underwears on and I asked her: “Are you sure, you want to do it?” “Yes, I am 100% sure, cause I know, you won’t hurt me!” “But Ragini!” I said and she cut my words and said:”Sanky baby, I know you are scared, if we have children, then I won’t have time for you, but I will always have time for you, even if we have cute son, like you!” “But, Ragini, I want a daughter, who is exactly like you!” The she said something that shocked we very much: “kiss me, give me all the pleasures, make me feel like a queen!” I did what ever she said, but at first I kissed her neck…..
End of his pov

Ragini’s pov
“It pained a lot, but it pleasured me more and it awoke my desires.” “I could feel the immense love, which Sanskar had for me!” I thoght to myself, while I moaned his name with love and a few times I said: “harder Sanky harder!” Once he said: “I won’t do it any harder, cause I know it is paining you!” So he would do it carefully and not roughly! Soon he stopped and I asked him: “why did you stop, I want more!” “Cause I want you to be on top of me!” He said, while he turned us around!” I kissed his chest and then we did for a few mins like that!
End of her pov

End of the romance part now to the sightseeing part!!!

RagSan convo while they went on a sightseeing tour
“Sanky Gujrat is so preety, I would love to live here!” “Do you know, where I would love to live?” “Nope!” “I would love to live in Dehli, near the Taj mahal!” “Oh, yeah I forgot about Dehli for a moment!” “I would love to live there as well!” “I want to spend my life with you wherever you go Ragini!” “Aww, Sanky, I will follow you wherever you are!” “My Ragini, you are my reason to live!” “Sanskar, without you my life would be meaningless!” “Ragini we should get going, tomorrow we have to wake up early, cause we are going and next week it’s SWALAK’S MARRIAGE!” “Oh, yeah I forgot it’s their marriage!”
End of their convo

Unknown person’s pov
“I will ruin their happiness, their togetherness, their love and their trust on eachother!” “They won’t realise, that I ruined their everything.” “Hahahhahahahahahhahahahah.” Evil laugh. “Your destiny is in my hands RAGSAN and SWALAK!” “I will marry the guy I love and no will be able to stop me.” “Whahahaahahhahahahahjajajajajajhahaha.” Wicked laugh. “SwaRagini, you both sisters will cry tears of sadness.” “Hihhihihiihihhhihihihi.”
End of the unknown person’s pov

Ragsan convo after shopping
“So I bought presents for the masked angels, DiRuFaiHalCut, AnjKi, the K bros, for our family and for SwaLak!” Ragini said. “And for me?” Sanskar asked her. “I have something for you too, but you will get it on an very special day!” “An when is the special day?” “Very soon my dear hubby!”
After the convo they went to the hotel to pack the presents and their clothes. Then they ate food and straightaway went to sleep.

The next morning they ate something, got dressed, got picked up from the driver and went to the airport, after few hours of flight, they met the K bros, AnjKi, DiRuFaiHalCut and the masked angels and a few guys(the M bros), then they told the story, how the girls got drunk and that they helped AK with the girls.

Convo between RagSan and the masked angels
“So you guys were able to save TiK from GG?” “Yes, we saved him from her, we tortured her, but no use to us, cause she died after few kicks, punches and slaps, so we don’t know who spiked our drinks.” Sinzo explaned to them. “What she died?” Ragini asked them, cause she was shocked and Nidhi replied back: “yes, she died!” “Someone spiked your drinks, but who?” Sanskar asked them. “We don’t know bhai!” Astha replied back.
End of their convo

Unknown person’s pov
“Why did they lie that their drink got spiked?” “Cause I poisened their drinks, the masked angels should have been dead by now!” “Somehow, I will find a way to kill them, so that the K bros will suffer and the blame will be put on SwaRagini!” “And for that I will ask someone, who knows how to be wicked and has an outstanding plan!” “Hahhahahahhahahahahhahaha.” Again the evil or wicked laugh.
End of the pov

I need your help guys!

Please do suggest some actresses for the new villain role?

The masked angels have a new mission!

So girls be ready for it!

Will the new villain ba able to ruin SwaRagini’s life or not?

So two chapters were full on RagSan romance, fun, shopping and a little bit of sightseeing!

How is the new coverpic of this story?

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