A day to remember (Chapter 2)


Chapter 2

The next day Swara found information about Laksh and called his number.

“Who are you?” He asked her. “I’m Swara Bose your future wife’s friend.” “Oh, hi just call me Lucky.” “You have an older
brother, why isn’t he getting married?” “Yeah, but he’s mentally ill, he always has bad dreams about an accident that happend in his past, that’s what he thinks, that’s the main reason he isn’t getting married.” “Oh, ok my mum could help him, because she’s a doctor.” “Thanks, Swara.” “You are welcome Lucky.” “Bye.” “Bye.”

When she called him Lucky, his heart
started to beat faster than usual. “I don’t even know her, why is my heart baeting
so fast.” Lucky thought for himself.

“With whom were you talking to Lucky?” A
confused Omi(his bestfriend) asked. “Omi,
it was a friend of my would be fiancée.” Said a sarcastic Laksh. “You should tell your dad that you don’t want to get married to Ragini.” “You know that dad will kill me, if I say NO to him.” “I know but you have to tell him.” “Ok, I have to go.” “See you tomorrow.” “Ya see you.”

Credit to: Crazygirl

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