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Fanfiction for Yeh un dinon ki baat hai

Can you say what love is? Everyone will have their own definition for it. For me it’s a feeling. That can’t be explained in words. You can never make someone understand it with your words. How much you try, they will never understand it unless they feels it.
It’s a beautiful feeling. Same time complicated also. It will make you cry and smile at the same time. Sad and happy for the same person. It will make you enjoy the pain.
But let me tell you something. To feel the love it’s not compulsory to be loved by someone or to be in a relationship. You can feel love when you start to think about someone, without any reason.
Everyone will have a different opinion about love. Every lover thinks their love is special, not like the rest of the world. It’s true, because every love is special and different. We can’t compare two lovers, or two love…
So here I am sharing you a story of such unique love, which may have happen to all of us, of to our friends or anyone we know of.
But before I start the story I have to say a few words to you all. I am taking Sameer’s and Naina’s story to a different place. A college in Kerala, I am choosing Kerala, because its where I belong. I hope you all will like it.

I am Naina Agarwal. First year student of Kerala Raja College of arts. Swathi, and Preethi are my class mates, and Shifali is my hostel mate. Yes, I am staying in college hostel away from my home. You know staying in hostel has its pros and cons. Even though you will miss your home, you will absolutely love the new found freedom. So I stay here in a new town, away from home and family, with new found friends. That’s when I saw him for the first time. Yes this he is Mr. Sameer Maheshwari.
It was a Monday morning one week after the class has started. I was walking towards my class room as usual, that’s when my seniors call out for someone.
Senior 1: “ Hey you…. Come here.”
I prayed in my mind “not me.. Not me” Then I slowly looked to the side where they are seated.
Senor 1: “You the 1 in color dress”
Thank god it was not me. I had already got my uniform stitched. And as it was a Monday we are all instructed to wear uniform. In our college we are only allowed to wear color dress only on Wednesdays and other special occasions. So here he was in a white and red checked shirt. He walked towards the seniors with smile that had stolen my heart in a moment.

I know this is very small, but I really want to know if you all are looking forward to read it.
Thank You

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  1. nice one… keep on writing……waiting for next one…….

  2. Wow dear!!! It’s really very interesting ???. Do continue writing!!!

  3. Aarti32

    We’re looking forward to it
    Update soon

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