The day when it rained – Part 9

Hi Friends. I know I am posting it late and you all are asking me to post lengthy episodes. Friends, right now i don’t have much free time to do the writing. so i hope you will all forgive me and will keep loving me as before. hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Thank you all for your valuable support and messages.
Part 9
I turned my head. And there was he. In a checked red and blue shirt.
Me: Sameer!
Sameer: Hii
He waved his hands and walked to our table.
Sameer: hi. Preeti right?
He asked to Preeti. And she nodded her head.
Sameer: I have seen you in college.
Preeti: Yaa. I have seen you too.
Me: what are you doing here?
Sameer: I was near here, and came to have a bite.
Me: what?
Preeti: what’s going on?? Is this pre planned?? Am I missing something??
Sameer grins and walk to the counter to take the order.
Me: No… I don’t know why he is here. I am more surprised than you.
Preeti: Really! But why do I feel you are more happy too..
Me: Shut up Preeti. There is nothing like that..
Preeti: Ok.. But I feel something wrong!
Sameer: girls..? Food is here.
He placed the tray on the table.
Sameer: Can I join you guys?
Me: NO!
Preeti: yes.. Have a seat.
Me: Preeti, what is the need for that?
Preeti: You can call him here and now can’t I offer him a seat?
Me: I don’t call him. It’s….. It’s… a coincidence……
Preeti: Really Naina??
Me: (to Sameer) Sameer tell her do I call you here?
Sameer: No. She doesn’t call me.
I turned to Preeti.
Me: See, I told you.
Sameer: I came here to surprise her.
Me: What!!
Preeti: Surprise!! Wow!!!!
Sameer: come on.. Relax.. What is the big deal?? We are from same college, friends, having a bite together.. That’s all…
We ate in silence.
Preeti: Is there something going on between you two?
Me: What?
Sameer chuckles.
Preeti: I just asked.
Me: No… nothing…
Preeti: Ok…
I look at Sameer who was eating with a grin on his face.
## ## ## ## ##
The three of us reach the bus station.
Preeti: Ok Naina, see you tomorrow.
Me: Ok bye..
Preeti: Sameer it was nice to hang out with you.
Sameer: (smiles) the pleasure is mine dear.
Preeti: See you too in college.
Sameer: Sure. So friends??
Preeti: friends.
Sameer and Preeti shake their hands.
Preet: Ok naina. I have to leave. Bye.. Call me when you reach hostel ok??
Me: Ok.. Bye..
Sameer: don’t worry I will take you friend safely to hostel. Ok? Your friend is mine too right?? (Laughs)
Preeti: (laughs) Ok guys… Bye…
Preeti leaves.
Sameer: shall we also go?
Me: Ok..
We walked towards our bus.
Me: why do you come here?
Sameer: are you upset that I came.
Me: it’s not that…
Sameer: then?
Me: just.. Why you come. You told me you are watching match and…
Sameer: I thought I will surprise you. And you told me you will be alone, so I think I should give you a company..
Sameer: Here is the bus come.
We board the bus. It was almost full and we got our seats a little apart. After being seated I took my mobile and messaged him.
Me: “I am not upset because you come”
I waited for some time. As I don’t get any reply I turned at looked at him and signaled him to look his phone. He took his mobile and replied.
Sameer: “Not upset doesn’t mean you are happy”
I read his message and smiled to myself. And I replied.
Me: “I love surprises”
I hit the send and turned to look at him. He was smiling, the smile that took my breath away once again.

Thank you all..
have a great day…

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