The day when it rained – Part 2

Episode 2

Sam: I am sorry.
Me: It’s ok.
Sam: are you upset?
Me: No.
Sam: should I delete your number?
I keep silent.
Sam: Ok, I can delete your number if this bothers you.
Me: why do you need my number?
Sam: I think we can be friends. Friends exchange numbers right??
Me: Ok.
Sam: ok for what? For being friends or for keeping number?
Me: being friends.
Sam: So what about number??
Me: you told that friends exchange number.
Sameer smiles.

Sam: Ok friends..
Shefali came and sit near me.
Sam: Munna will board from next station, I will go to my seat.
Shefali: Ok.
Sameer smiled at me and went to his seat.
Me: Shefali, who is this Arjun?
Shefali: Arjun?? Who told you?
Me: Sameer.
Shefali: He..

Me: Why do you hide it from me???
Shefali: yaar I was about to introduce you to him.
Me: about to..
Shefali: okk. I will introduce him. Ok?
Me: ok..

Same day. Night. Naina and Shefali’s hostel room.
Hostel is so much fun. Especially when we return from home. Everyone will bring snacks, pickles and other food items that can be stored for a few weeks. But the thing is all these food items will be finished in a day or two. The one thing we terribly miss in hostels is ‘Ghar ka khana’. How special or different be the menu, we will yearn for home food. And that is the time we feel jealous for the day scholar’s.
That day I got a message. A forwarded good night message. I checked the number, it was Sameer’s number. I save his number.

I don’t know what I was feeling that time. Was I happy? Of course I was, Sameer messaged me, and I have to be happy. Was I tensed? Yaa, a little bit. Was I confused?? Yes I was confused, do I have to reply or not? Was I sad? Don’t wonder I was sad, because he send me a forwarded message.
I know I am crazy, but I don’t know why I feel, that forwarded messages don’t have a soul. I believe by sending forwarded messages they are telling things they don’t mean. If you can’t take a minute time to type a message and send, it means the other person is not worth a minute in your life. I told you I am a bit crazy.
I debate with myself to find an answer to the question, should I reply or not. Half of me want to reply to his message. Half of me was afraid to reply. After a long time of debating myself, I came to a conclusion that now it is too late to reply.
That night percentage of my happiness was more than all other feelings, so I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

Shefali: Naina, why are you smiling?
Me: Smiling!! No, I am not smiling.
Shefali: yes you are. What is the matter?
Me: Nothing yaar, and I am not smiling.It’s just that you are happy, so you feel like everyone else is happy..
Shefali: maybe..
Me: So tell me, whats is it between you and senior Arjun?
That day I understand I thing, to divert Shefali’s topic of conversation is to ask her about her love. Shefali love to talk about her love life.
Shefali: Naina, we love each other..

Me: Love!! When did that happen??
Shefali: He proposed me on phone on the eve of Christmas. And I say yes.
Me: What, Arjun is Hindu you know that right?? Will your parents approve?
Shefali: Right now we are not thinking anything about all those. And I am ready to change to Hindu for him.
Me: Change?? You will convert from Christian to Hindu?
Shefali: yaa. He is more important for me. I can do anything for him.
Me: But Shefali..
Shefali: Naina, I told you, we are not thinking about all these now. Ok?
Me: ok..
Shefali: now go and sleep. Good night
Me: Good night.

Next day morning.
I got a forwarded good morning message from Sameer, which I decided to ignore. We got ready and started for college. In the class Preeti and Swathi was busy talking about their vacation and other things. Everything goes as usual until the lunch break.
During the break after having our lunch I went to the college library along with Preeti.

To be continued..

Hope you all like my story..
Thank you.

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