The day when it rained – Part 16


Part 16
I reach my hostel drenched rain. I was shivering; don’t know if it was because of the rain or of the thought of his touch. I looked at my hands… His touch.. I could still feel his hand in mine. The heat in his breath. Even the thought gives me a shiver in the spine.
Shefali: have you gone mad?? What were you doing in the rain??? And why are you late??
I don’t move.
Shefali: what are you thinking? I am asking you something and are you even listening????
Shefali shake me. I looked at her.
Shefali: Naina, where have lost???
Me: what did you ask??
Shefali: you don’t hear anything I said?
Me: sorry …
Shefali: what happen to you? And why do you walk in rain, can’t you wait till it is over?
Me: I forgot….
Shefali: forget? What???? What are you saying?
Me: I will go change…
I went to the wash room leaving Shefali puzzled. I change and came.
Shefali: Shall we go for dinner?
Me: No, I am not hungry… you go…
Shefali: naina, are you ok? Are sick? Do you have fever or anything??
Me: No, I am fine… I not hungry… that’s it…
Shefali: are you sure? Should I bring something?
Me: No shefali. I am ok… You go now…
Shefali: ok…
I pick my mobile and take his number. Should I call? What will I say..? I will message him… but what? He may be busy? Will he be thinking about me..? I keep rewinding the whole evening… I was blushing and smiling…
Just then my mobile rings. Sameer calling… I answer the call.
Me: Hello?
Sameer: I love you…
I had goosebumps… I called his name…
Me: Sameer…!!!
Sameer: I… Love… You…
Me: why are you keeping saying it again and again…?
Sameer: I like to say… Why? You don’t want to hear?
Me: No… It’s not that….
Sameer: No… you don’t like to hear it..? Ok then I won’t say it again.
Me: No… No… I mean… Yes I like to hear it…
Sameer: hear what?
Me: hear…
Sameer: hmm??
Me: You know what it is…
Sameer: I don’t know… tell me…
Me: Sameer….!
Sameer: I have said it… why can’t you say..?
Me: I… I
Sameer: say after me … I love…
Me: Sameer?
Sameer: Perfect! Now you say it alone.
Me: Sameer….
Sameer: I love my name even more when you call it…
I blushed and I feel so shy I couldn’t say anything.
Sameer: now, stop blushing and say that you love me…
I stood up looked through the window of our room.
Me: Sameer are you here?
Sameer: where?
Me: are you near my room??
Sameer: No, I am in my room. Why?
Me: then how do you know I was blushing…?
Sameer: I know you… so…..
I keep quite..
“Naina…?” Knock Knock…
Me: Shefali..!
Sameer: what?
Me: Shefali has come. I have to go…
Sameer: But Naina… just…
Me: Please… I will message you later…
Sameer: Naina.. Relax…
Me: how.. What if Shefali came know about it..?
Shefali: (at the door) Naina..?? What are you doing…?
Sameer: everyone will come to know about it, if not now, later… What is the big deal…?
Me: please Sameer, not now… at least not today….
Sameer: Ok… Relax…
Me: Ok…
Sameer: Message me…
Me: hmm
Sameer: bye…
I disconnect the call. And open the door.
Shefali: What were you doing? Why do you take this time to open the door?
Me: I… I was sleeping…
Shefali: Sleeping..?
Me: ya…
Shefali: You don’t look like you were sleeping…
Me: have you joined police or what? You keep asking questions these days…
Shefali: And you are hiding something…
Me: I… I have to sleep.
I lay on my bed and cover myself with sheet.

I hope you all will like this part. Keep supporting and loving… I wish you all a fabulous weekend.

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  1. Samaina_loverzz

    Awesome Chappy.. But Short.. Update ASAP..👌👌❤❤😘😘

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  4. Awww so cute to read samaina like this you’ve nailed it awesome update 😘😘😘

  5. Ghvpriya

    Awww… That conversation was just so awesome dear 😍😍😍. So lovely to see samaina like this 😍😍😍

  6. Aarti32

    It was lovely
    Sameer and Naina’s lovely conversation..aww😍
    Shefali😄 isn’t understanding what’s happening to Naina

  7. Alia123

    Good episode☺☺

  8. Nandini_murali

    Totally Loved it ❤️❤️❤️ Those Samaina moments awwwww ❤️❤️ They are life lines ❤️

  9. Liz

    U nailed it again Achu….😍😍😍😍 awesome da…. last episode I cudnt comment… SAMAINA 💕 confession…. that was also sooo beautiful….. loved every moment of it….. I cud literally visualize it & was having a silly smile on my face through out …..😊😊😌 awaiting the next chapter….. pls post soon

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