The day when it rained – Part 12

During lunchtime I went to Shefali’s class, to meet Sameer. But I couldn’t find Sameer there. I don’t know where he went so in the evening I messaged Sameer.
Me: “can you meet me at library after class?”
I hope Sameer saw the message before reaching hostel. After the class I checked my inbox, but there was no reply from Sameer. So I decided to wait for him at the library. After some time Sameer came there.
Sameer: hey!! Why do you call me here???
Me: shh….! Come let’s go outside.
Sameer: oh… Ok ok.
Sameer and I stand at the corridor in front of the library. There was a staircase on the corner of corridor which goes to the canteen down stairs.
Sameer: now tell, what is the matter??
Me: I have got something for you.
Sameer: for me??
Me: hmm.. Here.
I handed Sameer a small braze idol of Ganesh.
Sameer: Ganapathi bappa!!
Me: hmm. Ganesha will guide and safe guard you…
Sameer: thank you Naina. But where do you get it now?
Me: Bappa has been with me from my childhood, like a guarding angel. Helped me in my difficulties, guided in my confusions…..
Sameer: so it is special….
Me: very special for me. And I want you to have it…
Sameer: why…?
Me: Why..! It’s your birthday so…
Sameer: Yes. But you can give something else. How can I take something so special away from you?
Me: You are not taking it away… I really want you to have it..
Sameer: Really??
Me: hmm
I nodded my head.
I turned away from Sameer. Sameer come one step near me.
Sameer: Naina…..
Sameer: why do you want me to have it……???
Me: because… it’s…. special…
Sameer: hmmhmm..
Me: I have to go..
I ran away from him. I could feel his smile behind me…
## ## ## ##
Shefali was on call when I reach our room. I changed and sat to do my works. I was lost in my thoughts and was not aware of the time. But Shefali’s voice brings me back.
Shefali: Naina??? Who are you dreaming about???
Me: me! Dreaming… I was reading my book…
Shefali: yaa. I was watching that. It has been an hour and you haven’t turned a page.. What is the matter???
Me: what??
Shefali: there is something going on here…
Me: there is nothing going on… you have gone mad…
Shefali: why do I have a feeling you are hiding something from me..?
Me: it’s because you have gone mad…
Shefali: Ok then, tell me why you are smiling…
Me: I am not smiling…
Shefali: Naina… Do you know something??
Me: what??
Shefali: you are a big liar…
Me: shut up yaar. Come let’s go have dinner. I am starving….
Shefali: yaa yaa. I have heard that one will feel hungry while in love….
Shefali said while hugging my shoulder from behind.
Me: really Shefali??? That’s why you hungry all the time, because of Arjun’s love..
Shefali and I laughed and went to the dining area.
After dinner when we reach our room, we heard the mobile ringing. These days Shefali’s phone will be always busy. Arjun and Shefali had started spending almost 24hours together. Sometimes she will fall asleep while talking also.
Shefali started talking to Arjun. And I decided to complete my assignments.
I received a message… From Sameer.
Sameer: “You left something unanswered. Today na toh tomorrow you have to answer me. Good night.”
I smiled reading his message.
Shefali: whose message is that??
Me: huh???
Shefali: I asked whose message is that??
Me: good night message.
Shefali: ok. But who send you that???
Me: friend..
Shefali: hmmmm…… Friend????
Shefali came near me.
Shefali: and you are blushing…..
Me: no….
Shefali: yaa…. Who is that friend that makes you blush????
I stood from my chair and sit on my bed. Shefali came near me.
Me: it’s not like you think.
Shefali: then tell me what is…
Me: we are just friends…
Shefali: we who?
Me: Sameer….
Shefali: Sameer??? From my class????
I nodded.
Shefali: when did this happen???
Me: what?? Nothing happened… We are just friends…
Shefali: ok…. You are friends now… But why do I have a feeling this will turn into something else……
Me: shut up Shefali.. There is nothing like that..
Shefali: trust me Naina… I have that feeling….
Me: keep your feelings to yourself. Now let me sleep in peace….
Shefali: ok…
Shefali went to her bed.

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  1. Wow loved it thanks for the update nice to see the relationship of samaina slowly progressing nice one

  2. Wow loved it thanks for the update nice to see the relationship of samaina slowly progressing nice one

  3. Ghvpriya

    Wow!!! This is really so so cute…. Sameer wants an answer from naina…. How cute it is ???. Waiting for the next chapter dear….

    Dear achu
    It’s very nice part???????
    Take care and stay safe ?

  5. Very cute update.

  6. Liz

    Wow Achu….. its getting exciting da….Loving every moment of it……I wish something like this happens in our original track too, I wish our SAMAINA cud meet once….Keep Up the good work

  7. Really awesome achhu … Its like reading real story …

  8. Aarti32

    Gurl!! Hv u seen how many likes your story got!! It’s around 30 likes!!
    I’m loving how everything is progressing slowly but beautifully

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