The day when it rained – Part 10

Hai Friends…. This is the tenth part of my fan fiction. Hope you all will love it..
We get down at the college bus stop.
Me: ok bye…
Sameer: I will walk with you.
Me: it’s ok. I will go by myself.
Sameer: hey I am not coming for you. I have promised my friend that will take her friend to hostel. So….
Sameer wink and smile. We walk together to my hostel.
Me: thank you…
Sameer: for???
Me: just thanks……
Sameer: oh.. So this is advance thank you. So I have to do something worth that… Hmm…. Okkkk……..
Me: it’s not like that….
Sameer: just kidding yaar…
We both smiled.
Sameer: ok. There we reach your hostel. Bye…
Me: bye….

I waved bye and walk inside. I turned to the gate when I reach my building. He was there at the gate, look at me….. His gaze was on me till I reach the building….
I waved him again and went inside.
It was after the dinner I feel kind of disturbed if I am sure that is the word to say. I don’t know the reason. May it’s because I was alone and the room look empty. Or maybe…… I wasn’t sure…… was….. Was it Sameer….???
I was not thinking when I dialed Sameer’s number. But the ring of his phone rang my brain too. I become alert of what I was doing. But it was too late to disconnect.
Sameer pick the call.
Sameer: hello?
Me: hi. I mean hello..
Sameer: (smiles) have your dinner?
Me: ya. . You?
Sameer: me too… So??
Me: so …
Sameer: so… why do you called????
Me: just called…..
Sameer: without any reason?
Me: No… I mean.. ya…
Sameer: huh???
Me: I…. I had dinner…. So……
Sameer: so???
Me: so… I called to check whether you have dinner….. So. I called….
Sameer: (laughs) Naina… Relax…. You don’t need a reason to call me ok??
Me: hmm…
Sameer: You can call me whenever you feel like calling okk?
Me: Hmm
Sameer: so. When will be Shefali back?
Me: tomorrow evening…
Sameer: Oh.

Me: if the drama competition was not there, I may have also gone home.
Sameer: why? You don’t like hostel?
Me: hostel is nice… But it’s not our home na…. It’s second home….
Sameer: are you staying in hostel for the first time?
Me: yes.. Why?
Sameer: that’s why…
Me: have you stayed in hostel before?
Sameer: yes. From childhood…. So I am used to all these….
Me: why??
Sameer: my mom wants the best for me so she put me in country’s best boarding schools from childhood….
Me: oh. Do you miss her??
Sameer: I used to. But now not much.
Me: will you call her every day?
Sameer: No. . Do you call your mom every day?
Me: I wish I could.
Sameer: huh???
Me: I lost my mom when I was a kid.
Sameer: oh..
Me: my Pappa is school librarian. He worked at my school. He always keep me under his watching eye.
Sameer: and why he sends you away here??
Me: because of my chacha. He told papa to send me here. So I can have good education. Pappa always want me to excel in my studies. So….
Sameer: so.. You are Pappa’s pet?
Me: pet no. Pappa is very strict. He always talks like he is angry with everyone. But I know he is very sweet from inside.
Sameer: oho…. So who else are there in your family?
Me: chacha chachi and pooja Didi. We live with them. Chachi and chachi loves me just like Pooja Didi. They haven’t shown any difference between us.
Sameer: hmmm
Me: sorry… I am talking a lot and not allowing you to say anything….
Sameer: no. I like to listen to your voice….
Me: huh?
Sameer: I…. mean…. I ….. I like listening….
We both were silent for some time. A kind of silence that is so sweet and filling.
Sameer: ok.. I think you should sleep now. Good night…
Me: ok. Good night…
That night I sleep peacefully. And for some reason I don’t feel alone that night. I could feel the presence of…… someone…… someone special……

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  1. Nandini_murali

    This is awesome yaar ❤️❤️

    1. Achumenon

      ? thank you

  2. Aarti32 was so cute
    He likes listening to her voice?
    I’m in love with this yaar

    Update ASAP

    1. Liz

      Hi Aaru…. how r u??? Me too, loving this… relief from all the suffering in our story at present

      1. Aarti32

        Hi Liz..wait I’ll PM u

    2. Achumenon

      I am happy that you like it. I will try to post it tonight itself…..

  3. ??aww so cute conversation achumenon…….. Update your next work as soon as possible

  4. Liz

    ???? Achu, u r killing it da…. keep it up

    1. Achumenon

      Thank you Liz ?

  5. Ghvpriya

    This is so amazing ???. He loves to hear her voice…. Hayee rey!!! Dil le lo dear. You are writing so wonderfully ???

    1. Achumenon

      Thank you soo much Ghvpriya…… ??

      1. Ghvpriya

        Your most welcome and you can call me priya ???. No need to call with my full name ???

    Take care and stay safe ?

    1. Achumenon

      Thank you dear. You too take care….

  7. Wow the update was really amazing loving the cute adorable sameer missing that sameer so much these days..really heartwarming and beautiful ff loved it???

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