The day when it rained – Part 1

Even though I lost my heart in his smile, my legs walked me to my class room. The day went without much happening, but his smile continues to play in my heart like a paused video. After that day I don’t see him much, even though my eyes searched for him. I wonder why I can’t see him, I even doubt if he really studies here?? My doubts were cleared soon.
It was a second Saturday and Shefali and I decided to go to city for purchasing some books. That’s when I saw him for the second time. He was standing there in a shop right opposite to the bus stop, with his friends. And he was laughing.

And then something that surprised me happen. He looks into our direction and smiled. Yes he really smiled his cute smile. But my shock was not his smile; I was shocked because, he smiled at Shefali. Yes!
Me: “Shefali, why he that boy smiling at you?”
Shefali: “Who Sameer?”
Me: “I don’t know the name. Do you know him??”
Shefali: “Yaa. Sameer is in my class. Sameer Maheshwari, and he is from same town as me.”
Me: “Same town as you.”
Shefali: “yaa. He is staying in the boy’s hostel here. Why do you ask?”
Me: “nothing I just asked, that’s all.”
I was searching for him and his details for past few months and the key to that treasure was in the same room as mine. Sameer I said in my mind, I liked his name also. But to talk to him I have to wait for three more months.
That was the month of December. I was coming back from home after my Christmas vacation. Shefali and I had decided to travel by the same train, and I had boarded the train a few station ahead of her. Little did I know that time that Sameer was also with Shefali.

Shefali board the train and sit near me. After some time Sameer came to us.
Shefali: Hi Sameer.
Sameer: HI Shefali.
Shefali: why are you roaming here? Why don’t you sit in your seat?
Sam: I got bored sitting there so I think I will come here and talk to you till Munna board the train.
Shefali: Oh.. Ok. Sameer, this is Naina, my roommate.
Me: Hi.
Sam: Hi I am Sameer.

I nodded my head. And Sameer and Shefali started talking about their class and teachers. After sometime.
Shefali: Yar I will come now ok?
Me: where are you going yar?
Shefali: My friend is in this train, I just want to meet him.
Me: Him!! Sam: is he the same him??
Sameer ask with a smile.
Shefali: What Sameer?
Me: Who same? And what is he doing in this train?
Shefali: Why?? Can’t he travel in this train??
Me: I don’t say that.
Shefali: Then?? I will be back soon.
Shefali went
Sam: She has gone to meet Arjun.
Me: Arjun??
Sam: Ya, he is our senior, and there is something going in between them.
Me: What?? Senior!!!
Sam: Ya, you don’t know?
Me: No.
Sam: Oh.

There was silence for some time. Suddenly Sameer started whistling the song “tujh mein rab dikhta hai…” I lifted my head and looked at him. My first thought that time was “Wow! Sameer could whistle song!”
Me: Hey, stop it.
Sam: Why? You don’t like it?
Me: Not that. It may be a disturbance for others.
Sam: are you disturbed?
Me: No..
Sam: Then no problem..

Sameer whistle the whole song and started checking something in his mobile.
Sam: Hey, can you please dial my number? I think something is wrong with my connection.
Me: ok. Tell your number.
Sam: 97******95
Me: it’s ringing!!!
Sam: Yaa. It’s ringing. There is no problem in the connection. Thank You.
Sying this Sameer started laughing.
Me: What happen??
Sam: (between the laughs) Yar you are really stupid.
Me: What!!
Sam: Else what! This is the common trick boys to do to get a girl’s number and you fall for it?
Me: what? You tricked me???
Sam: Noo, Noo… Don’t feel bad.
Me: Why do you do so??
Sam: I don’t think you should have given me your number if I ask. So..
Me: why do you think so?
Sam: Would you have given me?
Me: I don’t know.
Sam: Soo, its fair right???
I don’t say anything.

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  3. I just loved your story.waiting for the next update.ty for this amazing story.I am also from Kerala. Which district you are from?

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      Hi Jasini, I am from Ernakulam district. which district are you from?

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