The day when i met my angel (ek duje ke vaste) epi-5


Heyyyy guyzzzzz how r u all thankuuuu sooo much for cmntsss ammm i,m thinking to add one couple

that is swasan okkk so aaryan is replaced by sanskar and swara,s entry will be todayy,,,,,,

ok so till now sumo and sharvan hv got lil attachment

now they r in 10th 1st day of 10th

a new girl enters…….
Very cute girl and intelligent as well

and soon swara and sumo become besties and sanskar and sharavan was also besties already,,,,,,,,

and the thng which make them 4 close to each other was love confession of swara and sanskar

by this thy all became a group which was popular in whole school

sumo and sharvan also become a very good frnds

and yeah offcourse rumors many rumors occur for sumo and sharvan but shocking was that sumo was not affected by these now 🙂

( my life was perfect gng everythng was superb and more ever the girl whom i loved was with me we 4 become attach we use to study together party togethr alwayz and our parents also knw abt our never breaking frndship so by this 4 families come closer)

one day when we were having dinner at sanskar house

swara: guyzzzz lets play truth and dare

sharvan: bore

sumo: did u find any thing fun except for eating (she throw snacks at me) bukhad

sanskar: acha chalo i,ll turn bottle

1st swara,s turn
sharvan: hmmm turth or dare????

Sanskar: no dare only truth this game is truth and truth

sumo : ok ok i,ll ask ammmmmmm hv u ever think that ur dating stupid joker 😉 (naughtly)

sanskar: hawww do i look like joker 🙁

swara: hahahahaha no i,m dating my prince charming sumo stop teasing him

next turn was of sharvan
swara: do u ever love some one

sharvan: (looks at sumo) yess

sanskar:dost dost na raha abyyyy mujhe b nh btaya

sumo: mujhe b 🙁

sharvan: guyzzz i,ll tell on rite time so plzzzzz

sanskar turn

sharvan: is swara ur first love???

Sanskar: aaaaa yeh kesa sawal h

(he show me big eyes than i rememb that at 1st he like sumo as they were together since childhood)

sharvan:yeahhh silly quest sumo tm kch phocho

swara: nh yehi quest h bolo sanskar

sanskar:my 1st love was sumo but ab esa kch nh trust me

sumo: (awkwardly) swara esa kch nh tha we were un 7th and were kids it was just liking

swara: cuts her line i know guyzzzz its ok i trust on u both

then sharvan gets a call and rushes without saying any thng all three were stunned

then they all knew next day sharvan,s parents passed away that night i car acciedent 😥 😥

he was only child of his parents

next day thy come to sharvan,s house we was lost he was broken he did not talk a word to them

he just hug sanskar and cry like a hell

after few days

sharvan,uncle: u should come with us and stay with us now

sharvan: no i dont want to leave this house plzzzz 😥

his uncle agrees
now sharvan lives alone in house sumo swara sanskar come to visit her but that sharvan is lost now he only want his parents,,,

almost 6 months passed but sharvan was lost he forgot to smile he forgot to live he was as if dead person though his frnds give him so much support but he stays away frm all even frm sumo…….

Guyzzz i cant write further that was most difficult epi to write for me

sorry if any typing mistake

Credit to: Zain

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  1. Oo it really happn to u???
    Really felt vry sad . N yup it was really vry emotional epi…….
    Post next part soon…..
    Plz accept my hmbl request n post it daily…
    At least once in two days….

  2. Superb ??

  3. plz post da nect .. Asap

  4. nice……

  5. That must have been so hard on you..! I’m sorry.. I know its difficult.. But do write soon.. And I’m sorry once again

  6. Zain bhaiyya,
    Today’s episode was emotional but u wrote it well. Felt very sad while reading it.
    I know it’s difficult,phir bhi
    waiting for next part.
    Actually bhaiyya, do din baad mujhe hostel mein jaana hai so next part se shayad main comments nahi de paoongi.But whenever I get time I’ll surely read & give my comments.
    All the best bhaiyya,
    Keep writing more stories in future.

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