The day when i met my angel (ek duje ke vaste) epi-4

Heyyyy guyzzzzzz thanku soo much for cmnts

but seriously tell if it is boring then i wont write further?????

And here is epi next epi will be on sunday and i,ll try to make lil longer πŸ˜€

ok so acc to plan we all frnds reach @school at 7pm
becoz we hv decided we will go to resturant frm their together

almost all of thm were there when i reach but some were late including sumo so we were waiting there outside of school

then a car come and stops in our front sumo step down
(high heels, open hairs and white dress)
i was died seeing her…………..

Then her dad comes out of car hugs her and ask her to take care her dad leaves then…….

She comes to us

suman: hiiii guyzzzzz

all sayzz hii

then after waiting for others when all reach

all ask me that how we will go to resturant (as we were abt 30 to 35)

sharvan: oh shit yeh to mn ne socha e nh ammmm we will taxi

a frnd: what taxi???? :O
kitni taxi,s loge

aaryan: ary yar kch nh arrange kiya tha to btate na we will ask our driver to wait na

sharvan: woooo (kya bolta kch samajh e nh arha tha πŸ˜€ )
we all had a great argue and sumo was seeing this all quite and laughing

sumo: guyzzzz guyzzzzz relax i hv a solution we can walk????

A frnd: seriously yar ab walk krke jana parega?????

I was to say smthng when she interupt

sumo: aur koi option nh h is waqt yhn p itni taxi,s b nh milegi age tm logo ki marzi

after deep thinking all agree and we walk

soo we start walking sumo was walking with her frnds when i also walk by her side and suddenly she saw a car is cmng frm back and tia (our classmate) is walking in middle of road as there was not much traffic so we were walking randomly

sumo: tiaaaaa and pull her by this sumo lose her balance and was abt to fall when i hold her as i was standing just behind her( that my action was not intenionly i mean agr koi or hota sumo ki jagah tb bi yehi krta )

then all classmate start teasing us by ohoooooo and some taunts,,,,,,

sumo: shut up guyzzzz tm log b na (she walk away uncomfortbly)

part 2

we reach resturant

there i met a completely diff sumo actually her naughty side

we all sat on table and there was no chair left for sumo bt there was on free chair on other table aaryan was abt to get up

sumo: its ok i,ll pull it πŸ™‚

she goes to table there was on free chair and above other chair a guyzzzz was standing and that naughty girl pull that chair and that guy sit without noticing that their was no chair and


we all laugh soooo muchhhhhhh so that guy mom realise that it was one of us sooooo unhon ne aake achi class li hmari

and during that class sumo was looking down controlling her laugh become full red πŸ˜€

after that kharus aunty leave

sharvan: seriously u hv this side also i never knew

sumo:smiling shylyyyy

and then when i get chance i tell sorry to her for road thng she says its ok

till now she did not has become as much freank to me but small cute cute incidents continue to happen with us as dono ka driver late aana and hving lil convo alone in class test competion etc

and then after few month i met an accident while riding bike and take leave for 15 dayss

God it has been 7 dayz that i had not see her i was dying to see her
when a door bell rings it was our principal and sumo (yipeeeee)

principal ask abt my health as does sumo and shares that eng teacher was absent so princi ask her to come with him being class monitor she give me flower boky from whole class
( that time by seeing her my feeling was out of world and as i said she is too sweet and innocent so mom was also pleased to meet her πŸ˜‰ )

okkk guyzzzzzz abi k lye itna he i cant typ more πŸ™‚ sorry if any typing mistakes see u guyzzzzz on sunday

if u hv anu quest or advice plzzzzz write in cmntsssss

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  1. Its going amazing… BTW did this really happen to you? If it did.. Real sweet.. N pls don’t stop writing…I love the ff

    1. Thanku so much

      yeah these thngs had happend in real πŸ™‚
      ok i,ll post
      thanku again

  2. Nice.. and funny too ;-P ;P .. especially that chair part πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ … i m still laughing πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ .. keep going … See u on Sunday… Byee

    1. Hahahaha thankuuu dear
      yeah that tym we also laugh like a hell

      but thanku so much hope to see u in sunday πŸ™‚

  3. Nice episode Zain bhaiyya. Really loved the noty side of SUMO.It’s your true story right?Are u still in touch with your real life Sumo ?
    Actually I was little bit excited isliye pooch rahi thi.

    1. thankuuu soo much sissy

      hahaha yeah she is crazy and naughty

      and if u dont mind i,ll tell that on rit tym in story that i,m in touch with her not

      by this charm of story will b maintained

      if u want to knw nw i,ll tell

  4. Good morning.
    It’s ok bhaiyya.
    Reveal it on right tym in the story. I’ll wait for it.
    Waiting eagerly 4 the next part.
    Have a nice day bhaiyya…

  5. Hey, Its awsum…
    its always fun to read real life story bcoz we can relate some or the other thing wid our life…
    keep going…

  6. Nice epi…..?

  7. thanku πŸ™‚

    1. karthik meera and ruchi thanku guyzzzz

  8. vry nice epi…….

  9. Wow nice zain πŸ™‚

  10. Nice but only ones in a week. ???
    Waiting for next epi

  11. Love lady fatarjo thanks guyzzzz

    awww madhuri dont b sad but thanks

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