The day when i met my angel (ek duje ke vaste) epi-3


guyzzzz thanku so much for comnts but sorry as i did not reply to all but they means alott really keep commenting

so one dear has ask that un which class i,m now
now i,m dng eng 3rd years this is 5/6 years old story 🙂

ok so till now sharavan had got strong feelings for sumo but he did not get any chance to come lil close to her

after very much thinking he realised that

agr uske good books mn aana h to to krna parega ise notice tak nh karegi

sooo he start working hard

and he get succedd he got second in terminals and suman was as usual first

after result announcement

suman: hi sharvan congrats u completely suprise us seriously

sharvan: (he was flying in 7th sky) thanku but maza tb aaega jb 1st aaunga na 😉

suman: ohhhhhh toh yeh challenge h???

Sharvan:may b

suman: hmm so challenge accepted for next test 🙂

sharvan: done

she takes a step to go
when i say

sharvan: aaaa suman

she looks back at me

sharvan: actually i,m gvg whole class party so will u also join plzzz??? ( my heart beats hard)

suman: wo,,,, actuallyyyy
when her frnd intrupt

frnd: off course aaegi sumo tmhe b to treat deni h

everyone force her so she agrees

😀 😀 😀

@same day my driver was late so after waiting for almost half hour i decide to go and sit in class

when i enter i was stunned by seeing sumo there

i was standing like statue when she take of her eyes frm book and saw me

suman: kya huaa all ok????

Sharvan: yeah ( nervously)

suman: good i thought koi bhoot dekh liya

she gets busy in reading

i set there

then i think to hv convo with her

sharvan: r u cmng tonight

suman: raising her head smile : yeahhh

sharvan:may i ask u smthng

suman close her book as she realised that i,ll never let her read peacefully 😀

suman: hmmm????

I was abt to say when i control my emotions
sharvan: nothng

suman give confuess expression and by tym her driver reach,,,,,,,,,,

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  1. Loving it ,awsmmmmm

  2. wow yar its awsm…..
    your story is awsm plz make it longer….
    itne se mn ni bharta 🙂

  3. Awesome……..

  4. It’s awesome. Please continue..waiting 4 the next part

  5. ada sanjyoti lovely lady meera nandini
    thankuuuuu guyzzzzzz so much 🙂

    i,m thinking to post once in week thn epi,s will b lil longer what say??????

    1. yaar noooooooo
      your story is jst fab…..
      plz post it atleast daily……….

  6. Ok, but make the update longer plz..

  7. superb…. Loved it… are yaar kam se kam twice a week post it plzz…

  8. Not once in a week..Daily small episode is fine…It was really awesome as usual…??

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