That was the day when we last saw her (swaragini) one shot

“Mom, mom” Rohan was shouting “Where are you, Mom? ” He was holding a diary, probably 20 years old, tightly in his hand and had tears in his eyes. He had many questions in his mind to ask to his mom but he couldn’t find her anywhere. He was about to throw things in frustration but then he saw her. He ran and hugged her “Mom, where were you?” ” I was here only Rohan. Tell me what happened and why are you crying” His mom asked while wiping his tears. In reply he just showed the diary which he was carrying. She got shocked after seeing it. It was her personal diary and she had never expected that he would get it. ” From where you got this?” Who is swara?” ” You read this” “I didn’t wanted to but you made me do so. You were upset from past 3 days and I can’t see you like this that’s why I read this. Mom please tell who is Swara”

“She was my best friend. We were together in school. People used to envy our friendship. She was my everything. She was the most funniest, Sweet, caring, adorable, cutest, loving, dearest friend anyone can ever get. She was the first one who would come and wipe your tears. She was the one who would care for you more than anyone. She was intelligent but never boasted about it. I loved her a lot and she too. She would always be the reason for someone’s smile. She would make sure that her near and dear ones would never cry for anything. She was always there for us whatever be the reason as a parent, friend, sibling. She was an angel for us.” ” So where is she now?” ” I don’t know” “Means” “We did a mistake and she left us. We pleaded her to come back but I think our mistake was unforgivable.
“Mom, please tell what happened in details”

Years ago, when we were in school, she fell for a guy Sanskar. She loved him like anything. They were a happy-go-lucky couple, always in love. They were the cutest couple I had ever seen in my life, more than me and your dad. It was not like they didn’t fight, they used to fight a lot but at the end they were lovers. I didn’t know the feeling of love until I had seen them. They were quite opposite but you have heard the phrase ‘opposites attract’. It resembled them. Sanskar was the first person who had loved and cared for her like no one else had did and she too respected him for that. They were happy in love until one day.

Sanskar got drunk as it was his friend’s birthday. He called her at midnight and said some hurting words. She started crying. She couldn’t believe that his Sam could say all this to her. She cried the whole night.

In the morning she called him and broke up with him. He then called me and told everything and said how his friends manipulated him but he didn’t meant all those things. He was crying in the phone so I thought to talk to Swara. I went to her place and what i saw was equally depressing. Her room was scattered like someone has thrown things in anger and she was sitting and crying in a corner. I made her sit on the bed and tried to convince her that this is not good for her health and told what Sanskar told me. Instead of getting convinced she got more angry and said that I support Sanskar so I should leave her in her condition. She didn’t wanted my help. She called Sanskar and said many things to him and said that never ever to call her again.

After that she stopped talking to anyone. She used to come to school but never talked to any of us. She stopped smiling, always in serious mode where as Sanskar was not less bit he had us. And Swara was all alone but what could we had done, she never allowed us to go near her.

Finally we decided to confront her. So one day I called her and asked her to come over my house as Sanskar is trying to commit suicide and only she can stop him. And that was the biggest mistake of my life.

“Did she came?”

Yes, she did. But then she saw that Sanskar was alright. She was hell angry at us. She turned to go but Sanskar held her hand to talk to her. To this she replied with a tight slap on Sanskar’s face. She said ” I had not thought that you would do this. You would broke my trust. I trusted you like anything but then you made me realize that trust gets broken. You are the one, just because of you I had to leave my friends. You are the only one for whom I had cried. Just because of you I had suffered a lot. I hate you. Saying this she went.

Later we got to know that her mother was serious and she passed away while Swara was with us. After that no one knows where Swara went. After her mother died, 2 years later her father also passed away. Not one of her relatives know where is she, not even her brother, your dad. We don’t even know she is alive or not. You know Sanskar didn’t marry. He still love her and is waiting for the day when Swara would come back. We all our living our life but a part of us is missing. She took our happiness, our laughter, our smile with her. She was our angel and that was the day when we last saw her.


Hope you guys love this. I know it’s very long but what to do. Every line in this story is important. It helps you to connect with the story.
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Thank you 🙂 :-*

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